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  1. Thanks for all the great replies. I have checked with the rental co and Princess and the scooter will fit into a standard room. I am going to pack an extension cord just to make sure. I use a scooter everytime we go to a store that has them available so fortunately I am quite capable of handling the scooter. There was also a wealth of info on the disabled board. Again thanks

  2. A few pointers if I may; Go to the Disabled Travel Thread and do some reading, Get a handicapped cabin, If you have not driven a scooter go to Wal Mart or another store with scooters and drive them all over the store to get an idea of how they operate. Contact Special Needs at Sea or Care Vacations for info on renting a scooter for use on the ship. We travel with our own scooter (belongs to DW) but have rented from both companies with no negative comments.


    Hopes this helps a bit.


    Thanks for the quick reply. Didn't think about a disabled travel thread but will definitely check it out. I have rented the scooter through Special Needs at Sea so glad you hear you have used them and have nothing negative to say!

  3. [quote name='mickeyforus']we have an Alaska cruise booked with Princess out of Seattle in september. Truthfully, it has been nothing but a headache ever since we made the full payment, our cabin was changed to an upgrade (which was NOT) flight times changed several times and we had to cancel and book our own etc etc etc
    today i received an email stating when to arrive at the port to begin boarding. whirl i understand this may be great to try to avoid over crowding at certain times. However it flight arrival or hotel check out was definately NOT considered.
    We are looking for a well deserved relaxing vacation, full of fun and natural beauty. We are not looking at sitting in airports for hours and hours or having to sit in some restaurant etc for hours waiting for our time to head over to the port.
    What are your feelings?[/QUOTE]

    Couple of points:
    1) In regards to the upgrade(not)-while the upgrade may not be an upgrade in the eyes of the passenger it is always an upgrade based on location or price
    2) Princess had nothing to do with the altered flight times - that was strictly the airlines. With ez air Princess is just like any other travel agent, they simply book your flight. My problem with ez air is they book based on best price not flight best suited to you.
    3) My final point.......there are thousands and thousands of people who would love to be taking your cabin on the cruise but can't. So pray nothing serious happens on the cruise,suck it up, and enjoy the cruise.
  4. And you know this how? Just go on expedia...You can currently book balcony cabins for July 26 sailings



    I do not think that the smoking policy is the reason some balconies are still available. While you will find an occasional exception the vast majority of their cruises sail with sold out balconies. Now if they would just ban the wearing of cheap perfume on balconies:D

  5. Please be careful where you leave your car if it is Red Hook.


    I have no idea why you would tell someone that. We have parked at the Red Hook terminal quite a few times and have never had any problem nor have I heard of anyone who did. The parking area is gated and patrolled. If you park at the terminal your car will be fine. Brooklyn(Red Hook) is a great terminal to cruise from. So much easier than Manhattan.

  6. My wife and I have done the Canada/New England cruise three times(all in Sept.) and will be doing it again this Sept!! The ports are beautiful and the people are so friendly and helpful. All ports can be done on your own without taking excursions. If you visit Newport on your cruise and are thinking of visiting several of the mansions check out the Newport Historical Society website. Becoming a member can be a great tax deductible investment with some really nice incentives! As someone from the northeast I will tell you that our prime foliage season is up in the air right now. Our weather has been extremely wet with above average temperatures so how it will effect the leaves changing remains to be seen. You should really enjoy this cruise!!

  7. Some of you toss out these "negatives" like any changes that have or are happening on Princess are unique to Princess cruise lines. You can go into the CC threads of any cruise line and find the exact same conversations in all of them.


    The bottom line is the consumer has demanded lower fares so that cruising was not just for the "well to do". They also demanded more to do. Cruising is a business....a business designed to make a profit. To meet these demands and still maintain the profit margin needed changes and cuts have been implimented. This holds true for every service oriented business out there......not just the cruise industry.


    I listen to people complain about smaller portions.....what difference does it make since you can order more than one. I hear people complain that drink prices went up. The prices go up at least once a year in every bar and restaurant in my area as well as yours. People complained about not being able to get a seat for the shows so changes were made. Now they complain that the shows are shorter. Some complain about the autoamtic tip charged to the cabin each day. If the average couple went to a really nice restaurant and ordered all the food they normally order for dinner on the ship the bill would be well over $100.00. In my book thats at least a $20 tip which means everyone elase who waited on me during the day was a bonus.


    I cruise to relax and enjoy....not look for things to complain about. Others seem to go on a cruise to find things to simply complain about.


    To the OP. Go on your Princess cruise and enjoy. Believe me when I say the positives will far outweigh the negatives!!

  8. Far, Far Away.................since in reality 95% of all karaoke "voices" should never leave the confines of their own shower curtains. If their friends were really friends they would tell them the truth.......you simply can't sing! But for the few with nice voices sing on America!!!

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