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  1. The highest point cruiser ( sometimes the top three) is announced on most every cruise at the C&A top tier event, or sometimes at the Captains welcome event, on shorter cruises. The top cruiser receives a gift, traditionally a bottle of wine. I suspect if he minded, he would decline the limelight. Mario has been in RCCL promotion videos that are shown of the ship TV. Why would/should anyone know about a passenger's investment portfolio. There is a nice on board credit for stockholders (only need 100 shares). He is not crew. He is a paying guest.
  2. Plenty have sailed with him and likely observed the top tier event. Awarding the gift is fair, as the top cruiser is traditionally recognized at the top tier event. I simply wondered if he accepted it, or deferred. He has every right to accept it. The person behind him on most cruises is way more then 1500 points behind him. More like 5000 points behind. I believe the top two C&A cruisers after him, company wide are in the 5000 range. I know one of them, a very nice cruiser. Then it takes a sharp decline after that. (others on these boards might know the number
  3. Sadly - I think you are both a bit optimistic. I certainly want to sail, but I am not expecting RCCL to sail from the US this summer. Hopefully late fall/early winter. Just my opinion M
  4. Never met the guy and as far as I know, never sailed on a cruise with him. Not sure why, but I just wondered, as he is always the top cruiser on board, if he accepts the free bottle of wine presented at the C&A top tier event. Or, does he defer it to the next in line? He certainly has a right to accept the gift...just wondered. M
  5. We received a similar survey a few months ago for a booked cruise in March 2022. Good that they are gathering information. m
  6. We cruise from Tampa often although we don’t live in the area, we live about eight hours away. We do find that there was a lovely group of passengers that sail from Tampa quite often. The ships are smaller, with fewer amenities. We’ve sailed Vision and Radiance class from Tampa. I don’t know anything about the drive from Tampa to port Canaveral but I know that we are (hopefully) taking a cruise in the late fall from Tampa, getting off the ship, driving to Port Canaveral spending the night and taking a cruise from port Canaveral the next day. m
  7. The BOGO WAS for the first two nights. No one knows what C&A benefits will be offered. M
  8. 10/20/22? we are trying to turn it into a B2B but the cruises before and after are not as great a deal. M
  9. Never considered a differentiation in the tip because of the cabana location. That question will likely get lost in this dress code thread. If you are serious, try a cabana thread or ask as a new topic. Good luck M
  10. John - did you win anything substantial with the huge lot of coins? m
  11. Thanks for sharing. Took advantage of recent good pricing info earlier this month from another poster. Serenade October 2022 , 5 night balcony for 2, refundable deposits for $672 with all the C&A discounts. BTW - over $1,000 today M
  12. That would be great . How has that been verified? I don't except to cruise anytime soon ( I expect my July-October cruises to be cancelled) so I admit I haven't kept up with all RCCL announcements. Thanks M
  13. I don't have any ship restricted deal breakers ( masks, distance, limits in venues, changes for C&A offerings etc.) at this point. I've adjusted to protocols for the past year and will do so on board as requested. There isn't anything that is so horrible that we won't get on a ship. EXCEPT...... I probably would not go if a vacine was NOT required. Too easy for a non vaccinated person to become infected and quarantine the sailing. Not thrilled to have to fly ( and pay an additional $900+ to the cruise cost) to fly to Nassau to take a cruise to Cozumel. Mayb
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