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  1. I guess you have to think about what their goal is. If it is to get a better price, then maybe they try to tolerate t all of them in the same balcony cabin. Maybe they switch off who sleeps in the pull-out. If it saves them money, and they only had to sleep their maybe twice/three times, but had a wonderful, affordable cruise, it may be worth it. Otherwise, maybe they should look into each getting a solo cabin. This way, they would all have their privacy and comfort. As far as moving up in cabin choice, many of the haven area beds, as far as I know, do not separate.
  2. I think it also depends on what level drink card you qualify for and what types of drinks you like. I am at the very low level so basically unable to get most of the drinks I want with the free drink card. I do use it for bottles of water, which is very beneficial.
  3. I would keep three of you in the Haven and book two of the kids in a balcony. This way, the two would be able drink and get the dining package. You would just have to pay for drinks for the third person in the Haven. This way, you can enjoy the haven and be able to have one of this kids with you. I imagine, the twenty-somethings wouldn't be in the Haven as much as you would be.
  4. Are there still signs around the ship that state chairs can't be held for a period of time? In the past, if there were items on chairs for a long period of time (hours) I would move the items to another place and take the chair. I think it is completely rude for people to "claim" the chair for the day.
  5. Bring an over-the-door shoe organizer so they will have plenty of room to store things. Also, have them discuss what items they are bringing so they don't have multiples. (shampoo, toothpaste etc.) If they are organized they can make it work.
  6. That is great news. I will be sailing in 13 days and love flavored vodka drinks!
  7. My last cruise was at Christmas on the Escape and there was an up charge for cherry vodka. I opted out of paying extra for it.
  8. I would also assume that there will be an %18 gratuity added to the $100.
  9. Guests of the Haven have a gold card that says Haven right on it. So if someone was to "sneak" into the Haven, as soon as they order a drink the bartender or server would know they do not belong there. I remember purchasing BINGO cards when I was staying in the Haven and the worker, who scanned my card said, "Oh you are in the Haven, you must be rich".
  10. Did you check your reservation to see if your cabin # had been changed?
  11. You never really know. I have sailed out of New York on about 5 Christmas cruises, as I am a teacher and that is when I am off. I remember a few years ago when we embarked on Christmas eve and it happened to be a mild day. People were in the hot tubs before we left. Another time, we left in a snow storm and the crew were building snowmen on the pool deck. I always figure the first sea day and last sea day are too cold to sit by pool, but the captain moves slow on the way back, so the first sea day coming back is usually warm. You really never know what the weather will be like.
  12. Casino at Sea, (CAS) has a variety of pricing, depending on your play. Not sure how they would figure it for you if you haven't sailed with them. The offer could be anywhere from 20% off to a full comped cruise. I would call the CAS department to see what they offer you.
  13. I would think it would depend on when you get your bid accepted. Often it is only two days before sailing which I would think would be too late to add a passenger. However, if your bid was accepted sooner, I would imagine it could be done. Maybe someone will comment that has done this. I have often wondered if people have done this before, especially with the 3 bedroom garden villas.
  14. I am Platinum, so have been on many cruises. However, we usually don't book excursions through NCL. We have always just wanted to take each day as it comes and decide what to do when we are in port. However, I received the $50 perk recently so decided to book some. What happens if it rains, can I cancel? Would I be able to modify these onboard?
  15. It also depends on the ship. When on the Breakaway in the Haven, I have gotten the vibe pass because I like being able to use an outdoor hot tub. On the Escape, the Haven outdoor sundeck had a hot tub, so I did not get the spa pass. I am a teacher, so can only cruise the same time children are out of school. At those times, for me, the Haven areas have been taken over by kids. My last cruise, during Christmas, it seemed a large extended family traveled together, the adults were in one hot tub and the children, about 8 of them under the age of 7 were in the other. After a few hours of waiting, I went into the one with the children. I had a five year old hold his hand up to me and say, "you can't come in here". Needless to say, I did and they all left to go join the adults. When paying the high price of the Haven, it is a know brainer, to pay a little more for the peace of the vibe.
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