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  1. Mine have been disappearing from your list of cruises after the sail date for that cruise. But I've received no refunds for any cruises since march. Not looking good for getting our money back. I have a cruise on Symphony in October that final payment is on July 4th. Don't think I want to give them anymore of my money. They can just apply what they owe me to that cruise.
  2. Unless your Mario then you get a free one with your name on it.
  3. I'm going to wait until after the actual sail date and then call RCI. IF no satisfaction then I will call AMEX
  4. We had one canceled on celebrity and the refund was quick!!
  5. I had same cruise canceled as well as many others. Still waiting for refunds for all. Stopped booking cruises until this is all sorted out. If RCI files for bankruptcy, we will never see any of our money.
  6. Had a casino compted cruise on Symphony booked for September 2020, Club Royale called me to see if I wanted to L&S the booking. I gave them 4 dates September/October 2021. He found one that was available and booked it. No problems.
  7. I have many cruises booked from August on. Unfortunately I doubt any of them will go. I don't think any cruise will sail until there is a vaccine. Just my opinion and we all know what opinions are like!!
  8. I finally received a refund for a celebrity cruise I schedule in early April today. First of 5 canceled, remaing are all RC. But I'm ok as I know I will get them eventually. Just have to keep track of them.
  9. So the last drop off looks to be around the first week of June. So the expected start date of June 12 with all crew gone home is likely not going to happen!!
  10. Many, but Lloyd from Chops grille on Mariner. The best Chops Grille server in the fleet!!
  11. Further Notice does not mean June 1st. So your info is incorrect.
  12. As this is a Club Royale free cruise, I'm not too concerned if it doesn't sail.
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