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  1. Ship name is now changed to SS Sphinx. We just booked for Feb 2020. Still waiting for information on pre-post cruise extensions. So excited.
  2. Cruisepucks

    8 ships in PEV-best times to arrive at port

    Thanks for all of the responses. We entered the port via the I595 entrance at about 10:15. There was a short line of maybe 10 cars in front of us. We had no problem finding a parking spot and there were still a few disembarking passengers vacating their spots. A very smooth embarkation day.
  3. Cruisepucks

    8 ships in PEV-best times to arrive at port

    Thanks capriccio That's reassuring about the parking lots. As of now, the port authority has us scheduled for terminal 19 and we are familiar with the lot that serves it. Do you think entering the port area via I 595 is the best way to go? That is the route we are familiar with. I see from the port map that there are other entry points that we could use instead.
  4. Cruisepucks

    8 ships in PEV-best times to arrive at port

    Thanks for the responses. We are travelling from 4 hours north, so we'll arrive after the disembarking passengers have cleared the garages. Just don't want to get there too late and find the garages are full!
  5. Hope those more familiar with PEV can give suggestions. We embark on a day that there are 8 ships in port and will be driving and parking at the port. We have previously sailed on days when only a few ships were in port. Any suggestions as to a better time to arrive to avoid excessively long waits particularly at the port gate? We've only used the gate at I 595. Would an alternate entry be a better option? Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Cruisepucks

    Koningsdam Vista Suite

    We have stayed in a Vista suite on the Kdam and as others have said it is only slightly larger than a verandah stateroom. It would be awfully tight for 4. canadianbear Our clothes line was long enough to hook up and we had no trouble with items drying in shower area. I think we may have propped open the shower door a bit with a face cloth to facilitate air circulation. I may have also pinned some items to the lounge chairs on the verandah.
  7. We were onboard the Zuiderdam and in a Canadian port on the day cannabis became legal in Canada. There was a very large poster displayed as you approached the gangway to exit the ship outlining the lines policy on drugs on board. It included a picture of a marijuana leaf. It was perfectly clear to all, no matter the language spoken by the passenger, that bringing cannabis products on board was prohibited.
  8. Cruisepucks

    MDR lunch hours on embarkation day?

    Thanks for the all the answers.We'll aim to arrive before 1 just in case they close the doors early.
  9. Good day, This isn't a critical question, but if anyone has the information, we'd appreciate it. We're boarding the Zuiderdam in a few days and prefer to have lunch in the MDR after we get on. If anyone knows the times the MDR is open for lunch on embarkation days, would you pass it along, please? Thanks and have a good weekend. And happy Canadian Thanksgiving to the Canucks. Cheers! Cruisepucks:cool:
  10. Cruisepucks

    NOT QUITE LIVE! — MS Zuiderdam — NYC to QC

    MissG We have loved your reports and wonderful photos. We embark the Zuiderdam on Oct 13 and you have provided much information. Thank you. Yesterday DH and I were trying to determine if we could walk to the ship from our hotel based on your photos of QC. Today's post confirmed that we can. We are staying at Le Priori too!
  11. Cruisepucks

    NOT QUITE LIVE! — MS Zuiderdam — NYC to QC

    We will be in Bar Harbor in October on the Zuiderdam as she repositions to Fort Lauderdale. Miss G Do you recall the name of the restaurant where you had lunch in Bar Harbour. Beautiful view.
  12. Cruisepucks

    Advantages to prepurchasing a Beverage Card

    Question We have been "gifted" several beverage cards. I assume they can be used to purchase a wine package as I believe we did this in the past. My question We have a mariner discount on wine packages. Will this be applied on the beverage card or will we lose the mariner discount if we use the beverage cards to purchase a wine package? Thanks for any input.
  13. Greetings, We had booked a cruise on board a HAL ship a few months ago and have just made final payment. The day after final payment, the price dropped by almost $400 per pax. This hasn't happened to us on HAL for a while. In the past, (when priced dropped after final) we have been given OBC's, and more recently, a credit for a future cruise, but that was a couple years ago. Can anyone tell us what the HAL current practice is for providing any compensation for price drops after final payment? These drops really discourage folks from booking ahead and I'm sure the cruise line would rather keep people booking months ahead, but given the downturn in the cruise industry as recently reported, they should be doing something to take care of their returning passengers when the price drops after final. Thanks for any recent information anyone can provide on HAL's current practices. Cheers Cruisepucks:cool:
  14. Cruisepucks

    Self disembarkation on Holland?

    We have done self disembarkation twice in FLL. First time, 2 years ago was from the Zuiderdam-easy peasy and out of the port by 0745 hr. Last fall from the Koningsdam there was a very long line up of self disembarking passengers which formed early in the am before the ship was cleared by customs. Although we were near the end of the line, we disembarked and cleared customs by 8:30 so you should have plenty of time to catch your flight. Just be sure to head to the disembarkation area long before they announce self disembarkation begins. Passengers start lining up early in the morning.
  15. Cruisepucks

    Afternoon Tea on the Maasdam?

    Thanks for the information on the Maasdam tea, E. To KK, on the Koningsdam, I don't recall any 'special' tea events. (I may have missed them if they took place.) However, the Queen's Lounge on the Koningsdam is arranged very well for afternoon tea and the staff do a very good job serving and keeping everyone happy. I would recommend it. We've been to teas in the dining room and they're fine, but the lounge seems to be a more comfortable and more appropriate location for a traditional afternoon tea. Check it out if you're on the K'dam. Cheers! CP