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  1. Another really great "Fountains" was with Matt Baker. He is the guy who plays a mean harmonica and does a great Austin Powers.
  2. This is regarding test for antibodies. What this is saying is that a positive test for antibodies could mean you have antibodies for a common cold? These tests can not determine the difference between Covid-19 or the common cold? Oh, my goodness!
  3. It has been several years now, but there was a big push to NOT sneeze or cough into your hands. Sneeze or cough into your elbow. In fact, that is what the experts are telling us now even though this is not new information. It makes sense. Think about it. Who opens a car door with their elbow? That is just one example.
  4. From Wikipedia............. Cow tipping is the purported activity of sneaking up on any unsuspecting or sleeping upright cow and pushing it over for entertainment. The practice of cow tipping is generally considered an urban legend,[1] and stories of such feats viewed as tall tales.[2] The implication that rural citizens seek such entertainment due to lack of alternatives is viewed as a stereotype.[3][4] The concept of cow tipping apparently developed in the 1970s, though tales of animals that cannot rise if they fall has historical antecedents dating to the Roman Empire.
  5. I would imagine if you sweat your ass off, your internal body temperature should be very close to normal.
  6. Agree. Testing does not have the restrictions that were in place back in March. Many more tests being done are going to reveal many more infected people. More asymptomatic cases which do not require hospitalization and therefore are not adding to the death toll. This is a good thing. The mortality rate is actually not nearly as high as originally thought. I'm not concerned at all anymore when more positive cases are reported just as long as the death toll does not substantially increase as well. In fact, I'm glad to hear there will be more people circulating in the population with some sort of immunity to this virus.
  7. I would feel much better if food handlers were trained in gloves protocol like health care workers. Wearing contaminated gloves is worse because the wearer does not think of the gloves as being contaminated when they actually are. Washing hands is more sanitary. Health care professionals, change gloves every single time they come in contact with a new patient. The gloves protect the wearer but the amount of times changing gloves is pretty much constant. And.....when the gloves come off, the hands must be washed......every single time. I would only hope food preparers are trained like health care professionals. The general public is not.
  8. This is not about the subject matter but...........your avatar is extremely cute but very annoying.
  9. You said you would gamble where ever smoking was allowed. So, I would guess you would quit gambling if all casinos in the entire world were non smoking. Right?
  10. That isn't how it works. Wearing gloves is not any more sanitary than your own skin. All it takes is for someone to sneeze or cough into their gloved hand and now all those germs are on the gloves. Gloves are best used by health care professionals, not the general public.
  11. I quit smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 35 years and did it cold turkey. The reason I quit? I was tired of having to go somewhere else to smoke a cigarette and what you said (in bold text) is the reason I quit. No more addiction and I'm a happy camper now since 2005.
  12. That is not the message the smokers would be getting. The message is you can come in but you can not smoke.
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