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  1. Nice review. We go in Jan.. Do you know if they have drink packages or cards once onboard. Dont happen to know the the slot machine number you were playing do you...lol
  2. thanks so much for this.. we are going in Jan. Anyone know if they just delete the whole schedule for the Barbados day?
  3. We just booked Jan 5th. Not in our booking yet either.
  4. Thanks, Makes it interesting... any idea how much that deposit would be while onboard?
  5. Planning on booking our first longer cruise then normal. It is an 11 nigher and of course deposits are higher. $900. Do they do reduced deposits ever as a sale? or just the usual 60% guest, kids free stuff? Thanks
  6. I personally don't think that is enough time in Bermuda really for my liking. Id go the second cruise and then find a cruise next year that might go to Bermuda (even if you switch lines). My favorite island and it has been too long since Ive been there.. Never been to ABC islands and that helps swing me too.
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