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  1. Laphroaig 18. Beware....this is an Islay malt. If Islay ain't your thing, you might curse me while you pour it down the sink. If Islay is your thing, one ounce, three drops of distilled water, let it sit a few minutes. A very fine dram.
  2. Thanks everybody. That was usefull information. My parents are relatively healthy but not able to walk long distances. Im looking at Princess and loved the Yacht Club suggestion. Gotta find the right itinerary, something with multiple sea days where they can sit outside on their balcony, and a few nice beach ports.
  3. I got the same email, and my offer was to upgrade from a balcony to a suite on my Radiance Europe cruise, for an additional $3,614. Not much of an offer.
  4. I am Platinum on Carnival but have only sailed Carnival. I want to take my parents on a cruise next year for their 60th wedding anniversary. They have both been on several cruises, all Carnival. Im looking for advice from those who have crusied both Carnival and other lines. Im looking for a more upscale experience. I think they have moved past a lot of the Carnival activities. Ive read the reviews here for Celebrity, Crystal, Princess, Holand America, etc and found them to be a mixed bag. I cant afford Regent Seven Seas or Seabourne. Any advice will be appreciated.
  5. If you are flying to the port you can not have a waiter's corkscrew in your carryon. Its the kind with the small blade for removing the foil.
  6. This is the best response in any smuggling thread EVER!
  7. Gaffers tape does not leave residue on a surface when removed. It is also ridiculously expensive.
  8. I have not, but I don't send anything precious to me to the laundry. I don't send colored clothes, send stuff like underwear, swimsuits, socks etc. I did send white dress shirts which came back perfect.
  9. First part might be true, but no the second. I booked it for a 12 day Europe cruise in May, 2020.
  10. I thought I was pretty positive. Only real negatives were tendering and debarkation.
  11. It's human nature. I really enjoyed the old sandwiches and lent an ear to all the negative reviews. I was very happy I was mistaken.
  12. This was NOT my experience. Agree there was no network TV but there was a map channel that showed where you were, temo, wind and sea depth. The deli was much improved. The sandwiches were large and delicious. They were not premade. I would say partially assembled. For instance, the cuban had the meat already on the bread but it wasnt heated until you ordered it and then veggies were added. And you could request any change you wanted and they would make it from scratch.
  13. Our service in the MDR was so slow that we missed all but one of the shows. The one we saw was decent. There was live entertainment every night in the atrium and it was very good. I'm not the best source of info on many topics as I spend most of my time on my balcony and avoid the Lido pool areas.
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