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  1. Unfortunately not, however easily accessible. The nearest bus stop to the Museum is the stop before the airport, therefore any of the buses going in that direction will be perfect. The local bus website is www.buses.gg.
  2. Definitely the German Occupation Museum.
  3. Just for your information, The German Occupation Museum does not accept cards, cash only, change would be given in English money where possible.
  4. I agree with D C, there is a gross exaggeration on these boards that Guernsey is a 50/50 port. The success rate is around the 80-90% rate. Any reputable guide in these ports should provide you with a refund if your ship is unable to dock, they are aware of these situations. Personally I would not book with a guide who says the fee is non refundable if the ship does not dock in any port around the world. If you choose to cancel with little notice or do not turn up on the day, then that is a different matter.
  5. I would have thought that most of the car agencies would be able to drop off the vehicle at the port, as they also drop off at hotels. Keep emailing different ones to check. You do not want to go to the airport to pick up the car, this will take too much time, and there will be extra cost. Personally I would not recommend driving yourselves, the roads are very narrow and not well signposted. There are many guides who offer private tours, https://www.guernseyguidedtours.com/guides many of them are also listed on TripAdvisor, and/or who have been recommended here previously.
  6. Unfortunately the Island Coachways bus only stops at Pembroke and the Little Chapel, which in my opinion means you miss out on so many places as you have shown on your map. Wow 12 minutes, Google is very optimistic, you would be lucky to just drive straight from St Peter Port to the airport in 12 minutes!! Whatever mode of transport they have, I want one 😉
  7. Castle Cornet is approx 15 minute walk from the tender pier. You can catch a standard bus to the Little Chapel (or the German Underground Hospital on the same route, approx 15/20 minute walk between the two), then another to the German Occupation Museum, then another either around the coast (not guaranteed as this route is very busy) or back into St Peter Port. Personally if you have travelled a long way to reach us, and potentially unlikely to be back, I would recommend a private tour with an accredited guide in order that you make the best use of your time ashore. Th
  8. Of course, please feel free to ask whenever. At present there are sales on Aurigny flights and Condor ferries for travel to Guernsey in 2020. I do like Dix Neuf, however a usual haunt for lunch with friends is Café Emilia, but there is no outdoor seating. If we want to sit outside, we usually go to The Hideaway at Moores Hotel (although they do not show a photo of the outside seating on their website). http://www.cafeemilia.co.uk/ http://mooresguernsey.com/Patisserie.html
  9. My preference would be to toast the Gache as then the gorgeous guernsey butter just melts into it, but if I am at a café where they are not able to toast, then just cold is fine with me.
  10. OMG, how could I forget to say that the Gache must of course be smothered in yellow Guernsey butter. Guernsey ice cream is another absolute must.
  11. As the OP advised that they are on the Regal Princess British Isles cruise, then all these cruises are scheduled to stop in St Peter Port, Guernsey. Guernsey Gache, technically looks like a loaf of bread, however you would eat it as you would cake, with say a "nice cup of tea". So to answer the question, yes a mid-Channel in-between. ;)
  12. I would recommend any of the freshly local caught seafood, and of course Guernsey Gache when you are visiting St Peter Port. Also the local Rocquette Cider is great for those drinking alcohol. If you are into Gin, there are a number of different local varieties to try. Enjoy your day ashore exploring all Guernsey has to offer.
  13. We are seasoned cruisers (Celebrity mainly, but also HAL, RCCL & Princess) and also took our 1st Oceania cruises last year on the Riviera. We really enjoyed the Riviera, the size of ship, the food and the service. We have seen an offer on the Azamara Journey as a B2B, 16 night + 9 night, which is significantly cheaper (when including grats etc) than a 10 night + 10 night on the Riviera. The itineraries are not the same, but we like these on both, also looking at balconies on both ships. My concern about the Azamara Journey is the size of the ship and cabins compared to previ
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