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  1. I have been reading many posts not only about CO but HAL in general. Seriously considering it as we'll have no loyalty perks on our Amsterdam to Rome cruise next year as this with be our first time with HAL. Priority embarkation and tendering would be nice along with the CO dining room. If they offered it to us at $10pp/day I would jump on it! Unfortunately, I don't think that would be realistic, lol
  2. New to HAL - our cruise history is mostly Princess and NCL I was excited to see the Explore 4 come out but as we all know it doesn't include the SBP this year. I wouldn't mind paying $149 like Aquahound but full price no way. (yes, I know that the cruise $$ is usually raised to cover the SBP) In the past, is there any other offer that might include or have a sale price on the SBP that I should be watching for. Yes, I have a good TA, but I'm "hands on" in managing our bookings. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you! I had a feeling that might be the case. Pssst, I'm a fussy wine drinker, life is too short to drink bad wine 😁
  4. New to HALπŸ˜ƒ Am I correct? Once we choose the pkg level (1, 2 or 3) can we specify the exact bottle of wine to receive? Can this be reserved online? Has anyone been disappointed once onboard, the choice was different? Can you change the level once onboard? Thank you!
  5. I love new technology and looking forward to our OM Regal cruise this fall. That said, I do NOT plan on carrying my phone on the ship. It's nice to be "unplugged"! So glad I can still get the Patters...……………..guess I'm starting to show my age 😲
  6. We loved the IC on Coral - cozy I guess you would say and love the little tables and seating area. Was not bothered by the Casino smoke - usually no one is in the casino. Food choices were adequate for our needs. Coral is still one of my favorite Princess ships.
  7. It was always at Guest Services but anything can change between now and then.
  8. We were in E626 on the Island. Very pleased with the cabin. It's not your cabin but in the same general area. I think you'll be very happy.
  9. Excellent informative post - thank you!
  10. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - since they updated CC it's impossible to use the mobile app. The Sanctuary is totally different Coral vs. Royal - really can't compare the two. #1 The viewing area on the Royal has the plexi-glass type windows which many feel would hamper the view. #2 Coral's sanctuary is in the aft - no dividers or windows (whatever you want to call them) #3 There is no need to rush right up - last June there were still quite a few empty loungers and we booked the day before. Go up, take a look around. For us it worked wonderfully well but it's not for everyone. It was nice to be pampered! See post #29 in my review for pictures of the sanctuary.
  11. Interesting conversation! Our Regal cruise is not until the fall but looking forward (not) to the process. I am not one to carry my phone around while on the ship (first thing that goes into the safe) - so I'm thinking my experience with OM will be limited. Good to know about the avatar - certainly don't need to see my face on the portals
  12. Our flight was combined with the George Inlet Lodge for Crab Feast. The flight was very good, best views were next to the pilot and the second row. DH was in second row along with another gentleman (200+lbs), I was in the 3rd row along with another woman (average weight) and then there was a 4th row. I felt my view was diminished a bit by being in the 3rd row - but it all goes by weight. It was a "one and done" type of thing (for me) - if I were to return to Ketchikan, we would definitely do the Crab Feast. My feeling was to see as much as we could see & not have any regrets. The chances that we return to AK are rather slim - there are so many other places on our travel list. Would love to go back to Europe next, either the Baltics or River Cruise. (We cruise the Caribbean just for relaxation & partying with family & friends.) Have a great trip! (sorry it took so long to respond - without the mobile app, I'm not on CC that much anymore)
  13. Glacier Bay, Coral Princess and the Sanctuary was the best! Well worth the money! On the Coral Princess, the sanctuary is in the aft and much smaller than the Royal. We did not have the plexiglass blue tint panels that most Princess ships have. I'm attaching my review and you will find Glacier Bay at Post #29. (Also, check out what was included in the pkg) My thoughts would be, go up to the Sanctuary when you board. Take a look around, especially from the viewpoint of using binoculars and cameras. Many on the AK boards were quite adamant about limiting ourselves just to the sanctuary - however, we were very happy with our decision. Have a great trip!
  14. Thank you, good to know!
  15. I do have a question maybe someone can answer. We were on the Coral Princess in Alaska for glacier bay day and we were able to order alcoholic beverages. We'll be on the Regal Princess for the repo cruise in October - will/can alcoholic beverages be served ? Or is each individual ship different? Thanks
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