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  1. So your giving me $52.00 towards drinks...how about drink packages at $35 for diamond $28 for plus $20 for pins.
  2. anyone have a map of Princess Cay
  3. anyone else feel this is what Royal should do as they are doing in Israel and England with a total Vaccinated crew and clients...
  4. anyone know the room number for the ben and jerry room on allure
  5. well guess we won't be sailing....not going to be wear a mask .....have fun all
  6. thanks for the info.....so it's the same as the solarium on royal
  7. who has access to this area.......
  8. anyone have a link to see who is the concierge on the ships mainly the Freedom
  9. Nice place for time to remember life and hear the ocean at dinner in the Coronado section....
  10. which pier does Freedom dock at???
  11. Here's another update a crew member was found dead Feb. 2nd in St. Lucia......
  12. Let Them build a suite lounge for the suite guest.....why should people who are diamond plus loose out when they have spent well over a hundred thousand to make that mark...they can make it in the chapel on the ships...that way the upper crust will be on the top floor...
  13. not looking for my sailings....but post above gave info I needed....thanks for responses
  14. anyone have info on how to find out who the comedian on board the ship would be.....thanks for any help....
  15. any info on hotel near Boston harbor would be great....also which train station to use
  16. how do you go about renting the loungers????
  17. yes is it worth the price and is the food good
  18. anyone been to Pirates Cove next to the Hilton property....
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