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  1. Yes, I am “assuming” that also. Just thought maybe others were reading port schedules might have a better “guess”. Thanks.
  2. Any idea of ships/dates for RC ships in Venice in summer of 2021? Any port calendar that shows anything for Venice yet? Thanks.
  3. Thanks so much. Yes, please, report back on Navigator in a few weeks. Which ship? Sounds like an OA class with 2 Flowriders? Thanks.
  4. What are the typical Flowrider hours (particularly stand-up) for the day the ships are in Coco Cay? Please list ship name, hours, and when you were there. Thanks so very, very much for sharing your info!
  5. I agree with that. However, since they seem to “pull” sailings even after people have booked, changing itineraries, homeports, etc (not just charters), it is “better” if they wait until they are “sure” of a ship’s homepirt, itineraries, etc.
  6. As far as I can remember back, the AK RC sailings have left on Fridays. Although, I haven’t been paying attention to them for more than 3 years or so.
  7. Most of the time they do not release the ship name and exact itinerary until bookings open. There will be speculation on this (and other) threads about what ship and ports etc but no official pre-release of the ship and specific ports, dates, etc. You just have to go with history and speculation and know what cabin/category you want to try for on the speculated ship(s).
  8. Lol! Your photos show the Presidential Suite compared to our room! We didn’t bother to take photos. We literally walked in the door with the bed immediately to the left and the bathroom immediately to the right. Small closet. One window that looked out to a wall. Bathroom had shower (no door/no curtain), sink, and toilet all within the same room. It was larger than a cruise ship bathroom. I think our tv was on the desk and about the size of a laptop screen. I don’t remember what floor we were on....maybe 5. I doubt we write them. Mr. Ski is a “one and done” kind of guy. (He is the same with restaurants too. A group of 20 might all love a restaurant but if he doesn’t enjoy the food/service, he is done for good.) So glad you had a great experience there.
  9. Thanks so much for the info. We also stayed at Cotton House last year. It is beautiful and the staff was fantastic. The location was great for walking around, etc, We did eat breakfast there both mornings as it was raining cats and dogs outside. So glad you were upgraded to a nice room. We...on the other hand...were not. My husband is top tier elite and we were given a tiny room with only a shower that leaked all over the bathroom (no door, no curtain). We could barely get the two of us and our luggage in the room. So he told me to make sure I didn’t book there again. I know many European hotels have an assortment of room sizes (even when booking the same category) so I just have to hope for better “assignment” next time we go. So I am trying to get everyone’s opinions on the Marriott/Hilton hotels in BCN so I can determine which to book. (It May be Cotton House is the best of all and I may have to convince him to try again. Lol) thanks for your info!
  10. Thanks so much to everyone for the great info. I have passed it on to my co-worker. She is very appreciative!
  11. I truly am asking this for a co-worker. I am an experienced cruiser but on another line. A co-worker is sailing fir the first time. She is going with friends on the Carnival Magic. Her friends told her there is an iron in her stateroom. I did not think any ship/line allowed irons or steamers in the room. I don’t want to tell her wrong! I had heard that Carnival has an “ironing room” where you can go iron. Her friend says there was an iron provided in her stateroom on the Magic last year. Can anyone confirm if the Magic has an iron in the stateroom or is it ironing room only? Is there an ironing room on each deck or one for the ship? Thanks!
  12. We will be visiting Barcelona next year. We will stay at a Marriott or Hilton property. If you have stayed at a Marriott or Hilton property (any brand in those families) in Barcelona, please tell me the pros and cons of that property. (Please list property name and any other info you feel helpful.) Thanks in advance.
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