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  1. The title of your post is misleading, the Coral 16 June 2021 cruise has not been cancelled.....not yet anyway.
  2. I went to Bali about 10 years ago and loved it. So beautiful and interesting. Trust me, Bali is NOTHING like Spain. My opinion - go for it.
  3. The 2022 cruises in this brochure are not listed on the UK Princess web site. I also checked the web site of a well know US cruise travel agent and they are not listed there either. Perhaps these cruises are only being sold to Australia and New Zealand residents. Also, are the prices in US$ or AUD$? Is anyone able to clarify? Thank you.
  4. I suggest you may want to do a little more research before making such a sweeping statement. The comments of a few people on Cruise Critic Azamara board is hardly a true picture of the situation. ABTA has many responsibilities, although it’s main responsibility is to assist travellers when a bonded travel company goes out of business, as in the case of Thomas Cook. There are also certain rules that it’s members have to abide by, including those relating to refunds. We do have credit cards in the U.K. e.g. MasterCard, Visa, Amex and they give us similar protection to those
  5. Our June European river cruise was cancelled in April and for various reasons did not want a future cruise voucher, or wait 23 months for a refund. We requested an immediate full refund. Emerald advised us that the cruise was suspended not cancelled, really and therefore we not entitled to a refund. We asked again for a refund and pointed out that we were legally entitled to one within 14 days and if they did not comply with our request we would take legal action. We have now received our refund.
  6. Scenic cruises can be booked in the U.K, although I have never seen them marketed in this country. I believe Scenic are the parent company of Emerald which are heavily marketed in the U.K. Perhaps that is the reason not many Brits are joining this discussion.
  7. No response yet. If I have not heard from my travel agent by the 1 May I will give them a call.
  8. I may be wrong, but I don’t think this is correct. I am sure I thought this would happen once, when I received a refund, but it didn’t and I was charged debit interest because I had not made a payment. My advice would be to check with your credit card provider.
  9. If you are entitled to a refund ask for one.
  10. Yes. It is called ABTA or ATOL protection, it covers most package holidays, although not all bookings are covered. Sadly many holiday providers are trying to ignore the rules at the moment by insisting people accept FCC, when they are entitled to a refund. I am having the same problem.
  11. If you want a refund that is what you should ask for.
  12. Johartrog, Who are you sailing with? Did you book direct or via a travel agent?
  13. Yes you should wait until the cruise line cancels. This topic is from people who have had their cruise cancelled by the cruise line, or as the cruise lines like to call it “suspension”.
  14. Emerald Waterways have “suspended” my June Danube cruise and have offered me a future cruise credit. I told Emerald, via my travel agent, you have cancelled my cruise and I expect a full refund.
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