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  1. Can't comment on tours out of Ocho Rios, but did go to Blue Hole when we were in MoBay. Used Liberty Tours. Would not hesitate to go again, fabulous time, great tour!
  2. Just got off her, last cruise before dry dock. The chef said during chef's table that they were getting a dedicated space for that. And heard rumors about it getting a Guy's Pig and Anchor Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  3. I know Thenford Grey is handling our group of 27 in October Sent from my SM-G950U using Forums mobile app
  4. Can't tell you which would be better but if you decide to go in Ketchikan can definitely recommend a local outfitter. We just went kayaking with them a couple weeks ago during a week's stay in Ketchikan. It is Ketchikan Kayak Company. Great bunch of guys and had a great time. Highly recommend them. https://ketchikankayakco.com Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. We purchased our online ahead of time. Upon boarding we went to the bar and ordered our first drink. The computer system showed we had Cheers so they put the sticker on our card. We did not have to wait til we were at sea to use it. However, since we were in port we were charged the tax for that drink, less than a dollar. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. A couple things. Last October on Conquest I would order a drink and a soda or a bottle of water and were given them both, different bars multiple times. Now after that you have to wait 5 minutes. The " drinks at gangway" I believe they are talking about the large bottles of water they offer as you debark at ports. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. I am looking forward to seeing Havana: the old city, the culture, the music, the cars. We are booked on Paradise Oct. 9. Originally booked a while back when it was Cozumel and Grand Cayman for a friend's birthday. Itinerary got changed to Cozumel and an overnight in Havana. Our rate stayed the same, and we will get $100 OBC to cover the visa we are required to get. So it is a win-win. Don't know if I would book a 5 day at prices what they are now. Our porthole room is now over $600 more (for 2 people) than it was when we booked.
  8. I would (and we have) get off on both. Like others have said, Nassau has some interesting sites within walking distance, including Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle; Junkanoo Beach is also an easy walk from the port. In Freeport, we have taken a taxi to the Lucaya area and gone to the beach, you can get a day pass from several resorts in the area. We also took a tour that took us to Lucayan National Park, where we explored the underground caves, the mangroves and spent time on Gold Rock Beach, which is beyond gorgeous, undeveloped and unspoiled.
  9. If it is prepackaged food you can. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. Yes. The fee is only if you want messaging capabilities. And it's not $5 per day for messaging, it's a one time fee of $5 for the entire cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Do you know if either of these tour operators offers later afternoon/evening tours or just during the day?
  12. I usually keep some ones and tip a couple dollars or so when they bring my order. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. The visa is not for the types of travel, it is an entry document required by Cuba. The cruise line will have our papers for these at embarkation. The travel requirements are U.S. restrictions and there is no "qualifying" for them. You simply participate in activities that meet those requirements. If you do a ship tour you are covered. The only category this falls under is the people-to-people category and that is what you check on the affidavit, which you turn in at embarkation. The only problem with traveling to Cuba is a passport is required and some folks may not have one. You are right that credit cards are basically no go. Cash is king, which is fine since usually that is all I take ashore. There is a Banco Nationale right near the port to exchange dollars for pesos. Not really any "bugs" to wok out since Carnival has already done Fathom cruises to Cuba. The trick is for folks to learn what the requirements are, especially those of us adjusting to this itinerary change. There is plenty of info on Carnival's site and others. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. We actually lucked into this port. We're booked on Paradise Oct. 9 to Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Itinerary was changed from GC to overnight in Havana and we're definitely excited. Plus since we were already booked and Cuba requires a visa that costs $75 Carnival gave us OBC of $100 pp. Waiting to see what shore excursions they will offer Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Yes that is exactly what they told us. However, I am wondering if the port fees and taxes will change since now a different port. Either way, the extra expense is being covered. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. Carnival gave us the OBC. But that was due to the fact we were already booked prior to itinerary change and were incurring unplanned expenses. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. We had booked the original itinerary of Grand Cayman and Cozumel. They just changed our itinerary today, and because of the fact we now incur a $75 fee for the Visa, plus different port charges/taxes, they are giving us $100 OBC. Our original cruise price has NOT gone up, we are locked in at the price we booked under, we just got lucky to get this change to Cuba. Folks not booked prior will pay the higher cruise price.
  18. The email we got says we are getting $100 OBC which should cover the Visa and fees. You cannot just go on your own. You would have to find acceptable educational tour to comply or take one of Carnival's excursions. The FAQs do state after completion of a full scheduled approved activity you are free to explore Sent from my iPad using Forums
  19. We're on the Oct 9 sailing and are excited to visit Havana! We have a porthole room, but we booked months ago, so our lower price is locked in thankfully :) The only added expense now is a $75 Cuban Visa, which our understanding is that Carnival will have the paperwork at the terminal to fill out, and the expense will be charged to our on board account.
  20. You can switch between devices on the internet plan. You do have to log out on your phone, then log back in on your tablet. using the Hub app - once you are on board and tell the Hub app to log you in, you go under chat to activate it (and pay $5), and it will give you a 4-digit number. That is your chat ID#. You can then share it with folks
  21. We just did Cheers in October on Conquest. Like the others stated, it does not show up on your cruise docs. I had the email confirmation with me just in case, but it wasn't needed. When we got on board, and went to the bar to get a drink, it was in their computer system and they put a Cheers sticker on our cards. If for some reason it does not show up in their computer system, take you confirmation to guest services and they should be able to fix it.
  22. It was probably around 15 minutes or so. We had a great day at Bayahibe hanging out on the beach Sent from my iPad using Forums
  23. okgirl is right. Even though the email confirmation doesn't show your booking number, you had to log in and use that in order to purchase it. No worries. We just had Cheers on our Conquest cruise in October, pre-purchased it two months ahead of time, took the printed email confirmation with us, but it was not needed. When we went to the bar for our first drink, handed the bartender my sail-n-sign and when he went to ring up my drink, Cheers showed up on the computer system, and he put a Cheers sticker on my card. If for some reason it does not show up in their computer system onboard, simply go to Guest Services with your email confirmation and they will fix it.
  24. Honestly I think it is what you prefer. In the past we have taken bottled wine and sodas on board, ordered bottled water to the room, and watched my daily sail n sign as far as drinks. Just this past cruise, an 8 day on Conquest, we decided to splurge on Cheers. We purchased in advance, so it was $50 per day. After experiencing it, we will definitely be getting it again. We did not lug any extra drinks on board (wine or soda). I tried drinks I have not before, had a specialty coffee every morning, got bottled water about every other time i ordered a drink at a bar, got sodas, and large bottled water in the dining room. It was nice not worrying about my budget once on board. Did I drink more than i have in the past? A bit. Did I worry about getting in enough to break even? No. I think between the drinks (Bloody Mary at brunch, drinks around the pool, wine at dinner, drinks at Alchemy or comedy club in the evenings) coffees, bottled water and sodas, i definitely got my money's worth.
  25. We just got off Conquest out of Ft Lauderdale. We purchased Cheers in advance. Just an FYI, we were charged tax for our drinks prior to sail away. Also, was charged in the coffee bar for any flavored syrup added to a coffee drink (like $0.50). First time using Cheers and will definitely be getting it from now on.
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