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  1. Just wondering how anyone could be "totally fine with" not having the ability to travel to another country and not have the ability to gain entry to said country? Personally, I would not be fine with that, even if I never had plans to go to that country. I'm thankful that I'm fully vaccinated and will not ever be faced with not having the ability to do what ever in life I may want to do such as travel. I'm also thankful I'm not fearful of the vaccines. I think that would be mentally "crippling" if I were fearful of something that can give us all our normal lives back. I want to cru
  2. NOT TRUE and that is not what Dr. Fauci has said. Masks are more effective for SOURCE CONTROL and less effective for protection. Please do not perpetuate inaccurate information.
  3. They just may gain customers who feel safer cruising with 100% vaccinated crew and passengers. That will be a bonus for them for new customers to experience their product.
  4. Funny you mention medication side effects. Most medications list side effects such as these. Nothing new. If you looked at the side effects for the top medications used here in the US, most of us would be 6 feet under if we were afraid to take the medications because of the side effects.
  5. No need to take off a couple of years from cruising. It appears that RCCL is allowing un-vaccinated kids with negative Covid tests. Life isn't as bad as you make it out to be.
  6. NCL wants to protect their return to operating again and their hard vaccination stance stands to protect ALL OF WHOM ARE ABOARD. Why not err on the side of protection and try like hell to eliminate any positive Covid tests (even though they may be false positives)? PCR tests are just not accurate enough. And......for those tests to be done 72 hours prior to embarkation is just not good enough. Those tests are "point in time" and the person who tests negative could very easily contract the virus en-route to the port. Too many false negatives and false positives, IMHO. Unfortunately,
  7. I know.....We don't usually book the haven but did have one opportunity to do it with a very nice incentive. I was extremely disappointed in the fact that there were screaming kids running about and their parents did nothing to quiet them down. This was the HAVEN for crying out loud. That experience only enforced for me that the price of the haven is not worth it only to have to deal with screaming kids in the courtyard.
  8. You have to understand that vaccinating children is not only about preventing deaths of children but preventing children from spreading the virus to others thus, perpetuating this damn pandemic.
  9. I looked it up and Heymarco is ALMOST correct in claiming ZERO percent deaths from Covid in children............. ALMOST ZERO percent for Covid deaths of children
  10. Please provide a link to that stat you keep posting of "0.0%" of covid deaths" of children. There have been children die of Covid so how do you get a zero percent stat?
  11. It is just a temporary ban for kids, if you will. Once there is a vaccine for kids, they will be welcomed with open arms but only if they are, in fact, vaccinated.
  12. Let me add one more very important word to that phrase...... SAFE herd immunity - which can be achieved with mass vaccination efforts.
  13. Will Pfizer be submitting for "approval" or emergency authorization?
  14. But why send out an email that states, "Kids sail free"? Personally, I didn't receive this email; just parroting what another poster posted a couple of posts ago.
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