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  1. Our airline changed our flight times. It was 4 pm so that I wouldn't feel rushed!! lol ......Now what is Clear? How can you do a TSA pre-check? We don't fly a lot.....usually drive! Thanks for everyone's info! And luck, would have it, ship comes back on a Friday.....not the weekend!
  2. We are arriving back after cruise on the Ovation. Need to get to airport by 10:30 am. What time do you recommend getting off ship? Are there taxis readily available? How long, time-wise, is the trip? Suggestions for a private transportation company? There are 5 of us plus luggage. Thanks for all info!
  3. I have stayed a few room down the hall from you. 9145. We loved the overhang of the balcony because we could sit out there in a rain storm and not get wet. Also provided some shade from hot Caribbean sun. Didn't notice any noise from above and we were worried as this was a guarantee style room. We love it .
  4. Clearly every time you flush at home, you will experience PTSD....... ask for a cute therapy puppy to take onboard next time you cruise.........(clearly tongue in cheek, people. I know there are lots of Real Cases out there!)
  5. This is not really an issue as most TA's let you adjust the pricing if Celebrity lowers the price and you request lower fare. Her commission can easily vary in one year's time if you keep an eye out on a better sale/fare advertised.
  6. The quickest memories to come to my mind has to be Quebec City, Any time of the day! The chateau is fabulous to see all lit up. Fall colored maple trees against the clear blue sky in Canada is awesome! I also never get tired of leaving St. Thomas at night. Another beautiful sight.
  7. My prices for next May to Alaska on the WOW sale is actually now higher! Keep the onboard credit, I like the lower price!!
  8. we used a company called At Your Service Taxi. We had a great 4 hour tour all over Acadia park area. Then we had plenty of time to walk around Bar Harbor before ship sailed. If your ship goes to Portland Maine, I'd suggest a lobster roll there instead of Bar Harbor. Much better and cheaper too!
  9. The ferry for this excursion docks right near the cruise ship. A short walk to end of pier and you board the ferry which will speed you over to Playa del Carmen. From that pier, it's a short walk through shopping/port area to board the bus to take you to Xcaret. There will be a guide at entrance to the park who will explain all about the park but just pick up a map at entrance and read the signs posted for where you want to go. Just keep an eye on the time because you will meet at the entrance again for the bus ride back to pier. Look at the website to Xcaret and decide in advance the sights you want to see. Must do is the river ride....
  10. Have done this excursion 4 times since 1999. Our family thinks it is fantastic. It improves every time we go there. You are on your own once you arrive at Xcaret. There are a lot of things to do and not enough time so decide before you go what you want to see. A must do is the river- a gently floating "river" that takes you in and out of cave (not as scary as that sounds) from one area of the park to another. They will transport your personal things in a locked bag and when you get out of the river, you will collect your bag. They have a jaguar island, bat area, butterfly area and recreations of mayan ruins. It is right on the ocean so there is a beach area there also. Don't forget the turtle, manatee and shark exhibit areas too. The park is clean, well staffed and lots of fun. The only draw back is there is a ferry ride over and then a 15 minutes bus trip to the park which takes up part of your day. You will have on a life jacket in the gently moving river and it's easy for even little children to do this!
  11. When we came back from our first cruise in 1998, we decided our children had to experience this type of vacation. We bought 3 white sand dollar Xmas ornaments and wrote 1999 on each one. They each opened their ornament box on Xmas and their expressions were "what the heck?!! Then you should have seen the joy when we said we are all cruising together in June! We have been bitten by the cruise bug and so has our 3 children who are now in their 30's!!
  12. In Portland Me, we walked up the hill to the Eastern Cemetery for a guided tour. They showed us the different style of stones, designs and dates. Very interesting tour for $5 per person. Money goes for the headstone restorations they are doing since this is a late 1600's cemetery! In Bar Harbor, we used a private tour company called, At Your Service Taxi. Fantastic tour in a minivan. We did the 4 hour tour and had MJ as our guide. Would definitely do and use them again. MJ pointed out so much more than a tour I did on Olli's Trolley. We had people from our roll call join us so that made it great to meet new friends also! In Halifax, the citadel is very interesting and historic. Make sure you are there at noon if possible to see the cannon fire. Cool tradition! We walked down the hill from the citadel along the wharf for nice sight seeing. It's a great cruise; any line you use!
  13. 1. no problem ordering a minute later after explaining I wanted a wine to take to show. 2. Only soft serve and best I remember machine was located near pool and wipeout cafe. 3. Crepes with blueberry filling was often available for breakfast in Windjammer 4.Check out Compass for murder mystery and the Speak Easy. Yes, there is additional charge for each. On Oasis class ships, not sure of other classes 5. Recommended to reserve show and you can only do this once. Catching missed part of show will require you to stand in line and hope to get in.
  14. Carol, A big shout out to you for your advice in selecting this hotel and information on using PATH!! Thanks so much for being there for everyone on these boards! Planning for this trip was much easier because of you!
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