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  1. As someone who had their Loyalty OBC substantially reduced and replaced with a bag and cap, on our recent cruise they were returned to Customer Service with a short note. However, for those who are newer to O, I completely understand why these items can be appealing.
  2. I did get confirmation when it was approved. However, on last cruise I received no communication and when I called O, informed it was denied...special pricing excuse.
  3. We’ll be on Riviera when Aquamar starts 12/7. Would be nice if this amenity was reinstated.
  4. On the same cruise as Brad and Rick and in agreement with them. We usually cruise O Class, rarely an R ship, but wanted a local get away, so booked Insignia, expecting a good time but not up to O Class. We were wrong! The refurbishment is beautiful.....cabin and exterior. Everything new! Lots of storage, outlets, huge lighted mirror over vanity area, comfortable verandah chairs. We ate in the specialty restaurants several times.....excellent food and service. The GDR was open for lunch almost daily....not so on Marina in Europe last May. I believe that Oceania monitors its passengers at the ports and apparently shuts GDR when the vast majority are off the ship for the majority of the day. As many passengers go to the Caribbean multiple times, some don’t get off at every port and many return early. Therefore, GDR open for lunch. We dine late and sometimes catch the last 15 minutes of the shows. We agree that the entertainment is not as good as mega ships and Horizons late night is fairly empty but not a priority for us. We sit on the verandah, play Sinatra on our music cube (low) and have a night cap.....great entertainment! As to comments regarding the captain’s level of interaction with passengers and not appearing suave, they’re hired for their ship expertise and keeping us safe......not looking like Marcelo Mastroianni. 🤣 Rick......not only loud music from Majesty of the Seas but we encountered a very happy and noticeably inebriated group from the neighboring Carnival ship when docked in St. Martin. Made us also appreciate the soft jazz at the pool. Ship wait staff has always worked at different venues during day/night. Their contract sets schedule and job description. How could this get included in a “negatives” list? Next cruise in December on Riviera. Hope the refurbishment is as nice as Insignia.
  5. I’ve been sending in most recent stock statement for the month before sailing. Next cruise is December and sending this week. Thanks for info....will send in for next 3. Maybe they ask for an update before each cruise....
  6. is anyone aware of Gold level and up having a spa credit of $150 pp when new spa provider takes over each ship? I read it in an article that discussed the new spa company, but see no mention of it on O’s website.
  7. Why don't you two exchange email addresses (or start a new thread) in order to discuss your vacations? Interesting to the two of you, but off message. Thanks :-)
  8. Yes....Becoming an accounting lesson. You’ve made your point and if not, start another thread.... call it 🍎 2 🍎 BTW, O Biz Class upgrade @$2k each way (Thailand/Beijing 2016) but not last few years....could qualify as another cut back.
  9. Totally agree with the last few posts! We use points for air, do not require unlimited drinks, use points for pre/post hotels and use private guides with other cruise critic members. All those "free" items on Regent, Crystal, etc. are factored into their cost. It's a matter of what your needs are. Oceania pricing does give options.
  10. No debate here. I'm not discussing "on shore" dining (where you do not eat in same restaurant many consecutive nights), rather stating present and previous changes on Oceania dining. That said, the fact remains that they are now rotating repeat items over cruise days, resulting in less options. Those who are long time cruisers are aware of these changes. New cruisers will compare to other lines and hopefully will be satisfied. The food is still good but sorry, the cutbacks are a fact.
  11. Yes. They are repeating menu items regularly which again is a cut back in choices overall. For us, if we didn’t want it the 1st time, don’t want it thereafter. Oceania does it in order to keep menus simpler and less expensive buying more bulk than varied.
  12. I will certainly reply. Your dinner menu is accurate. However, it has less choices in each category than previously. I am not saying you can’t find something to eat, but the older menus had a “dizzying” array of choices. Entrees numbered closer to 12, not 6. And the choices much better and more interesting. Same for soups, salads, appetizers. Lunch menus in GDR were fabulous. Also numerous choices. A great experience with a glass of wine upon returning from a morning tour and staying on board. Now it’s closed most port days. When MDR is open for lunch, they serve the same food that’s put out in the buffet, just on a plate served by a waiter. We no longer go there...it’s buffet food. Breakfast is where we find no cut backs. Someone said it’s same everyday.....and so it should be.....can’t think of anything you could want that’s not there......and breakfast in MDR if you have time, is even better. Will make anything you ask! Specialty restaurants are all very good.....menus remain the same and wonderful service.
  13. I am in complete agreement with your statement. Our 1st O Cruise was 2007 and we also raved about the line. Convinced others who went and completely agreed. We never looked at another line. As we approach our 15th Cruise, (4 booked from next week to August) the cutbacks on food choices, MDR closed lunchtime most days, loyalty cutbacks especially, no shareholder benefit........coupled with fact I can’t think of anything added......oh yes, I’m getting a “cap” in exchange for reducing my OBC from $400 down to $250! All started when O became part of a publicly traded company. Not surprised. As to staff, we’ve never experienced anything but friendly people always trying to please. In December we cruise with friends doing 21st and 33rd cruises with O. We are all going to look at other lines unless O reverts to what initially was a 5* experience.
  14. Just received email from Oceania debuting the new Aquamar Spa & Viltality Center. Just my opinion but It appears to be more services to pay for. Nothing I have an interest in. For me, vitality and wellness on my cruise is not cutting back on my menu choices or afternoon tea and not slashing my benefits for Loyalty Program. Those who had already reached a status level should have been grandfathered in. At 15th Cruise there is no longer 2 spa visits and $100 OBC reduction. In November our OBC at 13th & 14th Cruise will be reduced $150 each. But they’re giving us a “cap” so all the loyal customers can wear it and advertise free for Oceania. Let them know what you think of the cutbacks....and return the cap to the main desk with your Comment Card!
  15. When you have a “must internet” situation, go to the computer room to log in. Almost always able to connect. We use this for anything of importance and no difficulties.
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