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  1. waterbug123

    Fares Gone Crazy

    Different dates often equal different levels of demand for whatever reason. Again, supply and demand. A week later maybe was a holiday, a school break, a week when an airline was offering great fares to the debarkation city, or for inexplicable reasons more people just wanted to cruise that week, driving fares up.
  2. waterbug123

    Stressed and Sad

    I wouldn't worry about reservations having a middle initial instead of full middle name. I don't think I've ever heard of that being an issue getting through security. The issues tend to be when the (first/last) name on the ticket is completely different than what's on an ID. Examples: new brides who book a ticket in their new married name but haven't had a chance to change their ID from their maiden name, people who go by a middle name that isn't spelled out on their ID, or people who book tickets in a nickname rather than their given name, etc. as you originally did. You got that one changed and that's the important one.
  3. waterbug123

    Fares Gone Crazy

    Supply and demand. Maybe there are fewer similar cruise options this year, so the cruise line knows they can charge a premium. Or perhaps demand is up and sales are exceeding last year's so again, they can charge a premium.
  4. waterbug123

    Poolside Cocktail Service

    We have seen a general decline in pool servers since drink packages became the norm. We mainly cruise royal and celebrity, and 10 years ago we would literally be hounded nonstop by servers pushing drinks. Flagging one down when you needed a drink took 2 seconds. These days it's hit or miss in our experience. Sometimes they seem to be around, though still not in the numbers we used to see. Other times we are lucky to see a single one pass by over the course of an hour.
  5. waterbug123

    Poolside Cocktail Service

    We have seen a general decline in pool servers since drink packages became the norm. We mainly cruise royal and celebrity, and 10 years ago we would literally be hounded nonstop by servers pushing drinks. Flagging one down when you needed a drink took 2 seconds. These days it's hit or miss in our experience. Sometimes they seem to be around, though still not in the numbers we used to see. Other times we are lucky to see a single one pass by over the course of an hour.
  6. waterbug123

    Connection times through Charles de Gaulle airport

    Doable, yes. Ideal, no. A little over a year ago I connected through CDG on the way to Italy and again on the way back. One connection was right at an hour, the other had an hour and 15 minutes. I made it both times, but it was stressful, and on the shorter connection I didn't even have time to stop at the restroom. There were passport checks and security. I had access to very short priority lines based on my airline status, and am somewhat familiar with CDG, having been through it multiple times before, and it was still an extremely tight connection. You have longer than I did, so you can probably make it, but you have very little wiggle room. On your inbound flight, try to use the lavatory just before the seat belt sign is turned back on for landing. Upon landing do not dawdle, or waste time stopping for food/drink/restroom until you have reached your connecting gate. At that time, you can determine if you have extra time to run back and get a drink or find a restroom before boarding.
  7. waterbug123

    What am I missing?

    There are more than one first class fare bucket. Each has different rules and restrictions. It's very possible that the $881 price that shows on the website is for a discounted first class ticket, or as mentioned, a confusing fare bucket that is actually a coach ticket that automatically upgrades to First.* Meanwhile, the upgrade price you're seeing might be a non-discounted First ticket. You can always call the airline and ask about it. Maybe they can get you the lower price or maybe they can't. Much will depend on the rules and restrictions of the ticket/fare bucket that you actually purchased, which could include the ability to change your ticket by paying not only the fare difference but a change fee as well. You have nothing to lose by calling and asking though. *The catch with these tickets is that at the end of the day, what you actually bought was a coach (economy) ticket, and if there are flight disruptions or aircraft swaps that necessitate a rebooking situation, you will likely be rebooked in the class you actually bought, which is economy.
  8. waterbug123

    Best search engine to find cheap airfares?

    With all due respect, it came across as thought you did NOT understand why ticket prices might vary. You said you've sometimes seen a lower price on some sites, and based on the thread topic, it seemed that you thought maybe there was a site where the prices would always be cheaper. That seems to imply that one might not understand WHY those tickets are always cheaper. I'm not sure I understand what you're asking then. There is no single site that always has the lowest fares. You're aware of various sites already that you can go to to check routes and fares. You know that a lower price for the same flight might mean it comes with restrictions that another ticket doesn't. What is it exactly that you're asking?
  9. waterbug123

