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  1. That's disappointing. Not a fan of the tan safes... I've heard bad stories about these containers. I may have to ask the Captain for another option.
  2. Not sure that's true. I've used FTTF a number of times and always cut up to the front of the buffet line.
  3. I am very much the same way... I always have to be there early 🙂 Additionally, I like the priority buffet line access as well. So nice not to wait in line and be able to jump right up front. Eat quicker and off to a wonderful day sooner!!
  4. Generally, you should be able to access the ship once it docks. Check in on-line prior to arrival and you should be expedited and on board before most of the previous cruisers are off.
  5. Can anyone tell me any information about the safe in the cabins on Freedom? Color? Brand? I need to ensure there is proper valuables storage - and have had issues with the tan color safes in the past. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone happen to have recent Freedom Fun Times... for the Bahamas/Key West itinerary? Thanks in advance.
  7. Given the recent hurricane, what should I consider doing for the day in Freeport? Beach? Shop? Other? Any recent travelers have thoughts?
  8. Based on your subject line, any transportation that includes a designated driver is optimal....
  9. I guess I understand now. I will have to ask when I board. Thanks.
  10. I am not sure - hence the question. All I know is they just added new azipods... and was wondering if there would be a tour available - similar to the kitchen/bridge tours. I am not an expert in maritime law, so I was not sure if they would be made available.
  11. Does anyone know if Carnival will be offering tours of the new azipods? I am going to be on the 8/24 sailing and am somewhat interested in how they work.
  12. Lol. Cheers mate. I get the joke! lol. I love soft serve. It's delicious and cold. It has flavors known to all and tastes that excite the taste buds.
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