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  1. Thereby the adage: "Different strokes...etc." We two would be very happy for you to be proved right!
  2. Then I happily sit corrected. Even cynics can't be right all the time.....though it does become easier and easier as the future gives way to the present.
  3. And, truth be spoken, they're not even all that cool. Kinda halfway between room temp and what you'd wish for in a fridge. Think "cellar temperature."
  4. We've taken 13 cruises with O and have three more booked so presumably we'd be considered "O regulars who don't need advertising," yet we've not been invited. This would appear to contradict Flatbush Flyer's analysis. Other responses above seem to indicate that the invitations are, in fact, not for O regulars but are instead aimed at newer O cruisers. As HiFi43 wrote, they already know what we want. Not that O's strategy is a bad thing -- it's just business -- but it appears the only thing "exclusive" about this Insights Panel is that it's populated exclusively by new(er) fish.
  5. Well...sorry to be cynical but it sounds like the information they're requesting from you will be fed into an algorithm leading inevitably to a whole bunch of "targeted" advertising from O and whoever else. When a corporation mentions that you're "exclusive" and a "connoisseur" and they want your opinion about "experiences, amenities and features" -- oh, and a whole bunch of demographic info about yourself -- you can pretty much assume they want to send plenty of customized advertising: the better to hook you with. JMO and YMMV.
  6. Condocat has the procedure exactly right, as we can attest from having done so in pre-Covid days. Those days are gone, but the procedure will be the same and will take into consideration not only whether O has a problem with early disembarkation but also whether local officials will allow it. That part could be problematic, depending upon the port.
  7. Oh, good grief! The signature, too? So, posters have been reading my misspelling for a year now. How "embarasing!" 😮 I've never found a way to delete or edit posts once they've been up for an hour or so (which I would do if I could) but at least the spelling in the signature has now been corrected. Meaning, of course, that post #6 now makes no sense at all. Anyway.....would love to hang out and chat further but gotta go and join Jazzbeau at the blackboard.
  8. OR....I could have looked down the page at my own CC signature to see the correct spelling. Oy! Gotta start waiting until the second cup of coffee before writing.
  9. Oops! Too late to edit. I should have caught the Nautica error even though it had been typed correctly originally and "corrected" (to incorrect) unnoticed by the spell-checker, but I didn't actually know how to spell Sirena/Serena and was too lazy to look it up. I thought, "Hmmm...is it Sirena as in the sirens who lured ships to their demise on the rocks, or is it Serena as in everything's serene aboard?" The latter choice seemed more likely but, as Emily Litella used to say, "Never mind!" Thanks for being my proofreader.
  10. The R ships (Regatta, Nautical, Insignia, Serena) have forward-facing category A2 cabins 7000, 7001, 6000 and 6001. Vista suites also face forward IIRC. We prefer seeing what the Captain sees and also enjoy watching the deck crew work during docking, so we've stayed in them exclusively for our past several cruises. The deck 7 cabins have a better view over the bow because they're one deck higher and just below the bridge so we always try for them. However, deck 6 is nearly as good when deck 7 is already booked by others, and not a problem in terms of the view over the bow.
  11. Last time I checked (admittedly not in the past few weeks), AA and UA were both allowing cancellation of FF itineraries and reinstatement of miles with no fee or penalty. I've done it 2-3 times over the past year as situations changed. Even before COVID, the mileage reinstatement fee was only $150-200 which essentially provided cheap insurance for grabbing a good deal on FF bookings when actual travel was not a certainty. YMMV, of course.
  12. Contrary to pinotlover's boarding procedure described in #21 above, we try to board as early as possible. Here's why: It's not for the buffet lunch, although that's nice (or would be nice if there were any tables available, which there never are). We get on early so's we can hit the library before all the interesting new books are picked clean from the shelves, mostly never to be seen again until Disembark Day. Plus, the R ships that we prefer have such beautiful, comfortable libraries! O ships' libraries are less satisfactory (or were before OceaniaNext which we've yet to ex
  13. They do share what they get with all of us, and we never even know that they're TAs unless we happen to know them personally. I know mine from back in early '02 when they were allowed to identify themselves, but that practice has long-since been banned. Mine -- a CCC member -- is a major provider of information to this board and is frequently thanked in replies posted by members, including myself.
  14. It may also depend on the size of the ship. We docked at Langelinie in Copenhagen just like Lyn when we were aboard Nautica, then later at the bus-ride dock when aboard the larger Marina. Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki the same: in close on R ships; boondocks on O ships. Maybe just luck of the draw, but that seems unlikely. I suspect most cities with the possible exception of Venice (if photos I've seen are any indicator) just don't want the big honkers sitting right on their doorstep.
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