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  1. cruisegirl1


    In my opinion, first. Seems the later into the week, the more casually dressed passengers become. Enjoy M
  2. cruisegirl1

    Upgrade- double points on suite?

    Sadly, I suspect many are not aware of the double point restriction. M
  3. I am sorry this happened to you. Sometimes passengers forget that RCCL is a FAMILY cruise line! We don't use the lounges ( suite/concierge/D) a lot, but when we do, we often see kids there. They seem to be enjoying a snack and are well behaved. But, how did you know that the dirty looks came just from Pinnacle guests? Is it possible that others sailing in a suite, didn't want children there? Just to mix things up, what about a Pinnacle sailing in a full suite? How are they categorized? I have seen friends sitting in groups together in various loyalty/suite lounges, but I don't know their status. For all I know they might be a large group of first time cruisers, enjoying the suite lounge. M
  4. I don't wear any type of loyalty badge, and don't wear my room key on a lanyard. There is no way to determine my status or accommodation by simply looking at me. I know others do the same, so how can folks make generalizations that someone is a Pinnacle, D+, in a suite in a interior, etc. We rarely, even if asked, tell the number of cruises or points. No one has EVER asked us about the type of accommodation we are in. M
  5. cruisegirl1

    Labadie: Lunch times?

    Generally a bit earlier. Closer to 11:30-1:30. Enjoy m
  6. If the couple in the elevator never said anything or made any facial expression, why did you think there was any tension? M
  7. Guess it depends on the ship. Last cruise there were 8 Pinnacle cruises. One suite and Pinnacle perk was breakfast in Chops. We went nearly every day and the place was never more than 20% full. No problem getting a table regardless if suite guest or Pinnacle, OR BOTH! M
  8. cruisegirl1

    Does Empress OTS have cabin safes?

    First cabin was in “new” stretched section and needed a magnetic strip. Second cabin was a aft cabin in “original” section and had a key pad. M
  9. cruisegirl1

    Does Empress OTS have cabin safes?

    And some safes on older ships use a magnetic card swipe rather than a numeric key pad. We had a B3B on Enchantment with one cabin change. The cabin for the first leg needed a swipe, but the safe in the cabin on the second two legs was numeric. OP, I’ve sailed Empress, most recently just last year and sorry I don’t recall which kind of lock is on the safe. M
  10. Been there years ago with 2 small ( sovereign) class ships. Also, There used to be a Bud Light private cruise that included 2 smaller ships that had a combined concert on coco cay. Can’t imagine two large ships, even with the new amenities and island space. M
  11. cruisegirl1

    700+...All the Pinnacles you've met.

    You sound very nice and concerned so I'm sure it was not you. If you are comfortable, then don't change your conversation starter. This person was making a contest out of the conversation. I never ask folks how many cruises they have been on. On occasion, I might ask, do you have an opportunity to travel often? I do like to talk travel and love to learn about new cities/countries, port stops, sights, cruise tips etc. I hope we do meet one day! You can ask me how many cruises I've been on M
  12. cruisegirl1

    Mariner of the Seas

    Is there a coastal Kitchen. Taking a quick 2 Night ( yes 2 night) in late February. thanks M
  13. Anyone have any first hand knowledge regarding the red wine that is delivered? Thx. M
  14. Please report back with the outcome. I hope it works out. M