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  1. As @kazusaid, most 70 plus in Ontario are well over 4 weeks since their first vaccine. Vaccines for 80+ started mid March and 70+ in late March (92 yr old DM March 13, 70 something DH March 30) making their second doses due in July. While Ontario has announced that the provincial booking site will open Monday for second doses for 80+, half of the 34 public health units in Ontario do not use the provincial booking system. They have their own booking systems and not all of them will be opening bookings for second doses on Monday. It depends on the supply and appointment availability in th
  2. @vlynn I would not risk a guarantee on the Rotterdam or any Pinnacle class ships if you are at all concerned about loud noises. If you were assigned any stateroom above or below the rolling stone venue or the BB kings club there would be a lot of noise and vibration when the bands are playing in the evening. The sound and vibrations travel up several floors. The BB king venue is 2 stories so includes both deck 2 and 3. We've stayed on deck 4 starboard side and although we were over the casino could still feel the Rolling stones -not enough to bother us but noticeable. Those on de
  3. Good evening, Leorol, You wrote and asked: "I was wondering how to get from Livorno to Florence with our luggage. which will consist of a big suitcase for my husband and I ? What would you suggest we do ?" We have been to Italy and other European countries quite a few times and have had to negotiate various forms of travel with our luggage. If I read your posted note correctly, you and your DH will be sharing one large suitcase. If that is indeed the case, I would suggest that you try to alter this luggage arrangement so that you are using smaller carry-on
  4. Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Our Easter Blessing this year was Pfizer vaccines. DH had his first dose on Tuesday. My age group became eligible for booking appointments on Wednesday and I received my first dose yesterday. The process was very efficient. Both of us were in and out in 20 minutes including the 15 minute wait post injection. We'll be having baked ham for our Easter dinner. Like others, it will be just DH and I as Ontario is currently in lockdown. Technically, DS could join us as he lives alone and is allowed to visit one other household but with our numbers risi
  5. We have sailed in an obstructed verandah on the Koningsdam, a sister ship to the Rotterdam. We were on the starboard side forward, I think in stateroom number 4049. Looking towards the horizon, the obstruction was minimal. On the Pinnacle class ships, the lifeboats, which cause the obstruction, are below eye level. If you looked down then your view was obstructed. My understanding is that the obstructed verandahs toward the aft are more obstructed as the lifeboats in that section are larger. I would select the forward obstructed verandahs on a future cruise again. We quite en
  6. Here is the Official HAL Dress Code information: CLOTHING Most evenings smart casual attire is appropriate. Shorts, pool/ beachwear, distressed jeans and men’s tank tops are best left to the daytime and are not permitted in fine dining restaurants. Gala Nights evoke the grand traditions of cruising as guests dress to impress for special events on board, including a multi-course gourmet dinner in the Dining Room. On Gala Nights in fine dining restaurants, collared shirts and slacks are required for gentlemen. For ladies, elegant dresses, skirts, or slacks are all acceptable. Jeans,
  7. This is mostly for your DH and his clothing selection. We were on HAL last in the fall of 2019 for 26 days for the final Mediterranean cruise of the season followed by the repositioning trans-Atlantic sailing. The dress code was relaxed when airlines started charging more for checked baggage. People just started packing less and looking for clothing options that had a broader use than just for a couple hours at a couple dinners. I believe we had 4 Gala nights on our most recent HAL cruise, 2 on each segment. A small percentage of men wore tuxes or dinner jackets (<
  8. Last year, we had a very interesting and enjoyable trip to the middle eastern countries of Jordan and Egypt. The trip centred around a week cruising the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan and back while visiting splendid sites every day along the way. In Egypt, we spent a couple days in Cairo both prior to and after the cruise. We began the whole trip with several days in Jordan before flying to Cairo for the Egypt segment. We had good wifi access daily so we were able to post quite a few write-ups and lots of photos. We also added a few more posts after we got home. Here
  9. As I retired nurse, I must salute all nurses. My niece, who has an MN and is a nurse practitioner would certainly meet the criteria explained by @TiogaCruiseras a certified nurse. As it is DH's saint day today, we had a special treat of Zeppole. Zeppole is an Italian pastry filled with cream and cherries and are popular amongst those of Italian decent to celebrate the Feast of St Joseph. Sadly, today is also the 16th anniversary of my dear father's passing. We've never been to Livorno but were scheduled to be there this past October for a family cruise with our 2
  10. @Sharon in AZ Yes the Quebec City to Fll was October.
  11. @Sharon in AZ We have done the Quebec City to FLL cruise. DH has trouble with excess motion. Boston to FLL was no problem. We did hit a storm up near PEI and could not dock. Spent a day trying to find shelter on the west side of Cape Breton Island. Once that system passed, seas were very calm from Halifax to FLL. We have done an aft Vista Suite on the Koningsdam in the very middle of the aft suites. Motion was minimal and we loved it. Would book one of those aft Vista suites in a NY minute.
  12. We had a great time in Madeira on a Koningsdam TA repositioning sailing from Rome to Ft. Lauderdale. Wonderful weather in Funchal. We walked all over. Photos show the market downtown and a little treat on the outdoor patio at the Ritz.
  13. @bennybearGlad to hear you received your first dose today.My 91 yr old DM has an appointment on Saturday for her first dose. DH was not given a middle name at birth but uses his confirmation name as his middle name. My late DF as well as my sister were always called by their middle names. My brothers and I were all called by our first names-go figure. My eldest brother's middle name is my DM's maiden name. I think this might be a British tradition. We have been to Rouen as part of a Seine river cruise. Lovely city. Our photos are similar to those already posted
  14. DH is the 8th generation of baby boys named after their father. DH shares both his first and middle name with his father. When our first DS was born, I thought we'd get some grief from the in laws for not following tradition. However FIL was pleased as his name was DS's middle name and my MIL was happy as she would have preferred to choose her own name for her first born. Like most on the daily, we've never been to Madagascar. We have visited to Anne Frank's home which was such a moving visit. @sailingdutchyThe sign reminds us all of how little we have to sacrif
  15. @Icand1923 We were cruising with Uniworld on the River Tosca and left Cairo on March 4, 2020 arriving back in Toronto on the same date. If you were on the same cruise, isn't it a small world!!
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