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  1. But be careful. I once ordered grits with my eggs and they came in a bowl sprinkled with cinnamon!!
  2. We ate there Monday on Oasis. Food was good but not great. Panna cotta was the highlight of the meal. Service was not very good. He asked for our order, didn’t explain much of anything. Still have the salt options. We had 3 meal package and decided to give it a try. I certainly wouldn’t pay full price for it.
  3. DH and I had lunch yesterday in Coastal Kitchen and the tables on either side were Pinnacle couples. Between them they had over 3000 points. You could not have asked for friendlier, nicer people. There are about 60 Pinnacles on Oasis this week. Every single one I have met has been nice. CK has not been crowded but service has been slow. The food has been hot, so I assume the kitchen is the issue.
  4. We are on Oasis now. I have seen lots of Pinnacle pins. But the suite lounge wasn’t crowded at 6:00 and there were lots of empty tables at CK even though it was filet night.
  5. We were in 1066 this summer and didn’t hear anything. I assume 1064 is the same. We enjoyed the extra room, but the balcony was quite small.
  6. Andy, I’m one of those suite guests who wouldn’t have complained, but would have been very unhappy. Your review of the President’s cruise opened my eyes to a situation I wouldn’t have been aware of. From now on, I will always check the dates and make sure it isn’t a “special “ cruise. I have met many, many lovely cruisers who happened to be Pinnacle. But too many Pinnacles (even nice ones) crowding CK, would be a problem for me. Thanks!
  7. We booked the 9/27/20 Quebec to Bayonne cruise on the big box TA site. It doesn’t show up on RC’s site, but my cruise is showing up in my reservations. That’s weird.
  8. I also got an email from the travel agents telling me we now had a soda package along with other things. It was a complete surprise. We are in a grand suite. It is definitely from TA not RC, since it appears under member benefits like the cash card does.
  9. There are also outlets on the bar where the coffee pot is. I used these and DH used the ones on the desk in the bedroom area.
  10. Can you put extra tips to specific people on your account at GS? We have prepaid tips and an OBC from booking. Last cruise we bought stuff in the shops just to use some of it up. i would prefer to leave it as an additional tip for room steward than let it disappear. Thanks
  11. The last time it happened to us the charge was for $16.00 at a Dominos Pizza 500 miles away. I wondered if it was delivery? Another time we were in Cocoa Beach the night before sailing and got a call. I explained we had driven from South Carolina to Florida that day and the charge in New Jersey wasn’t ours. The rep asked if we had stopped in NJ on our way south. I explained that NJ wasn’t between SC and Florida. And from his accent he was from the US.
  12. We did the Vancouver to Hawaii a few years ago. It was 5 days at sea and then around the islands. We saw the big island, Maui, Kauai, and ended in Honolulu. We stayed a few extra nights there. It was really nice, we saw the highlights on each island. I would suggest doing it the other direction. See the islands and then relax on the sea days.
  13. We were on Brilliance this summer in an owners suite. Each day we did what we called the shower dance. The water would go from hot to cold. We just laughed about it and mentioned it to our room steward.
  14. It is not a dress code it is a dress suggestion. Do you take every suggestion as a rule? If so, I suggest you stop being so judgmental about what other people wear. So long as people who are seated near me don’t smell (either perfume or sweat) I couldn’t care less what they have on.
  15. Actually, you can apply for a known traveler number through a government process and if you give the airline the number, you will be pre-check. It does cost and take time. I think it is Staples or one of the other office stores that offer it. Or at least that’s what I have been told.
  16. I know nobody can guarantee, but I would appreciate opinions on our flight options. Option 1 is an 11:05 flight from SeaTac on Sunday, June 2 next year. If luggage valet is available next year we would use it. The site says it is available for flights after 11:00. We are in a suite and fly first class. We can get TSA pre-check. I would arrange for a car service ahead of time. Ship arrival time is 7:00. Option 2 is a flight at 10:30 that night. Obviously, no rush. I would really like option 1, but I haven’t flown out of Seattle before. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  17. We were on her last month, and she was fine.
  18. We just pulled away from Dublin on Brilliance of the Seas. Transportation from the pier into Dublin was a real hassle. RC sold shuttle tickets at $19 for one day or $32 for both days. Unfortunately, they only ran every 30 minutes and dropped you off at Merion Square. On day one that worked out okay. Except that the return shuttle at 5:00 had broken air conditioning and temperatures were in the high 80s. Yuck! For day two we needed to be downtown to meet our tour early and the shuttles wouldn’t get us there on time. So, we lined up for a taxi at 7:00. There were very few. We waited until 7:35 to get one. At one point there were over 40 people waiting. So, don’t count on getting a taxi quickly.
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