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  1. Has anyone been able to apply the $50 excursion credit from a few cabins for the cabana? Since these are advertised for groups, I don't see why not?
  2. I think this bar is over near the cabanas, does this mean that if you are not in a cabana you do not have access to the Moet Bar?
  3. I think it depends on the wine. I have this package booked as well. If I order veuve, and I can only get it by the glass, I am hopeful that it is a recently opened bottle of wine, not one that has been opened for awhile.
  4. I am platinum and have sailed many of my recent cruises in the haven. One time, I booked last minute to join some others on a cruise. Literally got the only room left which was a deck 4 cabin. I called to get the concierge number so that I could ask about reservations and priority tendering. They would not give me his number, but put me through to him. He asked my cabin number, when he heard the first 4, he pretty much hung up on me. I do have to say, sailing that week was such an eye opener. I feel you definitely get treated differently depending on your room. Again, just my opinion.
  5. Can anyone in the cabin use their own card to "swipe" or does it have to be one specific card?
  6. It really is a personal choice. Depends on what you like to drink. Besides top shelf liquor, and better wines and champagnes, you can get bottled water, sparkling water and specialty coffees. For some people it is worth it, for others, it would be a waste.
  7. Do you just purchase the floats on the island? I do not see it listed as an "excursion" to pre-book online.
  8. I also think this is a great idea, maybe I will try this in April. I am pretty good with having a drink every hour, but going to a new bar sounds fun. I know that I usually stick with using the same bars over and over and never even going to some of the other ones.
  9. Is this available to purchase online before the cruise?
  10. I meant to pay the difference.
  11. So I know that on NCL you can't upgrade from a studio cabin. But wondering if they will allow you to move to another category cabin if prices drop.
  12. Thank you all for your replies, I really think I am going to do this!
  13. So my husband and I are platinum, having many cruises under our belt, together. When we cruise we always are fine doing our own thing and I have even done some excursions on my own. I am a teacher and looking into a spring break cruise. My husband does not want to take the week off as we are going on a Bermuda cruise in the summer. So I am thinking of doing my first solo cruise. He is concerned about something going wrong and me being all alone. How does everyone handle this? I guess I can get the wifi package and keep in touch with him that way. Any advice on how I can assure him that
  14. So I usually book seven day cruises and have recently started looking at a quick four day spring break cruise on the Escape. Was wondering if anyone could tell me prices for the vibe, spa and approximate minimum upgrade bids on this shorter cruise?
  15. I have never sailed in a studio but am wondering if it is possible to get two connecting studios and put a 17 year old in one. I know that passengers need to be 21 years old but wondering if the rules were different for connecting studios.
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