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  1. PMJ was on the Rotterdam last fall also. They did two performances on one night. Both performances were different, one I liked the other not so much. The first show had a lot of current popular music, the second show featured a long tap dance sequence that wasn't preformed live it was all on a video screen.
  2. Shhhhh, we don't want everyone knowing how fabulous the retreats really are! I prefer it when the area is referred to as tent city. It sounds so unappealing, that way when I want to rent a cabana for a week they are not all booked. I have been on the Vista ships before the Retreat area was put into place. That area was always a dead zone and not generating any income. Now it generates money on a regular basis. The only expense is the original build, maintenance, and the staffing of 2 cabana stewards. I'm confident the rental fees of the cabanas more than cover the expense. Otherwise, HAL wouldn't keep adding them to the new ships and retrofitting the old ships.
  3. Unless you like to play evening trivia. If memory serves me correctly, trivia is at 7pm.
  4. We had the EXACT same issues off/ on for our entire 11 day sailing on the Zuiderdam last December! Frustrating!!
  5. KK, I know this was just a simple typo and you did indeed mean dinner. However, it gave me a bit of a chuckle and an ewwww at the same time. I had recently read a book about the Donner Party tragedy in 1847. The Donners were indeed dinner and the chocolate desert would have been a blessing.
  6. OMG, this is super COOL!!!! Thank you for the information.
  7. You can charge the casino to your room before all the OBC is used up. Their computer system now can keep better track. However, be aware what shows on the navigator app will show the casino charges going against the OBC. This gives you a false picture.
  8. We specifically asked our dining room manager (Zuiderdam) about the above statement since we have heard similar statements mentioned many times on cruise critic. He stated that the tips handed to attendants do NOT go into a pool, regardless of whether tips are removed or left standing.
  9. Sadly, our recent experience getting a good coffee from the Explorations Café is a relic. Since the Explorations Café moved out of its own space and into the bar space at the EXC Crow's Nest, bartenders make the coffee. It is my opinion that the coffee just isn't as good as it was when there was a Barista making the coffee. I also miss the case of beautiful pastries, scones, and tea sandwiches.
  10. Aside from the pollution Exactly, also many of the new water bottles are insulated so you can enjoy cold water all day as opposed to room temperature water from a disposable water bottle.
  11. As of 1/6/19 it was still An American Marriage by Tayari Jones.
  12. Curious, when two people occupy a cabin can one (a non-alcoholic drinker) order a quench package and the other order a signature beverage package? Or do they both have to order the same package?
  13. There is no reason not to feel safe. The sliding glass doors lock and can only be accessed with a lanai key. As someone said above you will have two keys, a lanai door key and a regular stateroom key. I have had a Lanai room twice now, and would book one again in a heartbeat! BB King is not on the Rotterdam, however Post Modern Jukebox is currently onboard.
  14. Post Modern Jukebox is currently on the Rotterdam and does two performances on the main stage. We also had a comedian and a magician other evenings. Trivia was offered twice per day. Music and dancing took place in the Ocean bar nightly.
  15. Our recent route was similar, Day 1 - Tampa Day 2 - Key West Day 3 - sea Day 4 - Guatemala Day 5 - Honduras Day 6 - Costa Maya Day 7 - sea Day 8 - Tampa Our Gala nights were 3 & 6.
  16. Our recent experience was similar regarding the casino and shareholder OBC. We just got off the Rotterdam this past Sunday (12/2), all week our room charges showed the shareholder OBC ticking down towards zero by beverage charges and casino charges. However, on our final statement the casino charges did not go towards the shareholder OBC. As of Saturday evening, the bill showed a credit of $6, however Sunday morning the final bill showed a balance due. The casino charges were not applied to the OBC. So my message is, even though in the past, regardless of what was stated casino charges did tick off the shareholder OBC, but it looks like HAL has made a change and is now following their rule. It's unfortunate that the phone app that we are given to us onboard is not reflecting this change yet. So beware.
  17. Unfortunately, specialty coffees are not included in Happy Hour as they are obtained from the Explorations Cafe not the bar.
  18. We just disembarked the Rotterdam this morning. December 1st garland started going up all over the ship, the next day the Christmas trees and presents started popping up.
  19. I am anxiously waiting for Holland America's announcement of what offerings they will have on their Cyber Monday sale. I'm hoping for prepaid gratuities and some OBC. Princess has announced theirs, stateroom upgarade, prepaid gratuities and OBC. Cunard is offering double upgrades on staterooms.
  20. We gifted my parents a cruise for their anniversary, as part of it we purchased them a pre-paid beverage card. That way they would feel free to enjoy themselves and not worry about how much any of the beverages cost.
  21. We have a New Years Day Brunch in the PG offered for $35 and a New Years Eve dinner in the PG for $49 offered on the Rotterdam. (This is a quote from a prior poster regarding the Rotterdam.) (Sorry, apparently I didn't do the quote thing correctly) Interesting, we are on the Zuiderdam 12/26 -1/5. I see the NYE dinner special listed in the PG, but we do not have a brunch listed on New Year's Day.
  22. I believe you are correct that the 14 day route was axed with the sale of the Prinsendam. I had seen the route earlier this year and thought it interesting as it went to some different ports of call like Red Hook, St John. They were listed and then poof!
  23. Groan, you disagree multiple stops would not appeal to you? Groan, we should not have a mature discussion about what other individuals on this board would like to experience? Groan, I am weary with this discussion? Or is it something else....??
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