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  1. I am confused, have you spoken to Princess on the telephone? I have telephoned them twice in the last week and someone answered within about 10 minutes both times. I feel your pain, we are due to sail on the Royal from Sydney in February 2022, don’t think it will happen.
  2. I am due to sail on the Regal Princess , 30 September 2021 from Southampton and will probably cancel next week before final payment. I don’t think the France issue will be resolved before final payment date, although I suspect it will be before the ship sails. The plan to allow vaccinated people from abroad into the U.K. without having to quarantine is due to be announced soon. Reciprocal arrangements will take time to implement, particularly for the US. The EU is close to introducing a unified digital vaccine passport scheme, so they will probably be first.
  3. I just spoke to Susie at Princess in the U.K., she apologised and advised me that the log-in problems had been caused by an unexpected IT glitch when they tried to merge two systems. Princess hope that the problem will be fixed in the next few days.
  4. I have the same problem.
  5. Of course there is, what would Australia and New Zealand prefer - to be on the red list, that would make no sense at all. The fact that Australia and New Zealand borders are closed is a separate issue and the current restrictions are documented on the appropriate foreign travel advice section of www.GOV.UK.
  6. It is up to the U.K. what countries appear on the green list. Australia and New Zealand fit the criteria so they are on the green list, the USA does not.
  7. Not if you have already booked a cruise at the higher cost. Also, I am not convinced about the US$ v GBP argument, exchange rates fluctuate all the time.
  8. Reduced from £35 to £30 per day, per person. I have just spoken to Princess and asked them to reduce the cost of my cruise accordingly. The man I spoke to said he would have to speak to someone else as the cost was only reduced yesterday and he didn’t know what they were doing about it. He then advised me they can transfer the booking to the new fare but for my 7 night cruise it will cost me £100. So, I would be saving £70 but it would cost me £100. I knew what he was going to say next before he opened his mouth - “it’s in the Terms & Conditions”. Thank you Princess.
  9. The title of your post is misleading, the Coral 16 June 2021 cruise has not been cancelled.....not yet anyway.
  10. I went to Bali about 10 years ago and loved it. So beautiful and interesting. Trust me, Bali is NOTHING like Spain. My opinion - go for it.
  11. The 2022 cruises in this brochure are not listed on the UK Princess web site. I also checked the web site of a well know US cruise travel agent and they are not listed there either. Perhaps these cruises are only being sold to Australia and New Zealand residents. Also, are the prices in US$ or AUD$? Is anyone able to clarify? Thank you.
  12. I suggest you may want to do a little more research before making such a sweeping statement. The comments of a few people on Cruise Critic Azamara board is hardly a true picture of the situation. ABTA has many responsibilities, although it’s main responsibility is to assist travellers when a bonded travel company goes out of business, as in the case of Thomas Cook. There are also certain rules that it’s members have to abide by, including those relating to refunds. We do have credit cards in the U.K. e.g. MasterCard, Visa, Amex and they give us similar protection to those
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