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  1. AS a first timer on Princess, I appreciate the tips. Keep them coming. Thanks everyone!
  2. I know this thread is a little older now, but I thought I would answer this. The very inexpensive ETA (electronic Travel Authoriziation) is like an electronic visa. It gives you legal authorization to enter. You get to use the cheap ETA as long as you don't have any issues such as I had. If you are denied the ETA then you must go and apply for a Visa, which then does cost more. Depending on the type of visa you apply for determines the price of it. Different countries have different prices.
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. It really eases my mind as I love Carnival because there's always something fun to do. I was bored out of my mind on Royal. Thankfully we had some amazing people and islands to visit despite having to miss Fiji due to a cyclone. So the Princess Patter is the same as the Carnival Fun Times (Capers) ? Also, is it extra to attend the lectures? I hate being nickeled and dimed. So I just want to know what to expect for my budget. I see there are contests and possibly themed nights. Do I need to bring items from home to make things? I'm just trying to be as informed and prepared as possible. Thank you again everyone who replied. Also, if you have those patters, I'd love a copy you can email me theonlytam@aol.com
  4. Hi everyone. I am looking to book a 15 day full Panama transit. I have sailed many times on Carnival and once on Royal. I really do enjoy Carnival and love that there is something always to do (as well as doing nothing if I choose). I am considering this cruise because it has many ports that will break up the 15 days so I'm not terribly worried about "being bored". But I was curious if someone could tell me some of the activities I might find on board. I see general activities such as casino, library, bar and spa but are there fun activities, trivia, games etc? DH really wants a panama transit cruise and this one fits our budget and timing is great for us as we'll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary as well. Any suggestions, tips or comparisons/contrasts are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. I originally applied for my ETA and answered the questions. If you answer positive to any of the questions, you will be denied. I had read the list of things that would deny me entrance into AU. Since I didn't have any of those disqualifications, I didn't see it as a problem. Some of their reasons for being denied were being sentenced to jail for 12 months or longer, certain crimes etc. One of the questions on the list is do you have a criminal record. I answered honestly yes. I was arrested for vandalism...a misdemeanor 20 years ago...So that yes caused me a denial. They do not care whether the crime was a felony or a misdemeanor, yesterday or 20 years ago I was told. So then I had to run around trying to find out exactly what/who to speak to. Their messages were not very clear. I finally had to contact the AU consulate here in the U.S. to find out what to do. My $20 ETA visa then cost me an additional $140 to get my Visa subclass 600 I believe it was. Moral of the story, don't break the law lol. :halo: :evilsmile: :eek:
  6. And in case you are turned down for your ETA, you must then jump through hoops to get a visa to enter AU. Don't wait till the last minute. Start early. I almost waited too long and then when my ETA was denied, I began my frantic hoop jumping. I eventually received my Visa.
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