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  1. I cancelled our September river cruise on March 31.  Was sent an email stating I would receive a refund in the manner in which I paid.


    Called May 1 to see when I would receive refund.  Told to expect 90 days.


    Called today.  Seems they changed the policy and no cash refunds, just future travel credits.  I really don’t want that and asked for my money back (less cancellation fee).  Agent on phone told me that she would ask for an exception.  She promised to let me know by next Monday.


    Can they legally change what I considered a contract (to their advantage) like that?  Grand Circle was highly recommended to us.  I am very disappointed in their behavior.


    If we cannot get our money back I’m not sure what we will do.  I have NEVER contacted a lawyer, but this may be the first.

  2. 33 minutes ago, Ourusualbeach said:



    As far as the split Royal is allowing money from the FCC to be moved around and balanced out once you apply it to a booking as long as the people are travelling. It doesn’t help if they are not travelling though. 

    A clarification please.  Cruise was with DH and 2 adult sons.  Son from California isn’t sure he wants to go next time.  The original fare was about $8,000.  Rounding, it was split $3,000 for me and DH and $1,000 for sons.  The 125% gives us $3,750 for DH and me and $1,250 for sons.  If Cali son doesn’t cruise we would lose his $1,250, but still be ahead $750.  Can we book the three of us?


    You are such a nice person to take the time to answer all our questions.  Thanks!

  3. I just got a refund from a Hilton prepaid reservation before our May 17 Galveston cruise.  Between the time I booked and prepaid and now, we had a fraud issue and got a replacement card with a new number.  Credit went through with no issues.  If changing number doesn’t matter, then I would be surprised if changed expiration date matters.


    BTW, kudos to Hilton for the refund of a non refundable room.  I also cancelled Delta flights and that is still pending.  Waiting for FCC from RC, but it’s not a rush, so I can wait patiently.  Curious to see how it is split.  The four of us were in the villa suite.  I’m hoping it isn’t split evenly, but split based on each person’s cost.

  4. On 4/21/2020 at 11:28 AM, ATG said:

    I cancelled the cruise planner purchases on 3/31.  Received part of them 4/16.  Still nothing on the rest.  Chops dinner was refunded, Sabor and Giovanni’s wasn’t.  Liberty on 5/17 cancelled by RC last week.  So I’m not sure there is any rhyme or reason to when the refund comes.

    Just received the rest of the refund on my credit card.  Less than a month, I’m happy.  Now just waiting on Hilton and Delta for refunds and FCC from RC.

  5. Our local grocery was sold out of yeast from people baking their own bread.  I’ve been baking bread for over 50 years.  I’m happy to think that at least a few of these new bakers will keep it up.  

    I also wonder about how it will change the way many offices work.  In 1996 when the Olympics came to Atlanta, most offices went to a more casual dress code.  After they were done, the dress stayed more casual.  Office managers found out that it improves morale and didn’t hurt productivity.  Will this crisis change the way people work?  I’m retired, so it doesn’t matter to me.

  6. We like the Oasis better, it seems roomier when the curtain is open.  Since it is only the two of us, having a separation isn’t important.  Harmony seemed darker and a little claustrophobic.  If we were sharing with a third person, Harmony would be better.  

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