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  1. destiny217

    Symphony of the seas Live blog October 2018!!

    Great review and photos. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your cruise. 😎
  2. destiny217

    New and Improved CC

  3. destiny217

    New and Improved CC

    This is what happens when you have been retired for 16-years. That never crossed my mind. Thanks. I read somewhere you're cruising some time soon. So enjoy your reviews.
  4. destiny217

    New and Improved CC

    How are you seeing CC on your iPad/Phone? I had the app and can't login and just read the app no longer exists. Thanks.
  5. destiny217


    Like that you can post photos from your own pc without any other app/software.
  6. destiny217


  7. destiny217

    New and Improved CC

  8. destiny217

    New and Improved CC

    Very, very slow. And definitely hurts my eyes.
  9. destiny217

    Going, Going Gone Sale: Gone, All Right☹️

    Thanks so much for replying. But, there was a link that you could actually do your GGG booking. I did not see that was possible on this link.
  10. destiny217

    Going, Going Gone Sale: Gone, All Right☹️

    The last time I booked that sale was online thru the C&A site. Just tried to find it again and it seems to be missing with the newer Royal website. Is the link still available? Thanks
  11. Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation. It sure made our rainy week here on the east coast of the US more bearable. And that photo of your son on the zipline was the best.
  12. destiny217

    Breakaway - Live 7/22

    The shadow shot is great! Happy Birthday to your Dad and warmest get well wishes to your Mom.
  13. :champagne-toast::ship::hearteyes: Happy Anniversary!