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  1. I saved about $50 on internet for my May Liberty cruise. The UDP didn’t change.
  2. I expected to see the Brilliance Tampa sailings released this week. I would like to book January 2022.
  3. If you want to see what it’s like drop by sometime, I’ll be happy to give you a tour.
  4. It had better not show available since I’ll be in it that week!! I booked it online at a big box site. It was slightly less than $9000 for four of us.
  5. We would love to do a west coast cruise since we have family out there. If one of the ships is repositioning and has one, when would it be announced? It doesn’t fall in any of the categories shown above.
  6. I look forward to hearing about it since we have that cabin in May.
  7. We were sky (in a grand suite) and ours were blue. I didn’t realize there was a significance to the color. But I saw blue, yellow and white.
  8. I liked the WOW band on sea days. I didn’t have to wonder where to put the card, I have found the printing can come off if you get in the hot tubs. Remember that they aren’t usable to get on or off the ship, you must use the card even at Coco Cay.
  9. But it looks like the one right across from it is now out. And they have one of them tied up with the piano player. I am not sure that’s a great idea, it was loud! Cruise has been really wonderful, great weather and lots of friendly people.
  10. Cruise has been great. I don’t think we have ever had calmer seas, almost no rocking. Food in Solarium Bistro has been quite good. We found that about 30 minutes before they close breakfast they put out some wonderful caramel rolls. I’m a baker and these are GOOD! Park Cafe is good as usual. Roast beef seems less fatty than I remember. We haven’t been in Windjammer or done any specialty restaurants. Ship is fairly crowded. LOTS of kids. Elevator waits are longer than expected. All of the staff have been friendly and helpful. Grease was fun. Columbus was so campy it was hilarious. The aqua show was...... different. Very techno and lots of strobe lights. I didn’t like it as much as the Oasis one. We missed the ice show.
  11. I noticed this for the first time at Grease this week. The couple in front of us both had their cell phone cameras out. Luckily, they only took a few pictures but they weren’t being inconspicuous. They were holding them out at arm’s length.
  12. Yes, one aft elevator is not working. we spoke to a family at muster drill. They were from the northeast somewhere. Their schools have a year round schedule with 4 breaks of 3 weeks and this is one of the weeks. It does seem more crowded than Oasis did last January. Long lines of people waiting to get into windjammer. I wonder if they realize there are other places to eat? Solarium Bistro has not been crowded.
  13. I’m on Harmony right now and I just got up and looked in the closet and no life jackets.
  14. Arrived at port about 10:30. Check in was quick and easy. We boarded and were sitting in the Suite Lounge on 17 at 11:00. So much for delayed boarding.
  15. I agree, definitely not the end of the world. But I am a planner and not knowing drives me crazy. But my DH reminds me you cannot be driven where you already are. After 45 years I guess he knows.
  16. I just got it also. Does check-in from noon to 3:00 mean just check-in with boarding later or does it mean boarding then? I’m trying to figure out whether to eat lunch in Cocoa or wait.
  17. We loved the Rijksmuseum, even DH who doesn’t like art. They have lots of non-painting things, many historical artifacts. Trams are very easy to use. They take credit cards right there on the tram. Everyone speaks English, no language issues at all.
  18. I was very interested in your comments about the cabin. We had 10330 on Oasis a couple years ago. There were 4 adults and we thought it was rather cramped. The living room area had a couch and two chairs, but was crowded by the table and chairs. The balcony was large, but didn’t seem logically set up. Star class wasn’t a good match for us. We don’t really drink and actually got tired of all the food. There were snacks each day that usually went to waste. The best part was the free laundry and our great room steward. I doubt we’ll try it again.
  19. Any booking with a travel agent requires you to work through that agency, not directly with the cruise line. Of course you can upgrade your cabin, all it takes is a phone call. The only thing you lose is the Royal Up ability. Other than that it is just like any other travel agency. Each person must make up their own mind what is most important to them.
  20. We book with the big box TA. I book the cabin I want and get a substantial cash card or check after the cruise. Would I like to be able to bid for an upgrade? Of course, but for me “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. For the slim chance I could get a bid accepted at a reasonable cost, I will take the guaranteed cash. JMHO.
  21. I once had a woman in the ladies room tell me to press evenly on both sides of the oblong button. It seems to work for me, but that could be a coincidence. I wonder if pushing in the center doesn’t “connect “ correctly sometimes.
  22. I hope you, Laura and adorable Bella stay safe, this one looks like you are directly in its path. Good luck and our prayers for all of the area.
  23. On our British Isles cruise last year we brought back numerous sealed foodstuffs. Cheese and strop waffles from the Netherlands , biscuits and candy from Wales and a few other things. I was so tired when we got to Atlanta I forgot to declare them. Luckily, nobody asked. I didn’t remember until I unpacked the next day. I won’t make that mistake again.
  24. Well behaved children are always welcome. But, if I am paying an extra $80 or more for a special dinner with my husband, I would be a very unhappy camper if a child at the next table was screaming and pitching a fit. Of course, if an obnoxious drunk was at the next table I would also be unhappy. I think it all boils down to consideration of others. There were times I hauled my son out of a public place so that everyone didn’t have to listen to his meltdown.
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