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  1. I am so enjoying your review!!! We have stuck with smaller ships, but your review is making me want to try the Vista and her amazing staff!!!! Thank you!
  2. We've only done one B2B (next one in 25 days, woooohooooo), but this is exactly what happened for us as well. We did get recognized by the crew as another poster mentioned too. The turnover day ended up being one of our favorites- it was so much fun running around the ship after we came back from customs while it was still almost completely empty. :) This time we are switching cabins, but specifically chose our cabins (interior for the first 5-day leg, balcony for the second 8-day leg) so that we could have the same steward/ cabin service team. Last time we stayed in the same cabin and it was so easy! When you are doing a B2B, you can also bring on 2 bottles of 750ml wine per 21+ passenger (1 per leg) when you board the for the first leg; they will hold the second bottle and return it to you on the final night. Another tip if you like in-cabin cocktails: you can purchase a bottle from duty free on the the first leg (or at one of the ports), pick it up on the "last night" and enjoy it during the second leg of the cruise. Happy cruising!!!!!! :cool::hearteyes:
  3. Love seeing everyone's posts! My reasons are like so many others. :). We always choose a fixed seating due to my husband's allergy to strawberries (easy allergy to deal with except that it's used in so many garnishes); it's easier for us not to explain every night to a new waitstaff (or to have to request the same waitstaff), plus I love having a waitstaff that anticipates us by bringing coffee after the entree without my asking, or the bar server having a drink ready for hubby. :). Usually we choose late seating so that we don't have to rush back from port, and we love taking photos (the sillier the better) before dinner. It just works for us. :). (We did do early seating on our most recent cruise with RC because my nieces were with us. I wouldn't mind doing it again but definitely preferred late.) One of the things I love about cruising is there is something for everyone! YTD/ ATD for those who love that flexibility, Early seating for those who enjoy that, and Late seating for those who prefer that.
  4. Basil Drop Martini when the Alchemy Bar opens. :). Or possibly a mojito if I can't wait till then, lol.
  5. . DH is allergic to strawberries too- we haven't met many people with the same allergy, I'll have to tell him there is at least one more! DH has an anaphylactic reaction to strawberries, and Carnival has been great; as Drose716 notes, in general that's an easy "avoidance" allergy. The biggest issue for him generally is usually when they are used as a garnish and the juice runs, or if they are used in a "mixed berry" sauce. The MDR waitstaff is usually amazing about making sure he gets dishes plated without the garnish (and not just remove the garnish from the plate). On our last couple of cruises on Carnival, without us even asking they have let him pre-order his dessert for the next night in order to make sure he can get what he wants, or notify him if an appetizer is usually garnished with a strawberry. We never expected that level of service, and it meant a lot to him that they would take such trouble.
  6. 46 days! :D:D. B2B on the Ecstasy, Platinum at Last!! :cool::cool::cool:
  7. We do $3-$5/ bag depending on the weight and size of our bags. :). My husband is a bartender so we're all about "tip karma." :D:D:D
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