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  1. Our recent experience was similar regarding the casino and shareholder OBC. We just got off the Rotterdam this past Sunday (12/2), all week our room charges showed the shareholder OBC ticking down towards zero by beverage charges and casino charges. However, on our final statement the casino charges did not go towards the shareholder OBC. As of Saturday evening, the bill showed a credit of $6, however Sunday morning the final bill showed a balance due. The casino charges were not applied to the OBC. So my message is, even though in the past, regardless of what was stated casino charges did tick off the shareholder OBC, but it looks like HAL has made a change and is now following their rule. It's unfortunate that the phone app that we are given to us onboard is not reflecting this change yet. So beware.
  2. Unfortunately, specialty coffees are not included in Happy Hour as they are obtained from the Explorations Cafe not the bar.
  3. We just disembarked the Rotterdam this morning. December 1st garland started going up all over the ship, the next day the Christmas trees and presents started popping up.
  4. I am anxiously waiting for Holland America's announcement of what offerings they will have on their Cyber Monday sale. I'm hoping for prepaid gratuities and some OBC. Princess has announced theirs, stateroom upgarade, prepaid gratuities and OBC. Cunard is offering double upgrades on staterooms.
  5. We gifted my parents a cruise for their anniversary, as part of it we purchased them a pre-paid beverage card. That way they would feel free to enjoy themselves and not worry about how much any of the beverages cost.
  6. We have a New Years Day Brunch in the PG offered for $35 and a New Years Eve dinner in the PG for $49 offered on the Rotterdam. (This is a quote from a prior poster regarding the Rotterdam.) (Sorry, apparently I didn't do the quote thing correctly) Interesting, we are on the Zuiderdam 12/26 -1/5. I see the NYE dinner special listed in the PG, but we do not have a brunch listed on New Year's Day.
  7. I believe you are correct that the 14 day route was axed with the sale of the Prinsendam. I had seen the route earlier this year and thought it interesting as it went to some different ports of call like Red Hook, St John. They were listed and then poof!
  8. Groan, you disagree multiple stops would not appeal to you? Groan, we should not have a mature discussion about what other individuals on this board would like to experience? Groan, I am weary with this discussion? Or is it something else....??
  9. Now a Boston, Bermuda, Charleston, Savanah, Jacksonville, Fort Luderdale route would interest me greatly. I have considered a Bermuda several times in the past, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to dedicate an entire cruise to one port of call. I guess I am more of a hodgepodge traveler who wants to see as many places as possible.
  10. A bit of a head scratcher. I too, think a FLL to Bermuda would be an interesting itinerary. Fresh new ports of call could be added to HAL’s catalog.
  11. Maybe in comparison to a Neptune Suite. But they are the same size as insides and ocean view on the same deck. We thought they were perfect for our last sailing. We loved being right on the promenade, so much so we booked a Lanai again for our sailing on the Rotterdam this November.
  12. When we were on the Masdaam in June there was a young woman onboard who was texting non stop. I thought "oh my! wait until she gets her phone bill", but sometime later I could see she was using the navigator app. So apparently it worked very well communication needs.
  13. Why do you say that? On a 7 day cruise I’ve gotten credit for 7 days sailing days and 5 days for spending. I don’t think there is a limit you can earn on spending. Maybe I miss understood what you are trying to say?
  14. No, these are the current guidelines. It’s much better to quote the current guidelines than have posters throw out what their preferred dress code for gala nights is.
  15. We ate at Row 34 in the Harbor area in June. It was amazing! Fresh, fresh, fresh seafood and a nice list of microbrews.
  16. Not really. Some I believe some ships are able to perform kidney dialysis for that procedure you would have a scheduled appointment.
  17. To me it is not worth the difference. If my cruise is 7 days long and there are 2 of us, I would rather save the $140. The only difference in my opinion is the amount of sunlight that is allowed to enter the room, neither have a good view.
  18. Per the OP's post, they never received the documentation before disembarking the ship. See post #16 and #18.
  19. Ithaca Gal, I’m curious to know if HAL has officially contacted you or your TA about the cancellation yet? Of course by some posters standards 9 days may not be a reasonable amount of time to expect to be notified by. 🤭 Hopefully, your deposit has been refunded.
  20. I've been wondering that same thing too. Far fewer guests would have been negatively impacted. Why do schedules of three other ships need to be scrambled? Could it have to do with port contracts possibly?
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