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  1. Here is the video that accompanied the article. It is on YouTube, not behind the paywall:
  2. Of course it matters. You would have the antibodies for immunity if you had it before and would not have to worry about infection and you could do some good by donating antibodies.
  3. Cruise industry giants currently have plans in the works to repatriate some crew members. A number of Norwegian Cruise Line ships will converge on the company's private Bahamanian island, Great Stirrup Cay, tomorrow. A crew member onboard the Norwegian Epic told Business Insider that a plan to potentially consolidate crew on fewer ships may be under way, with the goal of facilitating crew repatriation. Meanwhile, Carnival Cruise Line has sent the Carnival Panorama to Asia to drop off certain crew members. A Carnival spokesperson told Business In
  4. This is why they are leaving: https://www.businessinsider.com/norwegian-carnival-fleets-move-after-the-cdc-blocks-crew-members-2020-4
  5. We were on a cruise in December in a suite (this ship had no haven and I won't name the ship as to not out the concierge) but I asked the concierge about the platinum perk. He said that they may call for the reservation if asked, if they have time, but they will not get you into a restaurant if it is booked at a time you want like they would for a suite.
  6. I just got this in my email. We are bummed. We were going to sail late August: IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION CANCELLATION Reservation: xxxxxx Date: 02/07/2020 Dear Valued Guests and Travel Partners: On behalf of Norwegian Cruise Line, thank you very much for your loyalty and for making us your vacation of choice. Due to growing concerns regarding Coronavirus in Asia, a
  7. We got off the Dawn a few weeks ago. In the beginning of the cruise there was a long wait to get into Bamboo. Not too long after, there was no wait and empty tables. The reason, the food was not good. We asked the server about why it seems unpopular and she said there are a lot of complaints. Hopefully they turn that restaurant around.
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