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  1. Thank you for your response. Even though it is not required, we normally always leave extra also but didn't want to leave an amount that was not enough and with the tips that are automatically deducted, by the time they are divided among everyone it really isn't very much.
  2. When you receive excellent service from you cabin steward and the waitstaff in the MDR do you normally leave an extra tip for them at the end of the cruise, and if so, what is a respectable amount?
  3. It makes me sad that this topic could not be discussed without negativity.....🙁
  4. Don't be sorry, it is a great question and one that I had before our January 27th sailing on the Oasis from Miami. On formal night you will see one or two men wearing tux, several wearing suits and sport jackets and the majority, like my husband, wearing docker type pants with either a dress shirt or golf shirts. My husband wore a pullover sweater on one of the formal nights that looked very nice. I wore black pants with a semi-shinny top and on the second formal a top with a few little jewels around the collar. I thought everyone looked nice and we enjoyed getting dressed up a little but not so much that I got any grumbles from my husband. Like everyone says, just wear what you feel comfortable wearing. It's your vacation!
  5. We recently sailed on the Oasis and had selected MTD but failed to set up reservations until closer to sailing time, which was a mistake. The only times available for us were 8:15, which was later than we wanted to eat. So we changed our dining to the early time which was 5:30. We were so glad we made the change because when we left the dining room after eating the line to get into the dining room with MTD was extremely long. I know some say to just walk up and get a table and you shouldn't have a very long wait but that wasn't the case on this sailing. We were thrilled that we didn't have that wait every night. I like the ideal of doing MTD but so does a lot of other people and seems like with everyone doing reservations the wait is longer.
  6. Absolutely! We just got off the Oasis last Sunday and I too worried about the dress code before we left. I will not make that mistake again. Most everyone in the dining room were enjoying themselves and engaged in conversation at their tables and was not the least bit concerned with the way other people were dressed. I suppose you will occasionally experience some people that feel differently about this subject and I kinda feel sorry for them because why would they waste their time while on vacation on what someone is wearing. With that being said, my husband did wear Docker type pants and a dress shirt on the 2 formal night but Jeans would have been fine. And BTW he wore shorts the other nights. No comments or rolling of eyes were observed. 😉
  7. Check out the ones for last weeks Oasis sailing. I am not sure how to include a picture with my post or I would take a picture of it. It does not say anything about breakfast or lunch. The only other point that is mentioned is to remember to keep swimwear for the pool deck only.
  8. No mention in this section for breakfast and lunch. This is the dress code for the evening meal.
  9. Got back on Sunday from our cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. I am the one that started this topic of men wearing shorts in the MDR on non-formal nights. Just wanted to give an update of the topic.....My husband wore shorts in the MDR 4 nights out of the 7 as several did also. He felt very comfortable doing so and no one said anything nor did I see any raised eyebrows. As a matter of fact, in the Cruise Compass, on three nights the suggested dress code stated as follows: Casual dress is the perfect way to enjoy this adventure. Feel free to kick back in jeans, polos, golf or Bermuda shorts, t-shirts, blouses or sundresses Caribbean flair, bright patterns and tropical prints are welcome. Also, want to add that we loved this ship. The employees are great and they helped to insure that our cruise was the most enjoyable one in the 20+ that we have been on.
  10. My retired UPS hubby and I are an exception to this statement. We are 62 and 64 year old "shorts wearing people" 😜
  11. I would like to remind everyone of my original question....Do you see many men wearing shorts in the MDR? It could have easily been a yes or no answer but I have enjoyed your responses. With that being said, I was not trying to get approval from my fellow cruisers if my husband should choose to wear shorts or to share with you a picture of how great they are because that does not matter to me. You pay for your cruise and we pay for ours and I would certainly think that the length of ones pant leg could not possibly take away from that or have any bearing on your cruise. I really don't feel the need to explain the reason for my question, but just to make it clear, if everyone had said, no we hardly ever see shorts in the MDR, then we would have had no problem with that and he would be wearing long pants every night. The fact that they seem to be a common occurrence means that it is an option if he chooses to wear shorts on some nights.
  12. I would like to see Royal Caribbean do what Norwegian is doing with their dining rooms. They have one that they suggest you dress nicer. I don't remember how they identified it but there is another dining room that serves the exact same menu and it is for those who choose to dress down. You can go to which ever one you choose as it is My Time Dining. This to me is a great idea and for the most part everyone is happy.
  13. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I knew from the past times that we have cruised on RCI that everyone had a lot of opinions on this subject. I definitely am aware that most do wear long pants for dinner and that is the normal attire for my husband also, but just wondered that if maybe one night he wanted to wear a nice pair of dress shorts if he would feel out of place. I can assure you that he would look very presentable and respectable plus handsome. Thanks again for your views on this. These boards are a great place to get information.
  14. This sounds good to me. My husband was a UPS driver but has been retired for 6 years and he loved to wear his shorts too! Thank you for your comment.
  15. I know this question has been discussed before a number of times and I apologize for bringing it up again, but here goes. Cruising on the Oasis this month and we haven't cruised on RCI for a few years so was wondering if very many men wear nice shorts in the MDR for dinner?
  16. We always book through a travel agency and their prices that they advertise are for the most part a cheaper category. For example, if it is a balcony it could have an obstructed view or not a prime location on the ship. Normally not a huge difference but can be cheaper.
  17. We sail on January 26 and I have completed the online check-in, which included adding a credit card for onboard expenses. I would like to change to another credit card and wondered if it would create any issues if I just edited that section and entered a different card.
  18. We chose to do My Time Dining on our cruise on the Oasis on January 26th. We have found out that most make reservations in advance. I liked the idea of not being locked in to a specific time for dinner mainly because our plans would change from day to day and may not be hungry at the time we had made a reservation. With that being said, we did try to make reservations for some nights and have found that no times are available until 8:15, which is later than we like to eat. So, for those who don't make reservations and just show up, is there normally a long wait?
  19. We used to put a few bottles of water in our luggage that is checked. So, this is not allowed any longer?
  20. Has anyone tried El Loco Fresh on the Oasis? Hoping it is good....
  21. What would be the best source to get information on internet packages available on the Oasis? I am mainly interested in having the ability to text message with family at home. Also, if you use the Royal app on board are there charges?
  22. Thank you for the information. I love having coffee and a Danish on the balcony in the mornings.
  23. I did not know that. I thought there was a charge for any room service. I would certainly offer a tip but do they charge a gratuity for it?
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