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  1. We purchase a Christmas ornament of the ship, my hubby a cap, usually a magnet or a cup. Tee shirts just do not last. We did get very nice jackets on our first cruise, the Victory that are very nice and comfortable. Got our daughter a fleece top on that first cruise that has stayed in good shape after many washes and almost 10 years. Going on Sunshine in April so will have to see what they have.

  2. what a great review, so glad I read it. Going on Sunshine in April, looking forward to it. We are renting a car from Budget, picking it up at MCO on Thursday and returning it in Cocoa Beach before our cruise on Saturday.After reading a few other posts about Budget and their shuttle we had already decided to return the car on Friday night and take the hotel shuttle to the port. Your review made me feel even better about my decision to return on Friday. Glad you had a good cruise. Cindy

  3. Fttf is showing up sometimes for our April 16,2016 Sunshine cruise but it shows the old price and you can not book it. It shows that there are no excursions yet for Port Canaveral. I will keep checking several times a day. Glad I saw about CCL changing posting date from June to July. Thanks for that info. Happy cruising all. Cindy

  4. Thanks for the replies!

    First, let me state I am NOT a fan of the "CCL Cattle Car".

    My flight isn't until 2:00 or so, but I want to get to MCO early enough to have a leisurely lunch before we leave.

    I guess I was thinking the CCL bus would be a better option in the event the ship is late coming into port.

    Maybe I'll recheck my options.....

    Thanks again!;)


    hey Jay, how are you and Jane doing? Are you cruising on the Liberty out of Port Canaveral ? Russ, Harold, Billie and I are sailing on the Sunshine to eastern Carribean in April 2016 out of Port Canaveral . We sailed on the Miracle last April on 16 day Hawaii cruise. We are going to rent a car for before the cruise but would be interested in what you find out for return trip to the airport. We usually take the Carnival bus but would be interested in something different too. This will be our first time out of Port Canaveral . We have loved all of the Florida ports so far. Going back to St Maartin , St Kitts, San Juan and Grand Turk. Where are you guys headed to. Nice to see a post by you again. Cindy

  5. We purchased FTTF for our 16 day Hawaii cruise out of Long Beach, CA in April. We were really excited to have it but it was not a good thing when sailing out of Long Beach. We did not get on the ship until 1:30 , did get to go to our room and up to eat but our luggage did not get to cabin until after 7:30 ! We had reservations at the steakhouse for 6:30 and no luggage before we went. We have always been on the ship by 11:30 and had our luggage by 3:30 on our previous cruises and that was without paying the $50.00 for FTTF. We did use it to tender in Kona but we did not have an excursion so there was no rush. Debarkation in Vancouver was so organized once we got off the ship that we didn't need it.


    We would think twice about purchasing it again. Felt it was a waste of the money for us and guest services were not helpful about it either. But to each his own.

  6. We had a suite and purchased FTTF also as we wanted to be able to go to our cabin and to get our luggage early. We sailed to Hawaii out of Long a Beach and we did not get on the ship until after 1:30, we did get to go directly to our cabin but did not get our luggage until after 7:00 p.m. And we had reservations in the Steakhouse for 6:30 so we wore what we got on the ship in. We were not happy with thus at all. Might of just been the Long Beach port because we have always been on the ship way before noon on every other cruise but they were out of Florida. Just did not see the cost of FTTF being worth it in our case as we had priority boarding with our suite.

  7. We are about a year out from our next cruise. One of the ports has a tour that has to be booked through Carnival and Carnival does offer the tour. When I go to "My Cruise Manager" the tour isn't available yet. Does anyone have any knowledge of when all the tours are released for booking?


    Carnival has to sign contracts with each tour operator for each cruise so sometimes it takes awhile for them to be available for booking. For example, we are booked for a cruise in April 2014 and they so far last month released 40 some excursions that we can book but for a few ports there are only 2 released so far and they are not the most popular excursions either. Have a great cruise.

