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  1. We are on the August 7 Norwegian Fjords cruise. On the Grand, we had paid extra for a premium aft facing balcony. We saw our new room assignment on the Regal yesterday. They moved us to a midship balcony. I was really angry. There was no reason to move us out of an aft facing balcony to midship, because there are more aft facing balconies on the Regal than the Grand. I contacted my TA and asked him to contact Princess as soon as possible to get us moved to an aft facing balcony like we had booked. He was able to do that, but he told me it took him 1 1/2 hours! I am really di
  2. This is the case on Long Island, too. Many supermarkets have made aisles one way so that you don't have to pass someone.
  3. I'm with Thrak, I miss my life. Feeling so sad that I can't see my kids and grandkids, and that I can't pick out my own groceries (we are using Instacart, too, though very hard to get a delivery),
  4. I live in New York on Long Island. Like many other places, only essential business stays open - supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants for takeout and delivery, liquor stores, gas stations, etc. One thing I haven't seen anyone else mention is that the two banks I deal with have sent emails that they are only seeing people by appointment. We have stopped watching so much news, because we find it upsetting. We now limit ourselves to a half hour program each evening so that we can keep up to date on the latest developments, plus we can pick and choose what to read on our computers and we do ge
  5. I was also on the 1/5 cruise. The scenery and wildlife are amazing. I am glad I went. However, it is an expensive trip and a long flight from the US. One thing to be aware of is that there is often times bad weather that can impact your cruise, especially fog, which can make it impossible to see some of the things you were hoping to see. We had a mix of good and bad weather. Stanley Falkland Islands is also a highlight of the trip because there are many excursions to see penguins up close. However, due to wind, that port is often missed. So, it might be wise to consider those things be
  6. Gottagocit, I agree so strongly with you! I was on the Jan 5 cruise, and everywhere we went, there were people coughing and sneezing. We tried very had to avoid close contact with people. If someone nearby was coughing or sneezing, we changed our seats or left. We skipped all but one show in the theater. We went to the Universe Lounge for the naturalist talks, because people are a lot more spread out in there. We spent a lot of time in our stateroom. We had books to read, and watched a lot of the movies that were on tv. We mostly viewed the scenery from our balcony or through the slidi
  7. Thank you AZBirdMom, for your response. I, too, think it is weird that they did not have the right type of fuel in San Antonio. Princess knew two years ago that their ship would be in San Antonio needing fuel on January 5, so I am sure they ordered what they needed a long time ago. I guess we'll never know for sure. It's true that what we saw was incredible, pictures and memories to last a life time. And we do feel grateful to have been able to experience this beautiful place. However, I can't help feeling a bit cheated as well. I don't expect to ever be back to this part of the world a
  8. Did anyone ever find out why the fuel delivery was delayed, thus causing a late start to this cruise and the loss of one day in Antarctica?
  9. Ok, good to know, thanks for your response!
  10. Is a tip included in the cost of the UBD, and if not, what is an appropriate tip?
  11. I'm not understanding. How did they manage to get a couple hundred dollars from your bank?
  12. Thanks for more interesting restaurant suggestions. I appreciate it. Only 3 days now until we leave!
  13. Thanks everyone. I'm happy to hear that the menus are also in English, that is a big help. Thanks also for the restaurant suggestions. We will be at the Hilton with Viking, so it sounds like those two restaurants are good possibilities for us.
  14. Thanks 14thmed. Wondering if the menus were also written in English?
  15. Hi Chuck, DH and I are on this trip, Carol and Bill from Long Island, New York. Yes, the Roll Call is a great way to find other Cruise Critic friends on the trip. However, most of the discussion is about sharing private tours, and I usually book ships tours (even though I realize they are sometimes overcrowded and almost always overpriced) as I like the comfort of not having to worry about missing the ship if the private tours run into unexpected delays. I did get some great tips from Cruise Critic friends on pre-cruise hotels and getting to the port. Check out the roll call; you migh
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