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  1. My guess is that you have a confirmed reservation, not a confirmed ticket. Also, seat assignments are technically seat "requests" and can be changed by the airline. This is true even when the ticket is fully paid for.
  2. Two things to add: 1. Re: concerns about delayed luggage...the real advice here is to plan to arrive at your cruise embarkation point one or two days early. If your bags are delayed, they generally have time to catch up to you before the cruise. More importantly, YOU have time to catch up if your flights get canceled or delayed at the last minute for whatever reason. That's the real reason it's so often suggested to plan to arrive early. That it gives delayed bags a chance to catch up is secondary. 2. Re: buying a round trip ticket and ditching the return....First, make sure it's the return you're ditching, not the front end, because as soon as you don't show up for a leg of the flight, the rest of the itinerary is canceled. Second, If done as a one off, usually you won't experience any consequences. But do it repeatedly and if the airline catches it, the outcome might not be so friendly.
  3. Hmm....while there are many who may come here to post, erroneously, that the "best" time to purchase is X, the more knowledgeable posters repeatedly remind folks that that's a myth; there is no single best time to purchase airline tickets. It's a fluid situation, and trying to outguess airline pricing algorithms is an exercise in futility. Watch, monitor, get a general idea of pricing, and decide what you're comfortable paying. If and when you see that price, buy.
  4. Exactly. Be careful calling those economy plus/comfort plus products "plushier seats." First, the seat itself is the exact same seat as in regular economy....same exact seat, no additional width, they usually say extra recline but the additional amount is so miniscule many would be hard-pressed to notice the difference, and the seat amenities are the same as economy...no additional storage pockets, TV screen if offered is the same size and so forth. What they offer is a few extra inches of legroom and maybe earlier boarding. On Delta alcoholic beverages are included, but if it's a flight that includes a meal, it's the same exact meal as in regular economy.
  5. 3"??? That's a situation where I would have to think it was really an economy "plus" product, not true premium economy
  6. This right here^^^^. Depending on the airline and the specific aircraft, be sure it's true premium economy, and not "economy plus, comfort plus" etc. Many see the latter and incorrectly categorize it as premium economy when it's not, and because the cruise line air departments often don't have a defined category for the "plus" products even they sometimes lump it in with true premium economy when it's not. Also, when checking the airline, be sure you are looking at the "operated by" part. You might have a Delta ticket but a particular segment is "operated by Air France," or a United ticket but one leg is "operated by Lufthansa" for example. This happens a lot with alliance partners. You need to look at the "operated by" airline to really determine the type of seat, seat configuration etc. Beyond that, even within true premium economy there are differences from airline to airline. Some Air France seats are more of a rotating shell....the entire seat tips back so to speak, as opposed to just the upper part reclining and a footrest extending outward. Hard to explain the difference in words but the difference in comfort level can be significant. Another thing to consider is lounge access. Consider whether premium economy gives you lounge access at the airport, and whether you will need it. Ex. there have been times we flew to Italy but our transatlantic flight went through Amsterdam, followed by a short hop to Rome or Milan. But the stay in Amsterdam was 4 or 5 hours. Lounge access was key in those cases....a quiet place to wait, not crowded, with far more comfortable seating than in the terminal, access to showers so we could completely freshen up after the overnight flight, wifi, food and coffee, etc. If we had flown directly from, say, JFK to Rome, it might not have mattered as much.
  7. This. Airlines often do not return to the same airport, but instead continue on somewhere else. And this. Plus since covid airlines have reduced their numbers of flights overall, eliminated certain destinations for the time being, etc. Ok, but from DFW are you still only trying to find nonstop options? That's going to limit you.
  8. Same! My flying is all leisure, and I just cannot do those long flights sitting up in economy anymore. Never say never, but I'm just miserable if/when I do it. I don't sleep as well in business as I do at home, but for me, being able to stretch out in a lie flat with a duvet is worth the cost to me. I realize not everyone feels the same or has the budget to make the same choices.
  9. The increased contact is about 1) the food prep involved in the meal before it even gets to the plane, and 2) the increased contact required by flight crew to make final preparations for the meal. Typically for a regular meal, they have to heat the entrees, then add each entree to a cold tray that already has the salad, dessert etc. on it. Then they add bread to the tray, etc. In business class, there is even more handling, as there is often an appetizer course served separately at the start, and a dessert course served separately at the end. That's a lot more handling than handing someone a prepackaged snack box. I understand why someone might think that, but that truly isn't their goal. They want customers to be satisfied, they want employees to be satisfied, they want to earn a profit, they want flights to be run safely, and right now, they don't want the bad PR that comes from not being as diligent as possible with covid-related safety/health measures. All of those things come at an expense, and some of those expenses can be trimmed for feasibly than others. Most frequent flyers I know consider the meal service to be low on the totem pole of reasons to book business class. In fact, many plan to skip the meal altogether, in lieu of settling right in to sleep on a long flight. Given the time it takes to get served, eat, and have meal tray taken away, one can sacrifice a significant amount of potential sleep time depending on the itinerary. Even without factoring sleep time in, many consider other features of business class to be far more important than the meal. Some of the biggest include include airport lounge access (in and of itself, valuable for a multitude of reasons), larger seat, lie flat seat configuration, no middle seats and often guaranteed aisle access.
