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  1. Kazu, does it look like new itinerary only has 1 day in Madeira? Its an overnight but leaves at 6 a.m next day or did I misread ? Bummed, booked this for 2 days in Madeira and Canary Islands stops.....Tangier isn't exciting either.....
  2. One of my favorite ports, I think its stunning! Have been lucky with the weather and found lots to do. Thank you for posting.
  3. I would have been on an overnight safari to Tsavo East in Kenya from our port stop in Mombasa.
  4. People,please stop all the speculation! Lots of repeats of info that has been posted hours ago along with macabre references to bodies, freezer space, etc etc. There are posters on this forum with family members onboard, do you think they find that helpful or respectful? It appears there are suddenly lots of infectious disease specialists along with state dept officials, govt officials etc, maritime specialists etc. How about everyone take a deep breath, stop posting what ifs or wild speculations about what Was done, what Should be done, what You would do etc. Give th
  5. Good news, they extended our time to use the credit so that we could apply to an Aug 2021 cruise and also ket us split the credit to put on 3 different cruises next year. I'm happy with the outcome.
  6. That is why we cancelled.Knew we would be denied if we flew from Singapore and trying to route from San Diego to Sri Lanka was too many long layovers, more stops etc. I had direct business class from L.A to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. The flight issue along with Mombasa being cancelled(safari now out) missing our tour in Colombo because now we arrived there 5 days earlier and guide was booked etc contributed to decision. I also believe there could be more disruptions.
  7. same issue except lower $$$ as a single but going to push pcc to get this extended. We have 3 cruises booked with fcd thru aig 2021 and would like to split between the 3. I was surprised it wasnt a refund as all the cancelled asia cruisers received. I spent all a.m cancelling everything. Flights were going to cost 2 1/2 times the miles I had used to get to Sinhapore and take 40 hrs or so or on airlines I wouldnt want etc. There a
  8. I'm supposed to be on the segment from Singapore to Cape Town. Waiting to hear what is up. 2 years of research and planning safaris etc. Already changed my flight weeks ago to go direct to Singapore instead of transiting thru Hong Kong when they started denying boarding to those having been there.
  9. yes, I have been there and had a great time. If you are willing to see a country or port with your eyes and heart open to the experience you usually find the positives. I put together several minivans of cruisers that visited the Don Bosco Hotel School. We toured the local area, saw temples , the river and waterfall, a local ice cream shop that the hotel students run and then toured the school and had an amazing local lunch prepared by the students. Everyone loved their visit. The people were lovely. It's easy to take shots at 3rd world countries for being dumps or dirty. Some of m
  10. Looks like Cunard just changed the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth itins away from Asia. Cancelled Asia ports on one ship and starting in Freemantle instead of Singapore on the other. Link is under Asia on ports of call.
  11. Because lots of us reading her blog enjoy it! and appreciate her taking the time to do it.
  12. I agree Roy. Hal would have been castigated on this board by those denied boarding their cruise and those unable to disembark. Hal cant win no matter what they do. This is the last position they want to be in, or to have their passengers in. The restrictions change hourly, how is any cruise line to judge and adjust to that? They also probably dont have the staff to communicate, change flights for people, find new ports, change getting provisions to that new port work with each country as things change etc etc. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  13. Hal posted a statement on facebook. No one on the Westerdam has been diagnosed with the virus. The Feb 15th cruise is cancelled and those passengers are being notified. Updates will be available on Hal website under travel advisories. Probably a better place to get current accurate information than these boards.
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