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  1. The deck BBQ and beach parties are incredible.
  2. I'm 100% with you. I've been cruising out of San Juan or St. Martin for years. I find it much easier and as you say more reliable weather. BUT........... I hear great things about Oceania. I returned February 22nd from a Celebrity cruise out of San Juan. It was lovely but I 'm looking for a smaller ship. My husband and I are fans of Windstar but this is a "girls" cruise and Windstar is a little too quiet.
  3. Interesting. I have Global Entry. I didn't realize that it would be of help coming back from the Caribbean. Good to know. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for all the advice. It's much apprecaited.
  5. Many years ago my husband and I cruised out of Miami. Getting out was fine but upon our return we had a three hour line to check in to our flight with a sick five year old in our arms. It was a nightmare and I swore we would never ever go through that airport again. We have been eyeing some Oceania Cruises but have rejected the ones to the Caribbean since they all leave from Miami. Has the airport situation gotten better. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Our date is February 16th and it will be $100. 😬 If it’s a perfect day we will splurge.
  7. So..... I actually “clicked” on resortpass dot com. When I entered the actual date it switched to the fees that the Park Hyatt quoted. Exactly. $50 must be off off off season. The Park Hyatt said we could come there and buy the pass though. 🤔 Hmmmm. We plan to play it by ear and wait until we are there to decide. Thank you everyone!!!
  8. Can you just go to the Park Hyatt and buy the day pass? I'm seeing two places that offer them but the prices are wildly different. Resortpass dot com says that a day pass alone is $50. It includes the pool, a lounge chair, umbrella and wifi. Resort for a day is quoting $149 for all all that plus a two course lunch and 20% off alcohol. Are they both legit? Is the lunch really worth $99?
  9. Can you just go to the Park Hyatt and buy the day pass? Resortpass dot com says that a day pass alone is $50. Resort for a day is quoting $149 for all inclusive. That's a big difference. We would have lunch but thinking that not being all inclusive might give us more food options not necessarily a smaller bill.
  10. WOW. I am on a different but there are also four ships in town. If we choose to make it a beach day, how early should we get to the beach? Thanks.
  11. jenjes3, Thanks for the update. Did you enjoy your experience? Did you feel like an interloper or welcomed?
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