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  1. Loved it on dream and if Mardi Gras has stupid deck 5 around the ship, a cove balcony is the superior choice to 1) getting to enjoy the water and 2) not getting blinded by deck 5 lights.
  2. LOVED everything about it! We would not do an aft. But an aft wrap we would absolutely consider versus a suite depending on cruise. With our friends having the room next door and with opening the balcony divider, it was an incredible amount of space.
  3. I haven’t seen tuxedos and long dresses on the last several cruises, nor military uniforms either.
  4. I dislike Conquest class ships. The layout is the pits with traffic jams and congestion. I had a nice time on Valor though despite that.
  5. We saw tons of jellyfish. I had surgery one month ago, so I went to no shows (we had late dining and I was exhausted by the time it was over) and I didn’t leave the ship in progreso. So I don’t have many pics on board, and I’ll end with some steak house food porn. Conquest class is my least favorite class of ship because it has traffic jams and feels crowded. I prefer Fantasy class and Dream.
  6. Finally we saw some sea life from Our balcony. Fish and even a pod of dolphins!! I managed to catch a photo of one.
  7. We went to Cozumel first where we paid $800 to to the passion island VIP private cabana excursion. We enjoyed ourselves very much (my 2nd time to passion island). It was my birthday cruise, so my MIL sent a fruit basket and my daughter sent chocolate covered strawberries. The LSU game was on in the sports bar and the saints game was on the big TV by the pool but it rained so we went and watched it inside one of the suites.
  8. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed my 7th Carnival cruise (8th total). We did aft wrap 7440 and our friends did the room next to us, so we had the balcony divider opened which was an incredible amount of space!!! We had 8 total people with the other two mid ship in suites.
  9. The rowdiest drunkest Cruise I went on, complete with puke in the hallways, was the 7 day Pride of Hawaii (ncla) cruise around the Hawaii islands, which was neither short nor cheap. Meanwhile, Carnival 7 day out of New Orleans has been downright respectable.
  10. Just got off Valor cruise. Elegant night looks no different than any other night. He can wear dockers and a short sleeve button down Hawaii type shirt and be much more comfortable. We traveled with a retired colonel and no way was he bringing his uniform. Elegant night does NOT require a suit and I saw not one this cruise.
  11. Oh and as an aside, California had their first pediatric flu death the other day. The child had other medical conditions as well.
  12. Ok, it’s do or die time now. All l have left is: pack socks, cords and get a bottle of Rombauer Chardonnay. I have to go get my dog a new collar and ID tag. We leave this evening for NOLA
  13. We plan to leave the house around 11:45 so will board around noon. We don’t like boarding too early as there isn’t a whole lot to do. I’ve never cruised in September so soon after school starts, so we are wondering how many kids and how full the ship will be. Helene, I will be wearing a red, blue and yellow striped maxi dress if you see me!
  14. I probably need to do that because I am a classic over packer
  15. Yes, I had hair, nails and feet done this week, so that’s done. Had my first dip manicure. Passports are out but not in my purse yet. I started cleaning out the fridge (trash goes out tonight). A cleaning duo is coming tomorrow to do a deep clean of the house so it will be fresh when we get back. I just printed out the cruise documents and dropped off that package at the post office. I have to find one of my dog’s collar. Need to get a bottle of wine and pack socks and shoes.
  16. With my kids so close in age, I used to lay out their luggage in the living room and then say, “go get 7 pair of underwear” and we’d pack it and then I’d say, “go get 7 shirts” etc. well of course one cruise (the Bahamas key west one) but eldest only had the shorts he wore on the ship. Lol the closest pair was in the shop was a 32, so DH used his belt and it was hilarious, but he was able to wear those shorts for like another 5 years as he grew unto them.
  17. Helene, ooh, that looks nice! We are also finally empty nesters as of last year and we 8 are all cruising as adults with no kids!!!! Everyone else has younger kids but they all found babysitters! This is our first cruise with friends, so we are super excited about it. And luckily, (I booked this cruise 1.5 years ago) we are aft aft so hopefully it won’t be too hard or too taxing for me to get around since many things are aft.
  18. Yes, with th flu shot I meant it was a good idea for her since she is going out of the country and I have to remind my 3 in college to get one. It is not too early to get one though. Our pediatrician always gave them in August and my husband’s office gives them in September. I have our passports, I have to drop a return off at the post office, I sent my kids our itinerary..... just found the camera, etc. I’m nearly finished packing, need another swim suit and cover up packed and need to pack shoes. Got the meds packed with extra since it is hurricane season. Helene, we will see you on board! We are cruising with 6 more for my 50th birthday. We already have chef’s table booked. In Cozumel, we bought the $800 passion island package for 12 with the catamaran and a cabana with a butler and private buffet. (We were supposed to have 10 but one couple just dropped out and lost all their money). In progreso, we haven’t booked anything yet. We are looking at mi casa su casa or the other private house with pool on beach excursion. I’m 4 weeks out from meniscus surgery and stem cell injections in knee, and am in 3x a week physical therapy, so I can’t do anything strenuous, though I think I will be able to leave the walker home. I should pack the cane just in case I guess.
  19. I forgot to stop: mail! I have slowly begun to pack. Flu shot is good idea
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