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  1. Thank you again for the heads up. Managed to read the Dailies using the zoom. Sailing Sunday and it helps to know in advance if some ressies might have to be switched. Some things change and others don't. I am really hoping 'Oh What a Night' is still there (and I'm really hoping Karl doesn't sail with us :eek:).
  2. patter44

    REVIEW - Breakaway September 4 - 11, 2016

    Thank you for your info. I hope the "treat" lasts a couple of weeks to include our sailing on the 25th :D. Look forward to your photos.
  3. patter44

    REVIEW - Breakaway September 4 - 11, 2016

    Oh What A Night: This was in the Breakaway Theater and is a Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons Tribute Show with a little history and comedy thrown in. They were very good and were entertaining. The only problem with this showroom is it's smaller than it should be and the seats are fairly uncomfortable. Great review. What night is this Tribute offered? Is it on all sailings? We are Sept. 25th.
  4. patter44

    Can I walk to and from ship docked at old Mole pier?

    Was just Googling around Key West and spotted this line. Is this the drop off/pick-up location for the shuttle back to the ship? Looks like it's across from the Shipwreck Museum near the Aquarium. Can anyone just back confirm this or is this something else.
  5. Took awhile but I found it. This is what we used to navigate on our own. Devils Bay is on the left at the end #14. Key to Using the Map A. Beach. Dinghy landings are prohibited, but there is a dinghy mooring and you can swim to the beach. B. Shrubs. You may leave snorkeling equipment while exploring the boulders. Also, site of vendors selling T-shirts and shells. C. Poor Man's Bar. Sells drinks, hamburgers, T-shirts. D. Trail to taxi drop-off, about a 7 minute easy walk. E. Snorkeling is quite good in this area for fish; also, to the north where you can find Elk Horn Coral formations. West of the dinghy landing. 1. Entrance. You'll have to crouch and waddle like a duck here! 2. Shelf Boulder. Note fault through top of adjacent boulder to right of this boulder. 3. North Cabe. Note deep holes caused by uneven erosion. Also, note the size of this boulder, one of the largest here. 4. "The Baths." A great photo opportunity! Notice on the huge boulder to your right the beautiful markings caused by chemical reaction of rain water (weak carbonic acid) with minerals. 5. The Throne. Another fun photo opportunity. 6. Ship's Keep Boulder. As you stand under this boulder look at its shape. Doesn't it look like the keel of a sailboat to you? 7. Walk under the ship's keel as far as you can to the south, then turn around and look up. This magnificent tunnel is Neptune's Hideaway. Notice the pitting on the boulders on your left. Now retrace your steps back out to the edge of the first pool. 8. The Cathedral. Look up and marvel at the limited points of contact between the massive boulders above you! 9. Tarzan Land. The roots are of pomegranate trees which you'll see when you climb above in a moment or two. 10. Boulder House. Notice how dry it is in here, even when it rains. Now retrace your steps a few yards and turn to your left and start up the incline. Look to you right to see ... 11. Geodesic Cave. One of the prettiest, most intricate of the caves. Another great photo opportunity. Continue to climb up. Just as you emerge between the two boulders, look ahead to see ... 12. Whale's Head. Notice to the left of the whale's mouth an obelisk which was once part of the Whale's Head boulder. Stand near the obelisk now and look to the west to find the entrance to Neptune's Hideaway. Now a new shape has emerged! 13. Lion's Head. Start at the top of the boulder and let your eye follow the line down to the left. Do you see the lion's forehead and nose? See his upper jaw, his eye, the markings on his face and his mane. 14. Ethiopian Head. A striking formation to the left of the lion.
  6. patter44

    Google Street View in Bermuda

    Thank you so much. I've just been waiting for this! Playing with it all morning :eek:!
  7. patter44

    Breakaway to Bermuda Live August 30th

    Good Morning Seadog! Just catching up on your Bermuda departure :(. Happy to catch your morning walkabout. We're heading out for the holiday weekend in a few hours so I'll have to wait until Tuesday to finish your review. We'll be on the last cruise to Bermuda on Oct 18th. Safe sailing and thank you so much for giving us all the opportunity to sail with you this week.
  8. patter44

    Breakaway to Bermuda Live August 30th

    Thank you again for the early morning walk. Everything is so peaceful. Enjoy your day at the beach :D.
  9. patter44

    Breakaway to Bermuda Live August 30th

    That's beautiful! (Last night's moon was great too.) Love your early morning walks. Thank you for taking us along :).
  10. patter44

    Breakaway to Bermuda Live August 30th

    I just knew that eggs benny was coming. My fav too :D.
  11. patter44

    Booking Cirque Show

    We're on Breakaway in October and have booked the other shows but Cirque is not listed. Called PCC and she could not find it either. No explanation. Also last year certain Second City shows had to have reservations and they are also not listed for booking. Wondering what's going on?
  12. patter44

    MITSUGIRLYS extensive extra Sky review

    Thank you for your wonderful reviews. I am still trying to catch up with the Sun but the Sky was what I was waiting for. Also looking forward to your day to day thoughts on the Sky. We were just on the 4 day Dec. 8th cruise and after seeing your beautiful glass elevator atrium photos noticed that Santa must have visited the Sky between your cruise and ours ;).