  10. And I'll play devil's advocate and tell you that if you need to sit together, then book however you need to book to ensure that, without relying on other pax to switch seats. Yes, many people will gladly switch with you, but it's presumptuous to expect/hope/assume they will; they may have selected their seat for a particular reason and/or paid to do so, and thus many won't take kindly to you trying to skirt the system to save a buck. And yes, airlines will separate parents and children if they didn't book seats together or pay for that privilege. If you consider decent legroom to be a basic, Spirit may not suit your needs. They have some of the tightest seat pitch (legroom) in the industry, and even average height people often find it cramped.
  11. I don't have a link because the info has come in various different emails etc. but just as an FYI, Delta has announced two very positive things in the last few days. 1. They will continue to block middle seats at least through the end of March 2021. Some other airlines are already filling all seats if demand exists. 2. They have said the elimination of change fees has been made a permanent change. As always, if you do change a ticket, you would be subject to any difference in fare, but losing a change fee $250+ right off the bat from the value of your ticket will be a thing of the past.
  12. Thanks, I've seen photos of this since posting before! Really? I've flown Southwest several times since covid hit and there is always a question at check-in, whether its online or at the check in desk, asking if you've experienced any covid-like symptoms or been exposed to anyone you know had covid in the prior 2 weeks. Granted, they have to take you at your word, but they do ask.
  13. So this begs the question, are people getting the vaccine being given proof that they got it? I had a doctors appt yesterday and we were talking about the vaccine. My doctor's understanding is that at least here in the US, those getting the vaccine aren't being given any sort of proof, at least thus far. So if this becomes a requirement by an airline or a particular country's immigration department, will it just be a case of "check here if you've had the covid19 vaccine" and they'll take your word for it?
  14. We fly often enough that we know we will us whatever airline credits we get if we have to cancel a flight. So in a nutshell, we are booking and not worrying about it. As for long hold times, you may be able to use a call back feature, so the airline calls you back instead of waiting on hold. Or put your phone on speaker and go about your business until they pick up.
  15. Are these international flights? At the prices you mention, I'm guessing yes. Most airlines allow at least 1 free checked bag and seat back entertainment screens on all long haul international flights; I'm surprised you are seeing differently. What flight # and date of travel have you booked?
  16. Taking a screen shot that can be pulled up in photos usually works well for the issue of possibly not having a phone connection or if the email or airline app is freezing up. Still helps to have paper copy in the event they balk at accepting an electronic form. On a similar note, I always have a paper copy of my boarding pass somewhere in my bag, but usually use the eboarding pass for convenience and likewise, take a screenshot of it...cell service is sometimes weak inside an airport terminal etc. Usually the photo app opens quickly though! Just another trick travelers can add to their bag of tricks to always have a plan B and sometimes even a plan C.
  17. I haven't, but often the issue with one way tickets is simply that they need to see that you do indeed have a return ticket to go home. Whether it's on the same or a different reservation typically doesn't matter. My guess here is that it's not so much that you have booked a one way ticket, but that entry into Denmark is restricted, at least for US pax, due to covid.
  18. Just nitpicking, but with few exceptions (and flying from Rome to the US isn't one of them) you don't clear customs when departing a country; you clear upon entry. You may go through passport control (exit immigration) but you don't clear customs.
  19. Oh my. First of all, rarely if ever will one find a choice between domestic first and premium economy. PE is a class generally not offered on domestic flights. So the choice would more likely be between first and economy+. For that choice, it would depend on the length of flight and the fare difference for each person to determine if first is worth it. That said, if it's at all possible to book first, I would certainly do it, and have many times. Bigger seat, more legroom, only 2 seats together rather than 3 so easier to get up and move about when necessary, actual meal service rather than a snack box (covid service restrictions notwithstanding), and more generous baggage allowance to name a few reasons.
  20. From the west coast, or for that matter from almost anywhere in the US, one can find a multitude of options on all 3 of the big US airlines (AA, UA, DL) that will get them from their home airport to a major US hub and then nonstop from there to FCO. Nothing particularly special about using AA to fly from the west coast to Europe.
  21. True. But for benefit of others...my question would be, why are you stuck on American? AMS is a hub for KLM so if possible, I'd be looking at KLM and other Sky Team airlines, like Air France and Delta, as there would likely be more options.
  22. No one can say for sure; anyone who claims to know what will happen is just speculating/guessing. That said, I wouldn't panic quite yet. Fares for next Sept have only just been released, and that's largely just fares for early Sept. It will be late Oct before all of next Sept's fares are released. Fares are often higher when first released so wait a bit and check again.
  23. I don't recall if I had access to a priority line due to flying in a premium cabin, or if it was due to Sky Miles status.
  24. So you are essentially asking the cruise lines to evaluate virtually every airline in the world, every airport in the world, and every hotel a passenger might possible end up in unexpectedly due to an unforeseen missed connection? At some point, you just have to accept that "all necessary precautions" is only going to pertain to the ones over which the cruise line has direct control.
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