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  1. Thanks so much for this video. It makes me feel a little better.
  2. We are on the January 10 cruise. I did not see the cabin assign until I checked in.
  3. We booked a balcony guarantee and were just assigned 7064 which the deck plan says is obstructed view. Does anyone know what the obstruction is and how bad it is? Is there any way to change the cabin assignment? I know you take your chances when you book a guarantee cabin but we seem to have come out on the losing side especially since there are very few obstructed view cabins.
  4. Wow you guys are touchy. I don’t think I’m better than anybody else. And by the way I don’t think the food on Celebrity is nearly as good as it was ten years ago. Who am I to tell others what to like? I’m just asking a question about what I might like. I’ve seen Perry’s act on many cruises and I’ve never seen him insult anyone who couldn’t take it or didn’t think it was funny. I’m not disputing that you have. If you don’t want to see Perry on the Explorer I’m sure there are many other things you could be doing. I think Perry is on the Serenade for cruise before Jan 10.
  5. This is what I mean by more than standing room only. These pictures were taken on different nights by different passengers and posted on Facebook. See all those smiling faces.
  6. Perry's shtick is making people laugh. The people he is making fun of keep coming back for more every night. He is playing to more than standing room only crowds on the Explorer of the Seas every night this summer.
  7. Yes. We have taken more than 25 cruises on Celebrity where we first saw Perry on the Connie. We followed him to Princess and now RC. He makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and there’s no better way to End the night.
  8. Thanks for your replies. I'm sure I'll have a good time on the cruise because Perry's on the ship. I won't be disappointed in the food because I'm not expecting much. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  9. We'll be taking our first Royal Caribbean cruise in January. We are primarily cruising on the Serenade to see Perry Grant again. (I've been practicing my Position.) So food is definitely secondary. But the menus showing on the RCI app are really blah-inexpensive ingredients for the most part and not a lot of choice. Even the specialty restaurants don't look interesting. Am I going to be pleasantly surprised?
  10. What drinks are included in the nightly Diamond cocktail parties? Is there a list I can find somewhere on line? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. The furniture in the sky suite screams cheap, cheap, cheap. Some of it looks like it was picked up on curbside, placed there by someone who was upgrading their furniture after getting a real job. On the basis of these pictures I will never book a sky suite. Barbara
  12. We will be on the Serenade next March. It's our first time on Royal Caribbean but we will be Diamond because of Celebrity status. Is there a discount for Diamond members for wifi? Barbara
  13. I don't think you can use HBO GO out of the US. At least I wasn't.
  14. Thank you for quick reply.
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