  8. The Maya hotel Is where we stayed you can find the coupon code on these boards it gives you half off loved it or the Queen Mary offers A Carnival rate as well


    We are booked at the Queen Mary for 2 nights before our April 2014 16 day Hawaii cruise and had not heard of a Carnival rate. Does anyone know if there is a code to use or do you just tell them that you are going on a Carnival cruise? We got a AARP rate which brings the rate down to $159.00 the first night and $179.00 the second night plus all the add on charges for wifi and self guided tour. And the Toyota Gran Prix is the weekend we cruise so was glad to get a room. Any info about a Carnival rate would be appreciated. Thanks

  9. I'm hoping somebody can help me and figured this was thread was ideal. I'm looking at a Vista Suite on the Legend for Jan/Feb 2014.


    Can someone please confirm/deny these items:


    1. Looking at the deck plans, the Vista Suite cabins on Main Deck (deck 4) look somewhat larger than the others above.


    2. Somebody said the Visa Suite balconies on this deck are not as open to the decks above (i.e. covered balcony, or partially covered).


    Also, I'm using various websites for looking at cabin photos, but I'm confused about the actual layout. Does anybody know where I can find one?


    Thanks for your help!


    If you want to see plenty of pics of a vista suite on a spirit class ship then just go to our roll call for next April. Go to carnival roll calls, Miracle roll calls, Miracle to Hawaii April 12, 2014 16 day roll cal and then to page 7 and the second post from G8rCruiser has a link in it with pictures of I think cabin 4237 on maybe the Legend. Really shows what you will have and there are a couple of pics at the end of a vista suite on a higher deck with no overhang. Hope this helps, it sure did for us, Judy made us more excited to cruise. Aloha, Cindy

  10. Thank you. Now I need to convince dh that's it's worth it.:p

    We are booked in a vista suite on the Miracle for our April 2014 Hawaii cruise and we have seen pictures of the suite and it is separate rooms and with our cabin being on deck 4 we have an overhang over our balcony. The decks above do not so we can still use the balcony even in the rain. the upper decks leave you open to the elements. Just something to consider if you are thinking of booking a vista suite. Happy cruising to you. Cindy

  11. I received an email showing the correct onboard credit. When I check manage my account it is a lesser amount. I was told by carnival they show the correct amount on my records and the email is proof. But I like all my information to be correct.


    Has anyone ever had this problem?


    We had the same problem when we cruised in 2012. We booked early saver and had several price drops and the amount of onboard credit we had never showed up right on the Manage My Cruise tab. I took all my printed out emails with me thinking that I would need to take them and show them to guest services so they could credit me the right amount ,but it was correct on my Sail and Sign account. But I would still take the printed emails with you just in case. Enjoy your cruise.

  12. FTTF= Faster to the fun....you get


    priority boarding

    priority tender

    special customer service line

    priority debark


    $49 per cabin


    You also get to go right to your cabin and your luggage is delivered early. Carnival supposedly released it for Miracle cruises on 2 nd of July but turned out it was only or Miracle cruises from Seattle and John Heald was surprised to find this out after he had announced it for all Miracle cruises.

  13. We are booked on the 16 day Hawaii cruise for April12,2014 on the Miracle and read on FB at the end of June that FTTF would be released on July 2nd for all Miracle cruises after like July 13th. So I was excited and got on to book it and it would send me to Manage My Cruise and that was as far as I could go. So after posting to John Heald and he telling me to wait until 11:00 a.m. eastern time and it would be available then, and it wasn't I called Carnival and talked to several people in the shore excursions dept. and finally found out that FTTF was only available for the Miracle cruises leaving out of Seattle. I did write back to John Heald to tell him and he was surprised too. It seems that Carnival has a problem with what they say is gonna happen and what really does happen. One of the guys from shore excursions told me that FTTF Is Not Released until 2 weeks before you cruise which of course many posters on this thread have already discredited. I will keep checking each day and hoping it becomes available soon, heck we can't even see any shore excursions for our cruise yet. Good luck all.

  14. Why would I be irritated? We still board before the FTTF people, and now we can go directly to our cabin, and get early luggage delivery, something we never had before. The best part is, we don't have to pay for it!!


