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  1. Are these off site parking lots covered? We prefer covered parking.
  2. I had the Irish Cream on Mariner. It is very good but not quite as creamy (thick) as Bailey's. Still delicious.
  3. Caps were never allowed at our dining table in our home when I was growing up. Caps should never be allowed at any dining table. There......I said it again and it is not amusing.
  4. Much like the specialty restaurants.
  5. Honestly, shorts are extremely common these days in the dining room. If everyone was embarrassed by wearing shorts, I would imagine most of the dining room patrons would be embarrassed. Just off Mariner OTS and one of the men wore a baseball cap backwards at our hibachi table in Izumi. I was not thrilled with that at all. Caps of any sort have no business at any dining table. I find that much more offensive than men wearing dress shorts in the dining room.
  6. Yikes! If I would have read about your experience before I rode the Abyss, I would not have done it. I'm so sorry you were injured.
  7. Yes, the Oasis pool is complementary.
  8. The cabanas are behind all the loungers so it is not so easy to see the pool from the cabanas. We did not book a cabana but I'm glad we didn't. I loved lounging in the in pool lounger. As for noise.....the cabanas are close enough to the swim up bar which has music which is loud. We sat directly opposite the swim up bar so the music was quite loud. I would imagine the cabanas would not be subjected to such loud music as they are further away from the bar.The other end of the Oasis pool is subjected to the music but it it not nearly as loud there as it was where we sat.
  9. As for the "goodies" which are sent to the cabin, I don't recall ever "setting up" with C&A what we would like delivered. Hubby doesn't remember either but that doesn't mean we didn't set it up. We always receive either cheese, crackers and grapes, cookies or chocolate covered strawberries. These "goodies" are not listed on the letter I mentioned in my previous post. It is always a welcome touch although there have been times we just could not take one bite of the delivered plate. We always have several bottles of water waiting for us when we arrive.
  10. We have always received, in writing, what we are entitled to as Diamond members and also as Diamond Plus members. The letter should be waiting in your cabin when you arrive. We have never had a problem receiving C&A benefits.
  11. Which is the beach that has the multi colored umbrellas?
  12. I have never been to a land based resort so I really have no way to compare any of those pools to the Oasis Lagoon on Coco Cay. With that said, I was BLOWN AWAY by the Oasis Lagoon. It is the most beautiful and innovative creation I have ever seen. I love the zero entry at one end of the pool which makes it feel as though you are entering the water in a beach setting. I've seen a pool with the same type of entry but not nearly as large as the Oasis Lagoon. The three islands of palm trees and lush landscape in the pool is absolutely glorious. The sheer size of the pool is breathtaking. Then there are the music speakers so you can listen to music when underwater. The swim up bar and huge Tiki Hut is another feature that is just perfect. I've seen swim up bars in photos and have experienced them on a couple of cruise ships but this swim up bar is just gorgeous. We had the most delicious Pina Colada there and I enjoyed it more probably because I was so comfortable with my lower half in the gorgeous fresh water. The in the water loungers is another feature of this Oasis that really was a perfect way to spend the day. So much thought went into the creation and layout of this pool, I have Royal Caribbean to thank for making our Day at Cocoa Cay the most perfect day I could have imagined. The weather cooperated and made for a wonderful day for everyone on the May 27th voyage of the Mariner OTS.
  13. I have a collection of tote bags from a few years ago. Each bag has the name of the ship we were on when we received the gift. We also used to get Diamond Plus pins and we have a collection of those also.
  14. Thank you for your replies. Not what I was hoping for.
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