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  1. I got my refund on my two cabins on the Breeze 10/10 sailing exactly 7 days after I requested it. Just FYI. Alas, this is my last post, as I shan't be living long enough to make another cruise. But that's ok. Would have liked one last day at Mullett Bay on St. Martin, but it wasn't to be. Gonna get some good Santa Fe National Forest time instead. Peace.
  2. I saw the same thing too. A couple days ago my Oct 10 Breeze cruise popped up as available, I saw an available balcony I like better than the one I have, I intended to call my PVP to switch but I forgot. Today I went to the website to see if it is still available and discovered that while the cruises are still listed, it won't let you book any of them.
  3. I was going to say "for Thanksgiving" but I like your answer better.
  4. IMHO, never follow your heart. Emotion is the worst possible basis for a decision. I'm with you tho, I'm on the cruise just after yours. I have the airfare, hotels and car rentals all reserved. My problem is that I really don't want to be in South Florida for more than two days. And if I can't go to Calle 8 in Miami and eat at Versailles and other Cuban restaurants then I don't want to go at all. I think the odds that we (you and I) get to cruise are very slim. Plus, I have reservations about being the first in line for the new cruise product, whatever that might be.
  5. I'm not arguing this, just making an observation. "Normal" is relative. In my opinion, there will be no return to the prior "normal" and it will be replaced with the new "normal." As an example, we consider it normal that medical personnel wear gloves when there is a risk of contamination. However I distinctly remember when this was new thing in response to the new HIV and hepatitis viruses. I remember how many of my coworkers were angry, didn't want to comply, thought the new rules were needless. Now we don't think twice about it. Who else remembers mouth to mouth resuscitation in CPR? Not anymore. Again, just my opinion, but we are all going to have to adjust to a new normal.
  6. So am I supposed to believe that my October 10 cruise on the Breeze is going to happen? Let me get this straight...cruising will start again on Oct 1, then one month later the ship moves to a different port? There is only one listed cruise on the website for October from FLL, it is on Oct 31, and on the sunshine. I swear when I looked last week it was on the Breeze. Just cancel my cruise already. I have airfare I might be able to change now, but not in 30 days.
  7. As am I. I have the 2 EXACT cabins I want, which is why I booked this almost 2 years ago. And I really don't want to rebook if I can't have the same 2 cabins. Sound petty, maybe it is, but I have valid reasons.
  8. I find myself in a position where I have to make final payment for my Oct 10 Breeze cruise on July 12. I have serious doubts it is going to happen, but I also will lose $500 in deposits if I cancel before they do. I wish they would make a firm decision. I have airfare I can change but not cancel. How long do you thing it would take to resposition the Breeze from England to Ft. Lauderdale, bring in the crew, and train them? 30 days? Unfortunately, this is my last cruise, for health reasons. I'm thinking I'd rather spend the money on a ground trip to Europe.
  9. I hope you're wrong, but I have a sinking feeling you might be right. If you are, it will devastate the economies of places like Roatan, Cozumel, Grand Turk etc.
  10. Well that is most unfortunate. My next cruise is Oct 10 on the Breeze. One more 30 day extension of cancellations will make it go away. I really had my heart set on this, was my shiny new DIL's first cruise, plus its doubtful I will live long enough to reschedule for next year. But, nothing I can do about it. I'd go camping, but the national forests are closed as well, because, you know, all those wide open spaces are teeming with the virus.
  11. I agree. A quick test prior to boarding would get things moving. My only concern is what are they going to do with the positives? Depending on which data you choose to believe, as many as 90 percent of those who are positive have no symptoms and therefore may never be tested. I'd hate to show up and be denied boarding.
  12. I just want the right to choose. Unfortunately I am being denied the right by others who "know what's best for me." And like you, I am willing to wear a mask in public areas if it means I can go on my October cruise.
  13. The only negative for me is no more buffet. It doesn't say you can't order a drink at the bar, it says you can order from the counter but not drink at the counter. So you have to order a drink and then take it someplace else. While Costa is owned by Carnival's parent company, the passenger demographic is different. I expect Carnival's changes to be similar, but not exactly the same.
  14. We limit our happiness as adults. I had this epiphany at Walmart watching a 5 year old proudly wearing a homemade pirate hat. He was so happy with it. And it occurred to me that if wearing a homemade pirate hat would make ME happy I wouldn't do it because of what people would think. Which means that I have chosen not to walk a path that leads to happiness, for no real reason. That's what I think when I see people dressed oddly....there's a person not afraid to be happy.
  15. I've been watching St. Martin, since it is the only stop of the 4 on my Breeze cruise I don't want to miss. For the longest time SXM (Maho beach airplane watching) was only receiving cargo flights. Last week Delta had one flight per day, and I just checked and both Air France and KLM have resumed flights with an A330. So I'm hoping that is a good sign. Unfortunately Air France has dumped all their A340s so no chance of ever seeing one again, but there is still the outside chance we might get to see one of KLM's 747s. Last time I was there KLM's 747 had a slight crosswing approach, it was incredible watching the wings rock as it went just over your head. St. Martin is my absolute favorite.
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