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  1. I must have missed the memo. Some recent meals have included Tisdale wine. m
  2. Often yes, so we decline, unless we are on B2B. Then we decline the second week. For a few itineraries that have had 2 sea days at the end, the lunch was scheduled for first of the two final days. That is perfect for us. M
  3. We do like the meal with the officer ( and for D+ meal the term officer can be used loosely) and accept the invitation unless it is lunch on the last sea day. If that is the case, we decline. I think all the tier levels are generous, and don't look to a particular class of chip when we sail. We know what we are getting ( or not) on different ships. M
  4. Sorry - didn't mean to be so aggressive. For some reason this is a sore spot for me. To me, it is so stupid when people make up categories and call themselves double Pinnace, Diamond ++ or whatever. I sort of feel sorry for them. I guess they have a need to feel important. M
  5. Guess you meant make. It is really hard for those of us who don't live in a port city. Travel time, hotel costs, airfare etc. add a good bit to the cruise fare.
  6. I agree that it is a lofty goal and I contend that it should be. It should be hard to reach and be significantly different from simply reaching D or D+. M
  7. There are NO unnamed D+ levels. They are all D+ until one reaches Pinnacle. RCCL was generous in providing a few extra benefits along the way ( still not enough for some) , but at the end of the day, the guest is still D+. People have made up all kinds of names to make themselves feel more important, such as D++ or D+++. They are all D+! D+ 175 points, Pinnacle 700. M
  8. The “1“ is one credit not one point. When the credits were converted to points each credit was converted to 7 points and there was a formula for some extra points based on how many credits you had. The extra points were to take into consideration that some folks may have had longer cruises. The maximum number of extra points provided was (maybe) 13 It is difficult to add the credits and points. If you are diamond and didn’t know it, it is likely due to the formula of a few extra points when the conversion took place. m
  9. You should be able to see your past cruises from all of your Royal Caribbean sailing’s. Your Cruising history doesn’t fall off of the website. My first royal Caribbean cruise was in the 90s, and that is still showing in my past cruise history. if you have no past history on your site, I suggest calling to make sure there’s no problem with your crown and anchor number. m
  10. Three years? Does that sound right? I recall is was around 2010. M
  11. Like other free gifts we had throughout the years, many complained about the baskets. They didn't like the contents, there was too much paper, etc. So, RCCL stopped the complaining by eliminating the gift. Watch what happens if folks continue to complain about the lounges. For the records, I liked the gift basket as well. It was really nice to see it waiting in the cabin. I used the basket to hold my make up on board! The snacks were great for our long trip home. M
  12. Strangely - it was only for D and above and only for cruises sailing in December. I don't recall if the cruise had to start in December or simply sail during a December date. And, they provided nice gifts each year. Sturdy beach bags, luggage straps, aluminum cups and some SWAG (magnets, pins etc. ) I went for 3 or so years. M
  13. A few years ago, I booked myself in a JS, and my husband in an interior. It was cheaper than the two of us in the JS, even with the gratuities we paid for the interior and the added grats for the JS. We let the interior stateroom attendant know that we would not be using the cabin. We were over the 350 point level and were able to get the reduced single supplement. We enjoyed the extra points. Nothing illegal about it, we did it for pure financial reasons. For those booking solo, but really want a mate to cruise, check out the JS/INT booking method. Otherwise, I think you are right, a singles party for every cruise. M
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