    So nice to see a cruiser with such a great attitude. After all the important part is tat you are on a cruise and making the best of any situation that comes your way. We are booked on the Miracle 16 day Hawaii cruise and are in a vista suite which gives us priority boarding and as soon as they release FTTF for our cruise, we will be booking it. Want to experience the early to this fantastic cabin and early luggage and for $50.00 , you can't beat it. We love cruising but since we live in central Illinois our cruises always include airfare and because we re far from a port we never have or will take a cruise less than 7 days which means less cruises and longer to reach platinum. So we are excited about FTTF.

  15. I was going to purchase this, however my Carnival agent said that since we have booked a suite that VIP check in is included.....haven't had VIP check in before so not sure what that really means.....can anyone answer this? Should purchase FTTF or not?


    If you want to be able to go right to your cabin and get your luggage delivered to cabin early you will need to purchase FTTF . We also have booked a vista suite and I asked about what having a suite includes on Carnival site and was told you only have priority boarding. I am going to purchase FTTF when it is released for my cruise so I can get on and go right to cabin and drop off carry on before I head out to Lido and get my first Funship Special.

  16. Here is my standard advice:



    There is a very limited area of Long Beach in which you want to stay...and, therefore, a limited number of hotels.


    The BEST places to stay are the Hyatt, Westin, Renaissance and Hyatt at the Pike …These put you right in the heart of the tourist area with very convenient walks to restaurants, shops and attractions and easy access to the free "Passport" shuttle...and those ARE th nicest hotels in town. Doesn't necessarily mean they are higher priced, though...and you can often get a real deal via Priceline...


    Slightly further away, but still in decent walking distance, are the Hilton, the Marriott Courtyard and the Best Western Long Beach Convention Center...


    Just across the bridge (on the same side of the channel as the Carnival Pier) are the Marriott Residence Inn Downtown and the Maya Doubletree...The Queen Mary is across the bridge as well...and right next to the Carnival Terminal...however, I am not a big fan of the Queen Mary--unless you are on there for nostalgia's sake...It's not exactly a first class hotel by today's standards--the rooms are small, condition questionable, etc.


    Getting to any of these hotels from LAX, you'd either have to take a taxi or a shuttle...Try Super Shuttle or Prime Time Shuttle...From hotel to pier, some of these hotels may have free shuttles, but policies change time to time, so I would check individually with the hotel...




















    One word of warning: Do NOT go looking for bargains outside of this short list of hotels...Long Beach is a BIG city...there are lots of different areas, some better, some worse...some not so close to the port or the tourist areas...That bargain hotel MAY tell you it's near the Convention Center or near the port...but it may not be...it may be in an undesirable area or location. You want to have a pleasant stay--stick to this list.


    This area of Long Beach means you will have a large choice of restaurants nearby, you will have nice shops and picturesque scenery and places to walk and enjoy...You will be close to sites like the Aquarium and the Queen Mary if you want to have a little sightseeing...Long Beach runs a free shuttle service called the "Passport" which will take you all over the Downtown area:



    Steve, thanks for all the info and especially the websites for all the hotels that you recommend in Long Beach. I tried all of them for April 10 th and the 11th 2014 and the only hotel showing availability is the Hyatt at the Pike and it is just way too much for us at $389.00 plus tax a night. I would rather spend all that extra money on the cruise. I guess I will just hope that when I try calling the hotels tomorrow that we can book one that way instead of online otherwise I guess we will have to stay somewhere else close by as the Toyota Gran Prix is that weekend in Long Beach. Just rotten luck. Thanks for all the info. Cindy

  17. We stayed at the Hotel Maya in Jan. For our Hawaii cruise. Book as early as possible for the best rate. Loved it. Would saty there again.


    We want to stay at the Hotel Maya for our cruise to Hawaii in April 2014. How early did you book for your January cruise. I just found out the other day that the Toyota Gran Prix is April 11 to 13th 2014 and we will be staying in Long Beach April 10 to 12th and when I try to book Hotel Maya and the Hyatt and the Hilton it says that the rooms are not available and it can be because they are completely booked or it is too early to book. Any info will be helpful, may just have to call the hotel directly to book instead of online. Thanks, Cindy

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