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  1. Many thanks - I just wasn't taking the reservation all the way - when I saw payment I stopped. It automatically took the OBC off the excursion. SEE, this is what happens when you don't cruise, lol, we lose skills!!! lol
  2. It's been years since I have booked a Princess excursion with OBC. To use the OBC, do you have to call Princess? I didn't see where you could do it online. Advise would be appreciated!. Thank You
  3. We would have been on the same cruise, however, when they changed the itinerary to Samana (from Tortola) we canceled and booked NCL same date & Tortola. Our main objective was to return to JVD White Bay. We'll miss the Equinox.
  4. if you’re taking the in-laws I’d go for CB - a bit classier & quieter. Unless they will be on the ropes & slides 🤷‍♀️ Also the different Club venues on NCL might be a drawing We’ll be on the BA soon but also besides Princess we’ve been liking X for a change of pace-good to change things up! Enjoy
  5. We're Platinum on both NCL & Princess. I have not been on the Escape but on the Caribbean Princess (CB) multiple times. For us it's usually price & itinerary as to what line to choose. I must say the CB is one of my favorite ships. -If you have the beverage pkg - NCL charges you extra for gratuities. -Adult area on NCL is Vibe $200+ for 7 days, Sanctuary on CB is approx. $400 ($60per day if available) Service in both - exceptional. -Casino is bigger on NCL than Princess -Food used to be far superior on Princess, especially on CB, just on Regal Princess th
  6. Excellent information, thank you campolady!
  7. You have some very good ideas, but if you want the kids to check in frequently, they will not have access to the VIBE. Definitely tip extra to the bartenders - particularly the bar(s) you frequent the most. Depending on weather, you might not even make it to GSC - I would get off ASAP or stay on the ship. I can't believe they are selling people on "Priority Access" (JMO) but I guess since you don't have loyalty perks on NCL I can understand it. Go, have fun, it just might not be as bad as you expect. We're going 2 weeks later - come back with re
  8. We were just on the Regal Princess repositioning NY-FLL. Out of 10 days, I can only say I had 2 exceptional meals in the MDR. The menu was severely lacking that it was hard to choose and the always available from the past is not what they offer now. Reading current reviews on the other ships, menus seem the same or similar. Obviously, food is subjective - some will love it, some will think it's ok, some will hate it. DH who is pretty much satisfied with most menus was not pleased. I had more fettuccine alfredo this cruise than any other 🤦‍♀️ Staff, wait
  9. We were on the Epic out of Port Canaveral - it will be 2 years this New Years! We had a fun Bar Crawl which was organized by one of our CC members. The BEST one ever!! We all brought/wore white T-shirts and had colored markers. At each bar, more funny sentiments were written on the shirts...…………….ya had to be there!! No, it was not NYE (for the bar crawl) but made the NYE cruise one of the best trips. We found there were all ages, don't discount us "older folks" - we lasted longer than the "youngins" 🥳 But, as was mentioned above, after midnight, the deck part
  10. We have found renting them works for us - past experience, they were brand new, name brand, no hassle. Totally understand playing your own but turned out fine for us. We did bring our golf shoes. We winter in FL so have a set there and one on LI. But, there is always that "favorite club" you carry back & forth! lol
  11. We have had this happen and it's usually because the airline has canceled a flight and incorporated 2 flights in one. It's not Celebrity but they should help you correct this problem. I'm using Choice Air for the first time this fall, however, I have used Princess EZ Air many times - they all seem to work the same.
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