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  1. I believe there were 4 segments on 2020 WC although it might have been 5. I was scheduled for the Singapore to Sydney after waitlisting. Found out we cleared the list 13 months out. We seemed to be the only ones on cc that got a segment. Of course we know how our segment ended up! Shortly before we left, Singapore was cancelled then itin changed then the mad scramble for those onboard. Waitlisted on 23 WC segment but not optimistic this time since waitlist for full cruise is so full they cut it off.
  2. we put $100 on the 2023 Grand. They have it listed as Grand Fall since its a work in progress and cant say if its Asia or another part of the world.
  3. I bought them in $2000 increments and had no problem receiving the bonus cards. Transaction receipt was sent promptly showing total purchase and the bonus cards then I received a separate email for each bonus card and the purchased gift card. I printed all of them out and kept copies on my computer. Was very easy to do.
  4. I read something this a.m that France was now requiring its foreign territories to close to tourism so South Pacific, Reunion Island etc . I assume this island might be included
  5. We called our PCC this a.m and there were notes in the system saying DO NOT BOOK YET Apparently the system opened briefly by accident so a few bookings were taken but it is unbookable at this time. Our PCC called about it but no idea what the hold up is. It will be bookable but there is something unfinished or some other reason for the Stop.
  6. I LOVE this itinerary! Thanks for the info. Would like a smaller ship but thats not going to happen so this looks great!
  7. My PC called WC desk. Segments are Ft Lauderdale to Sydney Sydney to Capetown Capetown to Amsterdam and I assume Amsterdam to Ft Lauderdale as I only inquired about the 1st 3. I did $100 futuredam and said inside or outside. Segments are only guarantee, cant pick your cabin. Price not known yet. When waitlist opens up then they ask for a deposit or that was how 2020 worked. Unfortunately my Singapore to Capetown segment got caught up in the early days of Covid so didn't get to do it.
  8. yes, it was the rt Boston but I think it was 18 days and did interesting ports in northern Canada and 3 ports in Greenland. My PC said she has heard zero about this.
  9. We just waitlisted for Ft Lauderdale to Sydney. Can't be gone for 128 days or I would book the whole cruise!.
  10. We got cancelled as did many others fir the August 2021 cruise so hoping for a redo in 2022. thx for any info
  11. Its available online now along with the 2023 Grand South America.
  12. Kazu, does it look like new itinerary only has 1 day in Madeira? Its an overnight but leaves at 6 a.m next day or did I misread ? Bummed, booked this for 2 days in Madeira and Canary Islands stops.....Tangier isn't exciting either.....
  13. One of my favorite ports, I think its stunning! Have been lucky with the weather and found lots to do. Thank you for posting.
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