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  1. We have had FTTF twice with Tender ships. Both times we were instructed to go to Guest Services. Guest Services had us wait in the chairs near the lobby bar. After about 5 minutes, a fun squad member showed up and said to follow her. She took us to an elevator controlled by her key. Went down to the loading floor and separate line straight onto the tender. Very easy.
  2. Hope you have a great cruise. Here are a couple of tips: - Since you have FTTF you can show up anytime (recommend around 1030). You have to choose a check-in time but since you have FTTF you can show up earlier than your chosen time. - Doors will say not open until 1:30. With FTTF you can ignore the sign enter the doors and go directly to your room which will be ready. - You now will get your sail and sign card in your room mailbox in a sealed envelope. Prior to getting your card, you can use your boarding pass to make any purchases (drinks). Hope these tips help.
  3. Carnival's Drink package does not vary in price. It's $5 cheaper to purchase in advance rather than wait until on the ship, but it is a set price across the Carnival fleet.
  4. As stated, the policy is set to maximize profits for Carnival. So what you have to do is determine how much just the one of you would drink. Drinks cost $8.25 and up, while beers are around $6.00 a piece. If one person would drink more than $108 per day, then Cheers is best even with only one drinking. The other person would still get the benefit of coffee, sodas, milk-shakes, power aide, waters etc. If not, just by the drinks as you go. Remember, port days you may or not be able to reach your 15 drink limit assuming you go ashore.
  5. Unfortunately Carnival is very strict with this policy. Options are both of you get the Cheers Drink package, or just get your mother the Bubbles package and then you pay for your own drinks. Cheers for both of you would be $108.90 a day. Bubble is $8.50. So unless you plan to order $100 of drinks per day by yourself, you are better off just buying your drinks as you go.
  6. Was just on the Liberty in December. Yes, balcony rooms/ocean view rooms all have hair dryers. The safe is a card swipe safe. I use an old Hotel room key and it works great.
  7. Though not a big deal to me, there are a few things that are not done anymore such as - Table cloths only on Elegant Night - No longer get mints on your pillow - As someone said already, Formal night is now Elegant Night. Still nice, but not quite as dressy. See very few tuxes. - no midnight gala. - Room Service. Still some free items until 10:00 PM, but charge now for after 10:00 PM. Added some "Pay" items to room service during the day. - Delivery Fee now for items ordered from the Fun Shops - Steward will ask you if you want morning or night room cleaning. However, you can still request "both". However, lots of great additions also. - Guys Burgers (Free) - Blue Aguana Burrito Bar - Great selection of movies on the Lido (only on ships so equipped). - Additions of many "Pay" eating venues like the steakhouse, itallion etc. - Carnival App that shows activities, menus, account balance, maps etc. Additionally for $5 you can add a chat feature to use to communicate with friends and family on the ship. - Improved WiFi (though still challenged on some ships
  8. As stated, with FTTF you just go through the doors and go to your room. Everyone else must wait until 1:30. Your room keys are in the mail box outside the room. I was just on the Liberty in Dec 18, and FTTF was more than worth it. Not just for the early room access, but also priority tender (I know, Carnival now calls them water shuttles). Also, they do check, and they won't even let you into the priority seating area if you don't have FTTF, Suites, Wedding Party, or Platinum/Diamond.
  9. The Triumph just arrived at the Dry Dock site. It will now begin the transformation to the Sunrise. Here is a link to the arrival in Cadez for the work. Believe it is to be finished end of APR 19. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20505-carnival-triumph-arrives-in-cadiz-for-sunrise-conversion.html
  10. On all Carnival ships it's first come first serve. Usually not a problem to find a good seat though.
  11. They do not give you one prior to getting to your cabin but there will be one in your cabin that has the events for that day. However if you download the Carnival App, the events for the day will be on the APP.
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