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  1. I called C&A. All they needed was the booking number. Took 5 minutes.
  2. Our cruise is early November and I have an appointment at our doctor’s office for a COVID test 2 days before. The results will appear in the my chart app and I can print them. I haven’t seen the Covid-19 results, but the other lab tests show my name and DOB along with the results and type of test. I had assumed the doctor’s note exception was for a note, not results from the office. Did I assume wrong?
  3. I’m from Indiana originally. One of my favorite things growing up was chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes. My great grandma, who lived with us, made hers from scratch. But I use Reames. Almost as good and much easier. A plate with a pile of potatoes and the noodles poured over - heaven! We usually do it once a year, since it’s sooooo heavy.
  4. Our November 6 Edge is substituting Nassau.
  5. That’s where I booked for our February oasis cruise, so I will be interested too.
  6. I used the Japanese method for some cinnamon rolls, they turned out great. I like King Arthur’s recipes since they give measurements as weights, that’s much more accurate.
  7. Looking forward to your Edge review, we’re on the first November sailing.
  8. Our November 6 Edge cruise stops in Tortola, BVI and San Juan. Until recently, the only shore excursion for Tortola was a zip line. It has now disappeared. San Juan now has just one excursion showing. I’m wondering if they are in the process of changing the itinerary. I don’t care where we go, I’m just ready to sail!
  9. I use WiFi for my iPad. I read on it and can download new books, read things I follow, look up the next port - weather and things to do. I have 2 email addresses, one that only family and close friends have. I read those. The other gets ignored. I sometimes read CC to see if anyone is on with me or to answer questions. I lock the phone up. I can’t take decent pictures to save my life, so I’ve given up.
  10. One idea nobody mentioned - leave some extra tips for your room steward, etc. One cruise I had about $35 left, I ordered a drink from our favorite bar waiter and used it for tip. He appreciated it.
  11. I have not seen it, but one YouTube video said there was handicap access. I would think that there was an elevator somewhere in the interior to move the alcohol for the bar.
  12. Dave has a Jewel one just like that. He bought some shorts at Costco he really likes. They are a quick dry material.
  13. Actually, the food is bigger. In Chops the steak is bigger and the sides are served family style and more than the MDR serving size. You can order several appetizers and salad, steak and dessert. The meal is definitely bigger than the MDR. At Giovanni’s you can get both a pasta course and a main course, plus the appetizers and dessert. I love that in the MDR I can try several courses and not be suffering from food coma.
  14. Publix has digital coupons that automatically apply. I love it!
  15. I second that. Have a wonderful, much deserved cruise. I’ll check several times a day to see what wonderful things are happening.
  16. TSOD is Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, GA. @grapau27 Happy anniversary, I hope you and Pauline enjoy your day. @John&LaLa Congratulations on the new member of the family. @lenquixote66 I hope things are safe for you and your family.
  17. I didn’t need it for Social Security or real ID. In fact, I haven’t had it out of the safety deposit box since I put it in.
  18. I believe you answered my question. I wondered if a package of tests had to be used by the same individual. It appears it can be split. Thanks!
  19. I’m lucky, I have easy hair. No curl, never colored, it just lays there. I pay $13 senior rate at Great Clips. My neighbor has curls and color. I think she pays $30 for a cut. Sometimes easy is good.
  20. I once heard a country song that said “there’s just 2 things that money can’t buy, and that’s true love and home grown tomatoes “. If I could, I’d happily take some off your hands!
  21. Personally, it’s too much food. We sailed Star class on oasis and I got tired of all the food. Unfortunately, I think we all have a tendency to “eat up” to get our money’s worth. By day 5 I was over it. I think the 3 night package is just about right. Others may not feel like that, but they may be better at skipping courses.
  22. Happy anniversary! I understand how time flies when you’re lucky enough to be with that perfect person. DH and I celebrate 47 years the end of the month.
  23. @dani negreanu Today is Friday the 13th. Here it’s considered a bad luck day. Is it the same in Israel? I have really enjoyed learning about the similarities and differences between cultures. Since we can’t travel to see these differences, this thread has been great!
  24. I just got back from Home Depot. Several weeks ago I ordered a replacement over the stove microwave. I was supposed to get it yesterday. It came but the order was goofed up and it was delivery only. I called HD and after several calls, the solution they came up with was for us to return the microwave to the store, receive a full refund and then order it again. I asked if they couldn’t skip the returning part and just send the installers. No, the computer wouldn’t allow that. So we drove 50 minutes, spent 15 minutes explaining and getting the refund and drove 50 minutes home. I’m going to wait until the refund clears to order again. Don’t you love computers? They make things easier!!!
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