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  1. I would not want to rush to make a 10:30 flight on disembarkation day. Only you can decide if saving $150 each is enough savings to make it worth going through I/C at JFK instead of at the end of your trip at DTW.
  2. I would have absolutely no issue with a 1 hr 45 min connection at AMS. The airport has good signage and that's plenty of time to connect there. I usually arrive in ATL rather than JFK when returning from Europe so don't have as much experience with immigration and customs there. That said, at JFK you'll arrive at Delta's T4 which his HUGE. There's a jitney that runs a loop from T2 to 2 different stops at T4, but there can still be a lot of walking to get to your gate. All things considered, I'd probably opt for the 4 hour connect unless you have Global Entry, in which case I personally would go with the two hour connect.
  3. waterbug123

    United 777ER Configuration Change

    I agree that it sounds like a pending addition of premium economy. Are you currently booked in one of the rows that now has a different configuration? i.e. Did you book economy and select a row that appears that it will be premium economy? If so, it's likely that you will be reassigned to a regular economy row. Perhaps call United and ask; you may want to voluntarily change your seat assignment now, while you still have some selection available, rather than wait for their computer system to assign you to who knows what seats.
  4. waterbug123

    What other lines will honor C&A points?

    Important note: You would need to call Celebrity or Azamara ahead of time to enroll in their program, and when you do, give them your C&A number. Their system won't just automatically give you benefits.
  5. waterbug123

    Poor customer service from celebrity.

    It's always a good idea to thoroughly read the policy before purchasing, so that you know what will and won't be covered.
  6. Not true. A few years ago while in Vegas we went to the casino and got platinum MLife cards after they verified our D+ status with Royal. Last week we were booking a trip to Vegas for a few days after Christmas and when I logged in to MLife it showed me as the lowest level (can't remember what it's called.) I called to ask about that and they said the matching status has to be reset every year on or after 9/30. She verified my D+ status over the phone and within a day or so my MLife status was updated when I logged in online and I booked our room. I play a little blackjack but we aren't really big gamblers. We mainly enjoy the MLife status for room discounts, priority check-in, front of line status at some of the restaurants, that kind of thing. Ex. I was at Mirage a couple years ago with some girlfriends and the regular check-in line was a mile long, but I was able to walk right up to the platinum check-in desk to check in, AND get a room that was already available; it was around noon and official check-in is usually 4:00 so several of our friends had to wait for their room to be ready.
  7. waterbug123

    Making airline reservations

    Yes, getting you to the next port if you miss the ship is a big advantage of buying airfare through the cruise line. The risk of missing the ship though, can be mitigated by planning to fly in a day or two early. That is generally recommended for a number of reasons. The other potential advantage is cost savings, just understand that some of the bulk fare tickets sold by cruise lines may have some rules and restrictions attached that don't apply to published fare tickets. These sometimes become apparent only if and when there are major disruptions on travel day. Again though, arriving a couple of days early can minimize that potential downside, as you have more time to be re-accommodated and still make the ship. Arriving early also allows time to explore the city of embarkation, get adjusted to jet lag, allow delayed luggage time to get to you before boarding, etc.
  8. waterbug123

    Choice Air seems to cheap

    No, not really; my statements were not specific to economy class. The one thing in my reply that might vary from economy to business would be seat selection.... sometimes there is more ability to choose seats in advance for biz class anyway, so obviously there might be more ability to do so if buying biz from Choice Air. (ex. some European airlines allow no advance seat selection for economy on intra-european segments, but do allow it for biz. That choice might carry over if purchasing through a cruise line). The OP might also want to go to the Cruise Air forum for more help with air travel questions.
  9. waterbug123

    MAN to ELP premium economy

    It can really vary. I've gone to OFS and been told likewise....long wait. Other times, such as a few weeks ago, our party of 4 was seated immediately.
  10. waterbug123

    Best time to buy flight tickets

    Sorry, my reply did not come off as intended. It sounded like he was implying to OP that if seat selection matters to a non-elite, buy early. My point was that buying early doesn't necessarily mean non-elites have a much better selection than they do when waiting to purchase....due to the preferred seats (rows toward front of cabin, aisles and windows in back of cabin, exit rows, etc) often being reserved for elites to select.
  11. waterbug123

    Early Flight from Ft.Lauderdale

    Is that change fee, fare increase, or both? Not trying to grill you, just clarifying for other readers who may be less experienced flyers. Thanks!
  12. waterbug123

    Early Flight from Ft.Lauderdale

    No real need to "arrange" anything. Cabs will be lined up at Port Everglades for the short, cheap ride to FLL. And you had airline tickets that you could change to the next day without paying a change fee or a fare increase (due the last minute nature of the new ticket)?
  13. waterbug123

    Need information about customs

    Also Freeport Bahamas, Aruba, Bermuda and Abu Dhabi
  14. waterbug123

    Free WiFi hotspots in Key West? Nassau?

    Nope, just making an assumption based on the fact that the vast majority of Caribbean cruisers are from the US. I should have added, "assuming you are from the US...." to my reply. Seriously? If so, that's extremely rare these days, particularly among traveling folks!
  15. waterbug123

    Is my Passport Card good enough?

    No idea. I have both and use them for different purposes. If you're already getting the book, the card is a small add-on, cost-wise. Who are you replying to?