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  1. I guess that means no more lobster rolls by Zakarian. That is what i was looking forward to. Zakarian's lobster rolls are the best I have ever had.
  2. Looking at the deck plans for Breakaway, I see Ocean Blue is on the deck plan. Is there still a walk up window on the waterfront for Ocean Blue? I recall having the most delicious lobster roll, a Geoffrey Zakarian treat for the taste buds, that I will never forget.
  3. Does Encore have an adult only space in another location? What about other ships with pay laser tag? Do they have adult only spaces?
  4. Don't understand. Encore is not set to go into service until November 2019.
  5. This is sort of an oxymoron. Epic is one of my favorite ships and that includes two lines: NCL and Royal Caribbean.
  6. Were the two passengers who were hit injured badly? Scary situation.
  7. I get the impression the OP was not happy that folks were getting ahead of him when he was waiting at the entree station. I certainly understand going to the station you are interested in, but not to jump ahead of someone already waiting at said station to be served by the crew. That is one thing that is different on HAL.....not all the stations are self serve yet some are. I would prefer to serve myself at all stations.
  8. On my Amsterdam cruise, the main stage had a show with concert pianist, Juan Pablo. I was blown away listening to a concert pianist. It was absolutely thrilling hearing"Rhapsody in Blue". Just stunning!!!
  9. I think "repositioning cruise" is incorrect. What is was was 34 day cruise for more than half of the passengers. It was a six night cruise for the rest of the passengers. The 34 day passengers went on to other ports in South and Central America.
  10. Just off Amsterdam repositioning cruise, six night. Our cruise director was all business all of the time with one small exception. One evening, he alluded to a bit of a joke and received laughs from the audience. That was so out of character for him but I enjoyed the chuckle. Amsterdam also had one production show with a four piece band, four singers and six dancers. After reading on this forum that HAL no longer has production shows, this was a very pleasant surprise and I enjoyed the show very much.
  11. You're welcome for the link. At least I know not to expect much on our HAL Amsterdam cruise coming up so I won't be terribly disappointed.
  12. Take a look at the Royal Caribbean Cast of "Hairspray" on the Tony Awards....... Royal Caribbean's Cast of Hairspray on the Tony Awards
  13. Hi Aquahound.....great to see you are still around here. You usually are on the Royal forum, right? You are correct about "Hairspray" on a Royal Oasis class ship. I can picture the comedy club like it was yesterday and that is where the two main cast members had an intimate show which was phenomenal.
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