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  1. Thank you for the heads up about this. Against my better judgment - because they've changed our flight times drastically in the past - I booked Delta to FLL for our December cruise. A few weeks ago, they changed our flights such that one leg was completely unacceptable to us, but I couldn't change it online without a change fee (despite the promise in the change email that there would be no fee). So I had to call; ended up taking more than 9 hours to do it on the phone. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes, I accepted the call-back feature the recorded message kept recommending, which promised
  2. Thank you, once again, for sharing this helpful information. That's sort what I figured. I emailed the Celebrity travel consultant we used to book the cruise, but haven't heard back yet. Will try calling her today. I'm not concerned either way but, as I mentioned, we now have some OBC to use and, if the timing is as convenient as your experience, there seems no reason not to use it on transfers.
  3. Thank you for this information, as well. I actually tried to book Celebrity transfers yesterday, but it would only provide me a 7:00 pm pick-up time at the airport on arrival day (we arrive at 12:30 pm) and an 11:00 am pick-up time at the ship, when our plan departs at 1:30 pm and we'd like to be to the airport a bit sooner than the transfer would permit. So, do think it will be taxis for us. Honestly, we were trying to use up some OBC from our cancelled St. Kitts excursion, but I guess we'll just have to find some other way to spend those $. 😉
  4. Wondering if anyone has any recent experience flying out of SXM on JetBlue and whether being in "Mint" affords any advantage where lines and check-in is concerned (bonus if it's the SXM-BOS flight). 🙂 Thanks for any info anyone may have.
  5. Hi Chuck, I really appreciate your post, and am happy to hear about your positive experience. We board the Summit on August 21st and are SO looking forward to it (after having 4 cruises cancelled this past year+). I also saw your post about arrival at the airport for your return flight (unfortunately, ours isn't until 1:45, so expect to be in the chaos). But, I was wondering if you could provide any information on the transfer from the airport to the ship upon arrival. Mostly, wondering how long you had to wait for the bus/shuttle to leave for the ship, and if you had any thoughts on how taxi
  6. For anyone who's interested, I heard back from Celebrity. They said they have no information about St. Kitts being cancelled as a port of call, but that this particular tour operator had some issue that caused them to cancel this excursion, though she did not have details (maybe it's the same operator whose boat died the last time we tried to take an excursion to Nevis 😉). She said all other excursions on St. Kitts are still showing as available. Fingers crossed.
  7. We board in 35 days. Looking forward to following your adventures and experiences. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a great cruise!
  8. Following this with interest, as we're booked on the Summit August 21 sailing. We just received notice that the excursion we booked on St. Kitts - to Nevis - was cancelled for "operational reasons". I've written to Celebrity to ask if they can tell us whether it's just our excursion that is being cancelled or if the port is being cancelled/changed altogether (though it still appears on our itinerary on the website). Will let you all know what I find out, if anything.
  9. We're scheduled to board the Star on 3/28 for the Mex Riv/Sea of Cortez cruise. We have been SO looking forward to this cruise for well over a year for a whole host of reasons. But, I have to confess we're conflicted. I am not so worried about getting the virus, per se; but I have to confess I am a little concerned that ports will be closed to us; and more concerned that the virus will be detected and we'll be stuck in quarantine for 2 weeks afterward. That would be extremely problematic for us for many, many reasons. We're holding on for now, but .... 🤞🤞🤞
  10. We have a cruise on the Star at the end of this month, and I am very much looking forward to it. She's one of our very favorite designs. We understand she may be a little dated but, as much as I love the shiny new decor on the newer ships, I'm also a little nostalgic for those older aesthetica (seafoam green, anyone?) 😉 And any ship will need a bit of sprucing up here and there (which we understand she will be getting right after our cruise, in mid-April). Personally, I wouldn't worry and just enjoy. 👍
  11. We're booked on the Star the end of this month, and we are also not considering cancelling unless Princess does. We have discussed that we plan to be extra vigilent about cleanliness, as we have been on cruises when we've known Norovirus was prevelant, but do not plan to let it interfere with our vacation plans otherwise. Not to say we aren't "vigilent" normally - we are - but, just want to be extra conscious of taking steps to reduce exposure: always washing hands, using hand sanitizer, not touching elevator buttons or hand rails unless necessary, not shaking hands, avoid touchin
  12. I love CC, but I am once again left wondering whether there is any topic at all that will not devolve into stark polarization on these boards. Use a TA, don't use a TA. Whatever best satisfies your needs. It looks like lots of information has been presented here to help make a choice.
  13. I've done my best to answer your question, but I'm clearly not explaining in a way that is working for you. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I was simply responding to the OP's question and relating my own experiences, which have apparently been almost the exact opposite of yours. Fine. Our experiences inform our actions and preferences. I've had a Princess consultant who DOES reach out to us to help us take advantage of price drops, and I've never saved enough money using a TA to make the difficulties I've encountered worth it ... for me. As I said above, I fully understand tha
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