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  1. smarks


    Thank you for that information. I did add onboard credit, but I have no problem with a credit card. Just leaves me more to spend on the ship. Thanks again. Sandra Thanks for the information. I missed Paris last year. I would feel much better if I could just get it set up ahead of time this year. I think this one could sell out.
  2. smarks


    Thank you newjoisey for the information. I sure hope I can book my excursion before boarding. I'm afraid it will be all booked up if I don't. I will keep trying. We still have about 3 1/2 months. Sandra
  3. smarks


    Thank you for the reply. I will keep trying. Every time I log in I'm told I will have to book excursions when I board. I was hoping that maybe it was to early. Thanks again. I feel better.
  4. smarks


    Hi fellow cruisers, could someone tell me if when cruising with Cunard you have to wait to book your excursions after boarding the ship or does Cunard put the excursions on their web page before the cruise? We board May 21. Thanks for all replies. Sandra
  5. Thank you for that information. Much appreciated.
  6. Could someone please tell me if the doors still open looking out at the life boats? I know they used to but heard rumors they have the welded shut now. Thank you in advance. Sandra
  7. Does anyone have any information on cost of a taxi from Amtrak Penn Station to Manhattan Cruise Terminal? Is there a bus? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  8. We will be arriving on the Crown Princess on April 25, 2019. We arrive at 12:00 noon and depart at 8:00 PM Could someone please recommend a tour company. Will we have time to do some of the tours? First time crossing the pond so feeling my way around. Thanks for any help and suggestions you can offer.
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