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  1. Are these international flights? At the prices you mention, I'm guessing yes. Most airlines allow at least 1 free checked bag and seat back entertainment screens on all long haul international flights; I'm surprised you are seeing differently. What flight # and date of travel have you booked?
  2. Taking a screen shot that can be pulled up in photos usually works well for the issue of possibly not having a phone connection or if the email or airline app is freezing up. Still helps to have paper copy in the event they balk at accepting an electronic form. On a similar note, I always have a paper copy of my boarding pass somewhere in my bag, but usually use the eboarding pass for convenience and likewise, take a screenshot of it...cell service is sometimes weak inside an airport terminal etc. Usually the photo app opens quickly though! Just another trick travelers can add to their bag of tricks to always have a plan B and sometimes even a plan C.
  3. I haven't, but often the issue with one way tickets is simply that they need to see that you do indeed have a return ticket to go home. Whether it's on the same or a different reservation typically doesn't matter. My guess here is that it's not so much that you have booked a one way ticket, but that entry into Denmark is restricted, at least for US pax, due to covid.
  4. Just nitpicking, but with few exceptions (and flying from Rome to the US isn't one of them) you don't clear customs when departing a country; you clear upon entry. You may go through passport control (exit immigration) but you don't clear customs.
  5. Oh my. First of all, rarely if ever will one find a choice between domestic first and premium economy. PE is a class generally not offered on domestic flights. So the choice would more likely be between first and economy+. For that choice, it would depend on the length of flight and the fare difference for each person to determine if first is worth it. That said, if it's at all possible to book first, I would certainly do it, and have many times. Bigger seat, more legroom, only 2 seats together rather than 3 so easier to get up and move about when necessary, actual meal service rather than a snack box (covid service restrictions notwithstanding), and more generous baggage allowance to name a few reasons.
  6. From the west coast, or for that matter from almost anywhere in the US, one can find a multitude of options on all 3 of the big US airlines (AA, UA, DL) that will get them from their home airport to a major US hub and then nonstop from there to FCO. Nothing particularly special about using AA to fly from the west coast to Europe.
  7. True. But for benefit of others...my question would be, why are you stuck on American? AMS is a hub for KLM so if possible, I'd be looking at KLM and other Sky Team airlines, like Air France and Delta, as there would likely be more options.
  8. No one can say for sure; anyone who claims to know what will happen is just speculating/guessing. That said, I wouldn't panic quite yet. Fares for next Sept have only just been released, and that's largely just fares for early Sept. It will be late Oct before all of next Sept's fares are released. Fares are often higher when first released so wait a bit and check again.
  9. I don't recall if I had access to a priority line due to flying in a premium cabin, or if it was due to Sky Miles status.
  10. So you are essentially asking the cruise lines to evaluate virtually every airline in the world, every airport in the world, and every hotel a passenger might possible end up in unexpectedly due to an unforeseen missed connection? At some point, you just have to accept that "all necessary precautions" is only going to pertain to the ones over which the cruise line has direct control.
  11. Sorry if I misread; it came across as you being upset that PDBs were not currently being offered. As for their return, they'll be back if for no other reason that competitive edge. See my further reply below. Interesting that you mention this. I remember back in the day, when budget hotels first started offering free breakfast. It was pretty much as you describe....mini cereal boxes and single serve milk cartons, whole fruit, and maybe a toaster station or individually wrapped muffins. Then a few realized if they had bowls of ice out there to keep the milk cold, they could add cartons of yogurt too, and maybe hard boiled eggs. The toaster and pastry options gradually increased, they began adding cut fruit, and then someone decided that they would get the edge by adding a hot item and the rest followed suit. Now they have dedicated kitchen prep areas and dedicated staff to put on a full breakfast assortment, often including 3 or 4 chafing dishes of hot items, multiple waffle irons, and hot beverage centers with sometimes 3 or 4 different types of coffee, an assortment of hot teas, and hot chocolate. Each "step up" in offerings was to gain competitive edge. Others followed and it became the norm. They will be back after Covid. Even if one thought, hey we managed without, we don't need to bring it back, someone else will and they'll be forced to keep up or lose market share. Same with pre-departure beverages in first class on airlines, and the other cabin services that have been curtailed.
  12. Are you saying the BA business class is $200 more than business on another airline, or that BA business is $200 more than BA economy?
  13. Entirely different situation than a domestic first class flight; long haul international aircraft are much larger and it's more common to have a 2-door boarding set-up. You aren't generally going to find that domestically. You're entitle to your opinion. But I think most people would find that the larger seat is the main advantage for a domestic flight. (plus priority check-in, additional free baggage allowance, and dedicated bin space) Pre-departure bev is nice, but I'm not going to start complaining because they've temporarily stopped that in the interest of social distancing.
  14. All I would add is that after EZ Air does your booking, get the airline confirmation code from them, call the airline, and MAKE SURE the lap child shows up properly on their end, or you could have issues at check-in/boarding.
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