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  1. I didn't know the CDC had regularity authority over the airlines.
  2. I agree. Too many seem to be spending too much energy on telling others what to do.
  3. You might want to take a look at history. There isn't much I can find that frightens Canadians.
  4. (Bolding Mine) And here lies the problem. If you want to assume the risk, I agree, that's on you. Where I have a concern is if you become infected, the consequences are not yours alone. You now pass the risk to those you potentially infect before your diagnosis. You pass the risk if you don't properly isolate. You also take resources from the health care system. and these health care resource requirements could be significant and long term. It isn't all about a single person, it's about all of us together. The question should be what can we do to make this better for ever
  5. An interesting article regarding the present health of the few cruise ships in U.S. waters that have to comply with CDC reporting requirements. Ships not in U.S. waters do not have to report to the CDC so who knows their conditions? Assuming it is factual, my concern is that if the cruise lines can't keep their ships healthy when only crew are on board, how will they manager to get back to providing a safe environment to passengers? https://www.axios.com/cdc-covid-19-cruise-ship-thousands-cases-us-7f942f86-a56d-44bd-a010-5b5d52cf6d96.html
  6. No problem. Flights are available and there will be lots of late model cars from estate sales. We'll make it work, no worries.
  7. To address your point, here's another example. I a Canadian own property in Phoenix but the U.s. has closed its border to Canadians for non essential travel. The U.S has stopped me from accessing my property as has the Bahamian government stopped RCL from accessing theirs.
  8. Can you expand on this please? I don't understand why Canadians and E.U. citizens would need to connect through Palm Beach to get to the Bahamas. I've flown direct from Toronto to Nassau many times and seen European airlines at the gate in Nassau
  9. Diamond Princess 712 Covid 19 infections. Not sure which fully staffed nursing home exceeded that number. Until people get their heads around this pandemic and take mitigation seriously it's only going to get worse. There is as Sweden proved no herd immunity, there is no guarantee that Covid survivors don't get it again, there is no magic pill or vacine rolling out tomorrow. A cruise is a vacation, hardly a primary focus for any regulatory body. But for those who gotta cruise, it looks like lots of European options are opening, but who knows if they
  10. Perhaps this is because the cruise industry conducts itself in a manner that results in a negative image. Practices such as discharge of waste in environmentally sensative areas. Non compliance with court ordered remedial plans. Failure to acuratly and fully disclose health issues of crew and passengers Failure to meet contract obligations on the repatriation of crew. Maybe the fourth estate isn't digging in as deeply as they should on the cruise industry?
  11. Prudent advice given the O.P's circumstances.
  12. And just what has HAL done recently that would make you think they are not foolish? I have seen few strategies put forward that can only be attributed to this site implimented by HAL.
  13. Sadly "Because I helped You Yesterday" is no reason for someone to pay it forward today. It's a different world we live in, and those we thought we could depend on are no longer there for us. I hope I'm never so miserable that I will turn away someone in need.
  14. 1) I suspect the Islands which have turned away the ship do not have the medical resources to manage an influx of at least 40 critically ill people, plus the so far un-diagnosed, but infected from this ship. 2) Providing the limited resources they do have to the Braemar will result in less for their own people. I suspect medical supply shortages to treat COVID-19 patients will be evident in First World countries and even more dire in the undeveloped Caribbean. A country with limited resources can not seriously be expected to somehow manage to quarantine, and support some 1,200 pas
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