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  1. In early March 2018 -we booked the 11:15 am flight out of FLL, Ship was in port on time. We filled out our form to get the first time (with our bags being picked up in port with all the other bags). I think we got off the ship at 8:30 am. Went out front took a taxi/van and was at the airport before 9:00 am, check in was quick (we were ahead of the Ship scheduled buses), When we were checked in and walking to security the line was out the door with the Ship buses checking in. There were 5 ships in port that morning..... So yes, it can be done, just take a cab or a van to the airport and not ship transportation. We were at our gate waiting by shortly after 9 for our 11:15 flight.
  2. We had a signature drink package this summer and yes bottled water both the smaller bottles and the larger liter bottles were included.
  3. Thank you, thank you. I have followed your blog for the past month and have enjoyed every post and photo. Brings back our memories from 3 years ago in Paris. We had our 16 year old granddaughter with us. The Rotterdam - we will be boarding on July 15 this year, looking forward to our trip. Again, thank you for a wonderful review of many great places.
  4. In the Rotterdam Spa area, I know they do manicures, but do they fill in artificial Gel nails. Thanks
  5. Wonderful ongoing review. Love the descriptions, menus and photos. Makes us want to do this cruise in the future. We are on the Rotterdam July 15 for 18 Night Viking Passage from Rotterdam to Boston. Thanks for taking the time for us to enjoy your trip.

    Land Excursion Booklets

    Just looked today and the Shore Excursions are posted for Royal Clipper and Star Clipper for this winter. Log on to Star Clipper web site, scroll to very bottom of page to Shore Excursions, It will still show the excursions for Med. but if you scroll to bottom you will see the listings for Royal and Star Clipper. Hope this helps

    Land Excursion Booklets

    We sailed on Royal Clipper in January 2011. It was only 30-60 days before cruise that they posted excursions, at bottom of their web page.... with that said, you sign up on the ship - a book with the listed excursions, nothing formal online ahead of time.

    Star Clipper Virgin Islands

    We have not been on Star Clippers to the BVI, only Windwards with Royal Clipper in January 2011, but have been to the BVI several times for 2 week stays. You can certainly enjoy the beaches each and every day. Jost Van Dyke is the most beautiful blue water anywhere we have been in the Carribbean and you can enjoy the beach and the beach bar Soggy Dollar (have a few Pain Killers) all day long. On Virgin Gorda, I would be sure to get to the Baths. You could rent a car and drive yourself there or take the excursion, just hope you have enough time to see the Baths properly (takes a few good hours doing the caves). If you rent a car you could stop at Mahoe Bay or Savannah Bay for top notch snorkelilng also. Tortola's Sopers Hole is a wonderful little port with shops and restaurants, be sure if you want to eat on shore to walk to Jolly Roger in the west end, it will take you 20 minutes to walk there but a great bar and low key restaurant. Have fun in the BVI.

    Star Flyer in the Miraflores Locks March 25, 2012

    Thanks for the photos. We will be on the Star Flyer from Panama to Costa Rica December 9, 2012!!
  10. We have just booked Star Flyer from Balboa, Panama to Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica, December 9, 2012 . Anyone sailing?

    Star Clipper Leeward Is 12/17 - 12/23

    We sailed on the Royal out of Barbados last January. We visited both Dominca and Iles Des Saintes. Loved both islands. If you choose the Middleham Falls hike... be sure you are in tip top shape, its a tedious climb up hewn in stairs - many many .... a beautiful hike for the fit and well worth the water fall at the top. It almost did me in... Iles Des Saintes, we just walked the beautiful little town, visited the quaint church, had a gelato and enjoyed the ambiance and, of course, did a little shopping. I understand the beach on the other side of the island is nice - will do that next time. We are trying now to decide when we can take our next Clipper sail.

    Detailed Star Clipper Trip Report - Feb 26

    You can log on to the Star clippers website, a few months ahead they list the excursion brochure at the bottom of the page.... On the ship they have a book to sign up for the excursions - its very informal - so just a day or two ahead of the excursion is sufficient. i.e. the first night sign up for the next day and then usually 2 days ahead after that. Hope this helps. We sailed Royal Clipper Windwards last January for our first time and loved it, loved it. Are trying to line up another one in the next few years.

    Currency exchange questions

    We did not take any Euros with us. We used US $$ on every island except Martinique - we went to an ATM in town as we were walking from the ship and acquired some Euros - as much as we thought we would use shopping. We don't like to use our Credit Card on the islands at individual shops. On Iles De Saintes we used US dollars, we are not sure we received the best exchange rate but didn't spend a large amount. On Royal Clipper I do not know if they exchange, we never asked, and on the ship you do not need Euros, all purchases go on your swipe card and you are charged at the end. Hope this info helps.


    I would be on the phone to them tomorrow. We had ours for our Jan 22 sailing in mid December.......

    Cost of drinks onboard

    We just returned from the Royal Clipper sailing of January 22, 2011. Looking at invoice..... A coke was 1.80 Euro, Bar mixed drink - usually the drink of the day i.e. Pina Colada or something similar was 4.75 euro, draft beer was 2.80 euro. Decent wine in the dining room was 23.00 euro and 20.00 euro per bottle - if you did not finish the bottle they would cork and save for the next evening. We usually don't order wine by the glass at the bar, so don't have a price for a glass of wine. We thought drink prices were reasonable. We loved the Royal Clipper and had a great time.