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  1. FWIW (and please feel welcome to discount accordingly), I very clearly recall a tablemate on a cruise some years ago mentioning that she and her husband had booked the cruise on short notice and had been assigned 5025. She said they'd been worried prior to the cruise that there might be noise problems with that stateroom (for the same reasons you and others have mentioned), but then went on to say they were pleasantly surprised to have experienced no problems from the location.
  2. In hopes that Slavko will see this thread at some point, I'd like to take the opportunity to add my own (and my husband's) agreement with everyone's comments above. He will indeed be missed. IMO he's both too young and too talented to actually "retire," but whatever comes next (and in spite of our own sadness to now know that the next time we're onboard he will no longer also be there himself), we wish him great happiness. Patricia
  3. Yes, we've stayed at the Majestic, and, like you, loved it at the time. I just realized, though (since you asked the question), it's been approx. 5 years since we were last in Rome and stayed at Hotel Majestic, so my ideas and impressions may not exactly be the latest &/or greatest. ( Time is flying! :( )
  4. Kate, I have one to recommend that I think probably fits the bill as you describe it. It's Osteria Barberini, on a side street within easy walking distance from the Majestic Hotel, which is near the base of the Via Veneto (BTW, a lovely hotel). You might want to give the restaurant a google and see if it appeals. For us it hit the sweet spot perfectly: good food, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. Patricia
  5. Almostretired, we were on the cruise immediately preceding yours and FWIW want to mention that from the very beginning of our cruise, there were already signs of an out-of-stock situation going on with a number of wines, or at least certainly w/ the California chardonnays that I happened to be focussing on. From Day One the Nobu Chardonnay was completely out-of-stock and remained so during the entire voyage. Then after several days of trying (but failing) to find anything to my liking on the (extremely limited) all-inclusive white wine options that were even offered by our sommelier (something that's never happened before), I finally accepted defeat and realized I'd just have to find something from the Connoisseur collection list and buy my way into the solution. But then, when I selected my choice from the printed list of "Connoisseur" offerings (a well-known California chardonnay that I believe to be widely available), that wine, too, turned out to be out-of-stock. And thus, I completely agree with and support the comments Paula JK made in post #25 as well, and also those of ClefsDor in post #27.
  6. Hello, Keith, Unfortunately we had to cancel the following cruise, so at your convenience, please remove us from the list (and thank you): Aug 30 (8219) NYC to Montreal -peapod
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