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  1. Sounds horrible to me. We rarely visit the WJ and this would seal the deal! The rarely would be NEVER! I would hate the concept. M
  2. Why? What is the difference if I cruise a second or third week or another passenger boards. I’ll expect we may have a longer wait in the terminal or are told to spend the day in the city. We often sail B2B, and still have one booked for late 2020 and several booked for 2021. m
  3. Never and have been doing B2B since early 2000. Funny since we likely take some of the same ships out of PC. Several of our B2B were on both Harmony and Mariner in the past year or two. Then we took several B2B out of Tampa. Years ago it was radiance class, more recently Rhapsody. . m
  4. Interesting how my experience regarding wine/B2B luncheons was completely different. Hope you enjoyed the luncheon and your other B2B cruises. m
  5. Haven’t seen ANY refreshments at the B2B meetings we’ve attended. Honestly, while we’ve done many B2B, there have only been a handful of pre meetings. The last meeting, in Fall 2019 was to make us aware of a coast guard inspection and to expect a long wait in the terminal. We’ve NEVER been offered any type of wine beverage with the B2B luncheon. We’ve enjoyed B2B since early in 2000. m
  6. Yes correct. The question was for Symphony so I provided info for that class. m
  7. You provided 33% for formal, 33% for dressed nicely. It was very nice of you to provide more than they asked. So, I wondered about the other 34%. m
  8. Once on the ship, you can change passengers around to any of your cabins. m
  9. Yes, Soft drinks and water for everyone who has access. There is a full bar in the lounge, that has been open all day. Those with drink packages, those who want to purchase a drink or those with drinks included in the accommodations can get service. M
  10. These threads are filled with folks who are very excited about Cruising and can’t wait to get on the ship. If you talk to the general population, you’ll see most of your friends, who generally don’t cruise often, have no intention of getting on a ship in the near future. I don’t think that reduced capacity will be an issue. If it is, I agree that the fair criteria is to look at the booking date m
  11. Yes for symphony. Suite lounges on the oasis class ship serve some beer and wine during the day. Other ships like mariner class, even though they have a suite lounge, do not serve alcohol during the day. symphony is a beautiful ship with fantastic entertainment. Enjoy. m
  12. Great point. Casinos on RCCL are designated as the only indoor smoking area. Lots of folks smoking and not playing. They can sit at machines but not tables. m
  13. Similar litter boxes are placed on the walk around deck of any ship that has a service animal. More recently I’ve seen plastic bags, a trash can and a container of hand sanitizing gel. M
  14. Not sure how I could effectively quarantine after a cruise. I would have either an airline flight or an 8 Hour drive home. m
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