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  1. Almost Packed

    Visa requirements

    I originally applied for my ETA and answered the questions. If you answer positive to any of the questions, you will be denied. I had read the list of things that would deny me entrance into AU. Since I didn't have any of those disqualifications, I didn't see it as a problem. Some of their reasons for being denied were being sentenced to jail for 12 months or longer, certain crimes etc. One of the questions on the list is do you have a criminal record. I answered honestly yes. I was arrested for vandalism...a misdemeanor 20 years ago...So that yes caused me a denial. They do not care whether the crime was a felony or a misdemeanor, yesterday or 20 years ago I was told. So then I had to run around trying to find out exactly what/who to speak to. Their messages were not very clear. I finally had to contact the AU consulate here in the U.S. to find out what to do. My $20 ETA visa then cost me an additional $140 to get my Visa subclass 600 I believe it was. Moral of the story, don't break the law lol. :halo: :evilsmile: :eek:
  2. Almost Packed

    Visa requirements

    And in case you are turned down for your ETA, you must then jump through hoops to get a visa to enter AU. Don't wait till the last minute. Start early. I almost waited too long and then when my ETA was denied, I began my frantic hoop jumping. I eventually received my Visa.
  3. Great info! Thanks so much for sharing! I am currently looking at booking a cruise in April to the South Pacific and was having difficulty finding info. Then I came across your post. It's really helpful. I'm copying it to my "file" for future reference. Thanks again OP!
  4. Almost Packed

    Australia, Fiji dive/snorkel

    Hi there. I have several questions and need some help. I am currently looking to book a cruise on RC in April out of Sydney. 11 night South Pacific Voyager of the Seas My bucket list is to dive/snorkel The Great Barrier Reef. I cannot be that close to it and NOT do it. I am not a certified diver. I have been on many beginner scuba dives. Probably around 8 or so. I have snorkeled many times as well. My husband has a heart condition and is unable to dive. He also is not a fan of snorkeling unless he's near the shore. I think he's a little chicken. hehe. I want to get certified but I have no one to go with me. This cruise goes to Lifou, Noumea, Suava & Lautoka. Finding info on these ports are very challenging. I have gone on to RC site to look at excursions (I have not booked) so I cannot or do not see ANY excursions for dives or snorkeling. Am I missing something? I should also say this will be my first time cruising on RC. I have cruised many times on CCL. So I don't know if they "do" excursions differently meaning you cannot see excursions until fully booked/deposited. I have to get to the GBR to either dive or snorkel. I am okay either way...beginner dive or snorkeling. Suggestions? I am thinking we will have to fly from Sydney to Cairns.? Stinger season? Should this deter me? My husband has zero desire to go out the the GBR so I will be solo. I then will need to find something for him to do while I am out marking things off of my bucket list. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Tour guide recommendations? Suggestions. HELP! Thanks in advance.
  5. Almost Packed

    Can I bring a cork screw

    I always bring a corkscrew with me. it's usually in checked luggage but I have carried it on as well with my wine. if you happen to forget, just ask your steward, he/she can bring you one. As far as the corkage fee goes, I have carried a bottle of wine to dinner several times and I've never actually been charged the corkage fee. It is the ship's discretion to do so and I accept the possibility any/every time I bring wine. Sometimes, I open the bottle in the cabin and have a glass while I'm getting ready for dinner and pour myself another as I head out of the cabin for dinner. I carry a glass in with me to dinner and I have never had an issue.
  6. Almost Packed

    new diver to be. questions please

    Thanks for the info.
  7. Almost Packed

    new diver to be. questions please

    Thanks for the great info! I'm super excited and have been wanting to do this for a long time. I figured it would never happen since my husband has a heart condition and cannot dive but he said go ahead...and i'm not giving him a moment to change his mind lol. thank you....i hope to eventually dive all over the world!:D I can see this now...you get one item, then you buy another, then you want something else, and so on and so on lol.
  8. Almost Packed

    Carnival Breeze B2B review with 107 photos & 11 videos

    Loved the review Bond! haha! We are booked in a spa cabin on the Breeze in November and I cannot wait to experience her myself. Thanks for your wonderful review and photos.
  9. Almost Packed

    new diver to be. questions please

    Thanks for the info. one other question... Insurance UTD? what insurance?
  10. Hi everyone! So I have several questions and thought I'd come here to the boards to ask. Here's a little background. I LOVE LOVE LOVE diving. I have only done 6 or 7 beginner dives, all from the cruiseline. I'm ready to get certified and do some bigger/longer/deeper dives. Here's my concerns. 1st. I have no one to dive with because dh cannot dive due to medical reasons. He's given me the thumbs up on diving without him because he knows I LOVE it. He's very supportive. :) Will I have a buddy? Will anyone care if I don't come up? Will they notice i'm missing if I were to be? Will I still get to dive if I don't have a buddy? 2. I own snorkel gear that I have used on my beginner dives. Do I need to buy more? Do I really need booties? A wetsuit? 3. The regulator (that's the button in my mouth right that provides air?) hurts! I have a small mouth....and that thing tears my mouth to pieces each time I have dived. Is this something I can buy on my own or request a smaller one? I have mentioned it in the past on beginner dives and I'm kinda brushed off regarding it. It truly is the only complaint I ever have (except that the dive is over). Can I just buy that regulator and pop it on a tank. 4. As of now, I'm fairly certain the only dives I will be doing will be while I'm on a cruise ship, therefore probably flying in to an embarkation port. What equipment on my own should I really need? Budget will be important to me. I'm fairly certain I can rent items. What is usually included with a dive? Renting vs. buying advice? 5. As a loner diver, am I better going with a ship's dive excursion? I'm ready to take the plunge! It's the most amazing experience and I cannot wait to get started!!! Thanks in advance for any tips, answers, advice etc.
  11. Loved your review! I read it all (all of these pages) in one sitting after numerous potty breaks lol. I'm heading out on the Breeze in November and went searching for info. Thanks for taking the time to post all the info and pics. I love the museum in FLL and the bank of America card. I knew they offered free admittance to certain museums I've just never taken advantage of it. Next time I'm in FLL I will. Thanks again!
  12. Almost Packed

    OOOpps! Need Help LAX

    thanks everyone! I appreciate your help!
  13. Almost Packed

    OOOpps! Need Help LAX

    I waited too long to book Carnival transfers so now I'm looking for other options. My fault. I know better but it is what it is. My husband and son (10) will be cruising on Carnival Imagination this Saturday (October 31). I need to find them transportation to and from the port-Long Beach. I'm trying to keep it easy for him and budget friendly (he's traveling without me God help him) He's use to me doing everything lol. They will arrive very early Saturday morning. Options? Can he just pick up a super shuttle or similar there at the airport? I am trying to avoid the cab as those seem to be very expensive. I need cheap and easy lol. :eek::eek: Thanks in advance for your speedy help.
  14. Almost Packed

    Carnival Conquest yes or no??

    Love the Conquest. she's a great ship!
  15. Almost Packed

    Halloween on a Carnival Ship

    yes, we had a great time on our halloween cruise! I'm hoping to plan another one this year.