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  1. And if it IS a problem and they can't be near each other, don't worry about it. You'll likely just talk to the people at your own table anyway so just divide up and switch table mates each night. I wouldn't even worry about that, as you'd still need multiple tables. At a table of 16 it's virtually impossible to converse with everyone anyway. As someone said already, I'd just try to get two tables for 8 and two tables for 6. That's about the largest table where you can converse easily with everyone, so don't worry about getting tables for 10, 12 or 16.
  2. You're in a unique situation in that your hometown is also a hub for a major airline. For many people, a nonstop to Europe isn't possible without making a long drive to depart from a different airport from their hometown. Again, living in a large city that offers many international flights helps you. There is only one European flight nonstop into my home airport (British Air from LHR to CHS). Many are like me, and don't really have viable options to fly nonstop from Europe to their home airport. By the way, any airport anywhere in the world can be affected by weather. That's not unique to the east coast. Granted, summer thunderstorms have east coast weather on everyone's mind at the moment, but it's not isolated to the east coast. A few years back we arrived back at Civitavecchia after a cruise and disembarking was delayed for an hour or two (I forget exactly) due to violent thunderstorms. Can't recall if the airport, which is a little distance away, was affected that day but it easily could have been.
  3. Yes, but generally when someone posts a vague request like that, there are underlying questions or concerns that become apparent later. I'm simply trying to clarify what type of information they are really looking for. Are they asking about weather and dress that time of year? Excursion ideas? Flight options into Seattle? Cruise demographics for that route? or any of a million other things that often come up with regard to Alaska itineraries.
  4. Please don't use the term "raised seal" birth certificate. Not all states issue BCs with a raised seal. Some use a water mark or a stamp or something like that, and if that's the case those BCs are just as official/certified as those from states that use a raised seal.
  5. Thousands and thousands of people have done Alaska cruises from Seattle. What is it exactly that you want to know? What are your concern or what are you wondering about?
  6. I never said there is NO hurricane risk in July or October, but August and September are historically the most active months in the season. My point though, was that it isn't hurricane season that lowers cruise ship numbers in the Caribbean during the summer, but that it's the time of year when, for other reasons, cruise line position a lot of ships in other parts of the world. And my other point was that even with reduced ship numbers, there is still plenty of summer vacation demand for flights to Florida.
  7. So you would ask Easy Jet to kick a confirmed passenger off another flight in order to guarantee that YOU could be confirmed on it? What if you were booked on a flight and they said "oh sorry, someone had to be reconfirmed on to THIS flight so we are kicking YOU off?" Sorry, it just doesn't work that way because that just creates a domino effect. It may not be your fault that Easy Jet has no alliance partners but it is entirely within your control if you book them under those circumstances.
  8. Things that will help: Do self embarkation and be in line before they call for self disembarkation to begin. If cabs are waiting, take one; faster than waiting even a few minutes for Uber/Lyft. Can you fly with carry on only? If so you can check in for flight on your phone and skip the check in line at airport. If you have to check in (check bags) at airport, do you have any airline status that allows use of priority line? If you have TSA Precheck and/or Clear that will help get you through airport security more quickly.
  9. Things that help with early flights: 1. Doing self disembarkation, and being ready to go before they actually call for self disembarkation to start, as the line can be long. 2. Having Global Entry- some cruise terminals let you go to the front of the customs line if you have your GE card 3. Not waiting on a ship transfer to the airport; just grab a waiting cab and go. Second choice would be Uber/Lyft 4. Being able to fly with carry on only so you don't have to wait in line to check luggage. Check in for your flight on your phone when you wake up and then go straight to security upon arrival at airport 5. Having priority status with your airline if you do have to check bags; sometimes that means a shorter line. 6. Having TSA Pre-check and/or Clear to get through airport security more quickly. You won't be contending with huge volumes of cruise pax, but early Monday morning is a busy travel time for weekly business travelers. And yes, there is a lot of business travel in and out of FLL. It's not just an airport for cruise pax; millions of people live in the area, they aren't all retirees, and many travel for business.
  10. People have mixed views on packing cubes. In my opinion, they don't really allow you to pack MORE than you would otherwise, although some seem to think so. Unless you're using compression bags, your clothes take up just as much room in a cube as they do loose in the suitcase. BUT, they can help you keep organized. I often pack bras and underwear in a small cube, just to keep them all in one place. I can put that cube, unzipped, right in a drawer in a cabin or hotel room. Same for exercise wear. And sometimes people will use a cube to pack all the stuff they are going to wear for the 1-3 days pre-cruise in a hotel somewhere so they don't have to unpack or dig through the entire suitcase prior to getting on a ship or to their final destination for a week or more. As for what to pack, a common tip is to never pack for more than 1 week, and just plan to re-wear clothing multiple times and plan on sending laundry out or rinsing items in the sink and hanging to dry. In the interest of packing light, I would just plan on sending some things to the ship's laundry around day 4 of the cruise, which would be halfway through your entire trip. On longer cruises like yours, there may well be a laundry special offered mid cruise. Either way, just accept that expense as the trade-off for packing lighter. You can also get a few things in technical or high performance fabrics that rinse and hang dry easily/quickly. Brands like Columbia, REI and some things from Athleta fit this bill well. I would also consider things that do double duty. I have a black Columbia skort that works great for casual daytime excursions. I can pair it with a tank and flip flops, or wear it with sneakers for a day that involves more walking. But paired with a "nicer" tee or other knit top and sandals and it's fine for casual dinners. You can find similar tank or tee shirt dresses made of the same kind of fabric that work well during the day, but can be dressed up for dinner with a nice bracelet or necklace, or a light shawl or shrug-style cardigan, and pretty sandals. Wear these types of things to dinner one night, then wear for a daytime excursion the next. If you get sweaty, rinse and hang dry and wear again a few days later. The other big tip is to build your travel wardrobe around 1 basic color and an accent color so everything mixes and matches. Take half the number of bottoms and make sure your can wear multiple tops with each bottom, and that each top works with more than one bottom. I take mostly black and white, and usually add a couple tops with color in them that would pair with either black or white bottoms. In a nutshell, a few basic pieces that all mix and match and can be dressed up or dressed down to create multiple different looks with just a few clothing items.
  11. While July is hurricane season, it isn't peak hurricane season; that's August and September so tropical storms are not really a big concern in July. Caribbean cruise volume is lower because summer is when cruise lines send a lot of ships to Alaska, New England/Canada and Europe. And that's not really because of hurricane season; it's because summer is the only time of year that it's feasible to offer cruises in chillier climates like Alaska, New England/Canada and the Baltic, and because demand for Med cruises goes up simply because it's summer vacation. And because it's summer vacation and kids are out of school, families are traveling, and two popular vacations for families, in addition to other cruise options, are Caribbean cruises and Disney World, both of which play into demand for airfare to south and central Florida.
  12. The answer is a solid maybe. Things that would help your chances: -self disembarkation, which you already mentioned you can do -disembarking on a weekend so you don't face commuter traffic between MIA and FLL -traveling carry on only, so you can check in online and not have to wait in line to check in or check bags -having TSA Precheck and/or Clear to expedite getting through airport security
  13. I'll second the suggestion to head to John's of Times Square in the former church building. I've been a couple of times and it's very good. I'm sure there are New Yorkers who would disagree, but for the purposes of a tourist from the south, it will give you a nice "NY pizza" to enjoy. It's also convenient anyone staying in upper midtown as you are...no need to worry about traveling all the way to Brooklyn just to get a slice during a short sightseeing trip. 😉
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