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  1. Yes, at last Azamara has informed us that our South America cruise has been cancelled. Obviously it's disappointing but not unexpected and I still think it's a shame that Azamara took such a long time to notify us. A difficult time for everybody and very tough on crew.
  2. It looks as though instead of packing summer dresses, we'll be packing raincoats and wellies for a trip to the Lake District in November!
  3. Is anyone else on here scheduled to sail in Quest on 30 November? I know Azamara has cancelled the two cruises before this one and I find it extraordinary that it has not yet cancelled the cruise on 30 November. Certainly both Brazil and Argentina are off limits for travel for Brits at the moment, and I can't see this changing in the next two months or so and Uruguay is unlikely to want cruise ships to visit. As there are not comparable cruises to lift and shift to, this is not a possibility, and anyway 2021 is looking pretty uncertain for travelling overseas as well at the moment. Several
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