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  1. No one knows what is going to happen with this cruise. It has so many problematic elements. It is still showing a stop in Halifax. Canada won’t allow that. It is too long. The CDC won’t allow that. It ends in the UK. What about quarantine there? Many who are on this cruise, or rather were on this cruise, have already canceled. Some are holding out, waiting for Celebrity to cancel it in order to get the 125% FCC. There may be a few passengers who believe that this cruise will happen. It is looking more discouraging every day. If you can book it for a very cheap price, with a completely refund
  2. I am stunned that there would be any hint of Alaska yet this season. There has been absolutely no sign from Canada that they are willing to budge, technical stops violate all kinds of regulatory restrictions on the types of visas that would be required of crewmembers and there’s no sign of those regulations being altered. As mom would say, what are these kids smoking?
  3. And what of Summit August sailings with the supposed visits to Halifax? Silence on those, too?
  4. The tables are, for the most part, not fixed to the floor, and many have fold-down extenders (like a drop-leaf table has) so a four top can become a six top. The point is, the drawings you see are only approximations, they do not represent the real dining room.
  5. Here is a guess, and this is only a guess,regarding inside and Oceanview rooms. It is possible that while Celebrity is restricting bookings to 50% of capacity, that they are allowing crew members who normally would have to share a room to be able to occupy some of the inside an ocean view rooms, which will allow for greater distancing of crewmembers during the transition.
  6. Changing ships and changing embarkation ports means that this is not considered a back to back situation.
  7. That restriction only holds if you are adding the package while booking. Then both of you must upgrade. If you are waiting until you are on the ship to upgrade your package, one person in a state room can do it alone.
  8. Interesting point. When were summit and equinox last in Europe? Or maybe they are not flagged in Malta?
  9. I am going to guess that Nassau’s rules allow B2B while St.Maarten doesn’t but that’s just a guess.
  10. Or an elevator. Or a funicular. Or a ski lift. Or an aircraft. The point is all of them rise toward the heavens. A cruise ship stays at well, sea level, doesn’t it?
  11. I use my points to reduce the cost of the cruise. No juggling of OBC value that way. You might consider that option.
  12. I won’t sail on edge class again either but I am pretty sure the prices will get adjusted once the hype of newness wears off.
  13. There won’t be any 2021 cruises to Hawaii. And I would not expect the 2023 cruises to be posted for many months.
  14. Regarding fitness staff gratuities. I have never done this but I understand that if you hire a personal trainer, a gratuity is added to the price of the service. Regarding purchases made on board to which gratuities will be added outside of the always included” package, I should have listed mini bar purchases and bottles of wine. They are not part of the “always included” gratuities
  15. Also not included are tips for spa services, hairdressers, manicurists, babysitters, & fitness center staff.
  16. Do keep in mind the possibility of single occupancy and triple occupancy. That might obfuscate the situation.
  17. No one knows. All we can do is wait to see what will happen.
  18. I stayed in one very far forward. There was a faint ‘thump thump thump’ from the bass or drums sometimes.
  19. Coming here vs contacting X implies that it’s an either/or situation. In my case it isn’t one vs another,...it’s been both. As well, my travel agent has discussed this with his Celebrity rep.
  20. Why do you assume that we have NOT contacted X about our dismay?
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