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  1. Am I correct that you don’t have to dine at Johnny Rockets to order a milkshake, you can simply order the shake? thx m
  2. I believe the promotion is still in place. We were given lunch at Jamie‘s, to be used only on a sea day and not on embarkation day. We were not given any other lunch options. We also received a bottle of inexpensive (St. Martin) red wine. Enjoy M
  3. You are not required to use the lounge or the vouchers. We sailed with many who use the lounge, but also have the drink package and upgraded the liquor for their drinks. Depending on what your drink, you may not find the FREE drinks acceptable. Since you don't pay (directly) for the FREE drinks, just use your package. M
  4. Park café should be open on embarkation day. The dining room is not open for general lunch on embarkation day. In the past the dining room was used ( on embarkation day) for the Key lunch and lunch for full suite/Pinnacle guests. The best snorkeling at Coco Cay is around the first cove area. Can't miss it as you will see many other in this area. You can snorkel in any area and see fish. Beverage package is recognized on Coco Cay. If you haven't been there in a while you will be amazed at the recent changes. enjoy M
  5. Thanks -the captains corner is held on many ships. I believe the original poster was referring to a special suite event (on grandeur) with many of the senior officers. M
  6. Celebrity also extends Elite benefits to cabin mates. m
  7. I am not Bob, but we had a sailing that I was in a cabin with one of our children, and my husband was booked into another cabin. Both my husband and I each received the amenity, (a bottle of wine. ) to our cabin. M
  8. Oh, well we were at the suite cocktail party earlier this month . It was very nice, great food and lots to drink. If I recall it was held directly after the top-tier party. So are you calling that the meet the crew because all the senior officers were there? Thx
  9. Remember you get 3 because of your higher D+ points. Don't know what the OP is eligible for. We are taking a 5 night next week and also just get one instead of 3. M
  10. I've never heard of a meet the crew get together. What is that? Thanks M
  11. That is why some of the “regular” lives can be shorter. In some ports, it seems just about everybody is some kind of priority. M
  12. Did they even have a level above diamond 20 years ago? I just looked back at some of my old Sea pass cards and apparently I turned D+ in early 2007 so I know it’s at least that old. M
  13. We’ve always enjoyed the sovereign class ships. I’m glad to see some of my cruising acquaintances taking advantage of what majesty has to offer. I guess the secret is out! enjoy m
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