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  1. Quick question: we're looking for a Cozumel/Western cruise in September 2020 out of FL but I don't see hardly any 4/5 days during that time. I see some in November/December. Are they usually not available during that time of the year or are those dates not announced yet? Thanks!
  2. For sure. She answered quite a few questions we had wondered about life and career in cruising.
  3. We just sailed Liberty from Jan. 6-10 and Nono was CD. I had previously seen Donkey would be CD but now appears she is there until April? But she was great. One of the most available and interactive we’ve ever had.
  4. Currently on the Liberty, how will we know when our room is ready before 1:30?
  5. I apologize if this has been posted but I wondered if anyone has a photo of the menus for Barbecue spot and Pizza Plus on the Liberty? I have found most of the other menus but have not located those. Thanks in advance!
  6. A few things we learned on our first cruise: Travel the day before. Can get to the port earlier and not be so tired on the day you set sail. As somone already said: You can get multiple apps, entrees, desserts in the dining room. You can request a table in the dining room for only your party in the dining room (we've done this for a 2 seater and 4 seater). As someone also already said: pack less. Definitely! Read CruiseCritic boards to help research the next cruise. :-)
  7. Is that the new cake area that I've seen people talking about? Is it just part of the buffet area?
  8. That's what I've done for the last several cruises. Go ahead and get the room I want and lock in the price, get any Carnival bonuses, then transfer to my TA to get their extra OBC. Plus I can put in my requests for dining and such with them.
  9. Several years ago we did a day pass at the Hilton British Colonial. It comes with a food/drink credit so not all inclusive but it lasted for us. Very nice facility, smallish beach but wasn't least bit busy or crowded and the pool area is nice as well.
  10. My wife has made them with a recipe she found and they are just as good. Also, the crockpot molten cakes are pretty amazing as well and you can have more than just one. :-)
  11. more likely to do that if we park at the port, right? since it is about an hour drive and we can be one of the first off the ship, I would hate to waste 30-45 minutes dealing with a shuttle, if that's what we'd be looking at?
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