    The Emergency Travel Team number on app is WRONG

    Wrong again. Once again it's about personal responsibility. If you don't speak the language, then it's up to you to stay close to the guide or figure out a way to communicate effectively with him/her. Use Google translate, write down what you think he said and ask him to verify, whatever. Otherwise, how do you have any idea at all about when and where you're supposed to meet? You don't get to just book a tour in a language you don't understand and then do your own thing and make assumptions about what the guide said because it isn't your native tongue. This refers to the entire bus being late because it broke down, or traffic was stopped due to a wreck or something. No where in any literature, rules, websites etc. does Celebrity tell you they guarantee that if you get separated from your group on a tour, they will go to the ends of the earth to find you, nor does it say they will hold the ship until you are found if this happens. You are grossly misintrepreting what you've read/heard, and if you get left behind due to your own negligence (and yes, it would be your own negligence if you didn't understand, but just went off on your own anyway, with no idea of when/where to meet) I doubt your Jim Walker would be able to help much.
  10. waterbug123

    The Emergency Travel Team number on app is WRONG

    Good luck with that. If you take off on your own or ignore the time and don't follow the directions you were given, it is NOT the tour operator's job to go searching for you. Sure, it's reasonable to think they might take a cursory look around the immediate area or check the closest restrooms, but are they supposed to drive all over the city? Go into every store, bar and restaurant? Call the police, the hospital and the embassy? Meanwhile keeping a busload of other people waiting, and potentially leaving a ship of thousands of others waiting? No, they aren't. As a tour participant, it is YOUR responsibility to follow directions, keep an eye on the time, and be where you are supposed to be at the appointed time. It's called personal responsibility.
  11. waterbug123

    AA business class seating

    And as each of you inevitably gets up to use the lavatory or stretch your legs, you can stop at the other's seat for a moment if you think of something you want to ask or say to each other.
  12. waterbug123

    Delta seat assignment at check in - families?

    Keep posting here. There are some VERY experienced travelers and they can be a wealth of information. Sometimes the answers are a bit direct, and someone wanting a warm fuzzy reply can be taken aback by that. Other times, some of us hear a question and tend to brace for what that question often means, based on prior/common threads. In this case, someone asking whether they keep families together when assigning seats reminds us of the people out there who intentionally book a basic economy ticket but then want exceptions to the rules. Or, we hear "families" and assume it means toddlers or young children, as that's often the case, and we know what's coming next. The goal isn't to be rude to you with the answers given, but rather to try to cover all possible situations to which you might be referring, and to head off additional follow-up questions, such as -in this case- "will they ask other pax to move/Can I ask other pax to move so we can stay together?" So at this point let me go back and answer your question anew: Yes, seat selection should be available at the time you check in, but at that late date you may or may not find 2, 3 or 4 seats adjacent to each other. Even if you don't attempt to choose your seats and the airline does your seat assignments at that point, yes they will generally try to keep you together (assuming you're all on one reservation and they thus know you are traveling together) but likely won't have 3 or 4 seats together, and possibly won't have 2 together, so you may all end up in middle seats in different rows. Since your kids are teens and you are ok withnot being seated right next to them, there doesn't seem to be any issue with having accidentally booked basic economy so you can sit back and enjoy the $ savings.
  13. waterbug123

    Across the Pond

    Yes, once you are within the time frame to check-in, that area should populate on the app. I like to have a printed boarding pass as a back-up. As others have said, there is nothing worse than standing behind someone whose phone decided to act up/go dead and they can't pull up their boarding pass and are thus holding up the entire line. If you are forced to gate check, you should not have to pay a checked bag fee. I know on Delta you don't, and assume it's the same on AA. If I recall correctly, you're talking about a transatlantic flight though; being forced to gate check a bag is much less rare on TATL flights. Since most will get a free checked bag, there always seems to be fewer folks lugging bags aboard, plus the aircraft used for these routes are bigger, with more overhead bins.
  14. I'm sure there will be some who think it's worth it for that, as well as the other perks that come with it, and happily pay for it. I'm sure there will be some who think no way is it worth it and thus don't pay for it. And then there will be some who don't think it's worth it and don't pay for it, but get bent out of shape because others DO pay for it. 😉
  15. waterbug123

    Insurance for Alaska cruise

    As to what her normal medical insurance covers, it depends entirely on her specific policy. She may or may not need additional medical insurance. Travel insurance policies can vary and not all cover all the same things. There is medical coverage, trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage, lost luggage coverage, and probably something else I'm not thinking of at the moment. She would need to check her own policy to see what's covered if she travels. Some policies have no coverage if you are out of network, and may be traveling to a location where there are no network providers. There is usually an exception made for emergency room treatment, but the bottom line is she'd need to check her own policy carefully.