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  1. I'm priority and always self assist - normally they have us meet very early in one of the lounges or dining rooms.  We typically start down 30 minutes before the meet time so that we don't have a big issue with using the elevators.  I will tell you that there will be a lot of people using the aft elevators to go to the Lido for breakfast, so we always use the forward elevators.


    On recent cruises out of Tampa, they have the people with early flights meet at the same location as priority.  When the ship clears, they call Diamond and Platinum off and then immediately follow with those with early flights.  I would go to Guest Services early on the day before reaching the home port - as people say, the night before debark is a circus at Guest Services.

  2. Update:  I spoke to my PVP yesterday and she cancelled the original booking and re-booked me at the new rate.  In the end, it only saved me just over $100 .  I hadn't thought about the fact that the non-refundable $99 was actually $198 because I booked as a solo & had paid double the deposit .  It did give her the commission, but the savings wasn't as great as I had originally thought.  Oh well, $100 is $100, right?

  3. OP here.  I left a message for my PVP yesterday but haven't heard back yet.  If I don't hear from her by later this afternoon, I will call CCL 1-800 # since I booked online myself.  The original Bounce Back for a solo cabin (my sister & her daughter booked another room with an offer she had) cost $465.64 with DOU.  The new offer is for a Get A Way cruise - the final cost would be $653.64, but I will get $500 free play & DOU.  That would be a "savings" of just over $300 if they don't charge the $99 non-refundable deposit.  If they do charge the $99, I'm not sure the hassle is worth the almost $200 savings, but I will give it a shot.


    I'll come back on and let you guys know what happens.  Thanks for all the info. 

  4. I was on the Paradise recently and received a Bounce Back offer which I booked online.   I have a PVP but it was her day off & I just booked onlineToday I received a Casino offer that I can use on the same cruise with a much better deal.  Although I've paid in full, I haven't reached the Final Payment date. 


    I wondered if I could call my PVP and cancel the Bounce Back & book under this offer?  Or should I just call the 1-800 # since I booked online?  I've never tried this before & wondered if it's even possible to cancel & re-book.  Any info would be appreciated.

  5. 16 hours ago, cruiseguy4567 said:

    We did the drink package our last cruise.  Hit 15 once on a “at sea” day.  Didn’t take much to get there with an early 2 Bloody Mary breakfast, couple with lunch.  Had a few at the show along with the comedy club and ended with the piano bar.  

    Wife isn’t a big drinker, but between the two of us, we ended up in the positive a drink or two.  Worth it knowing what my bar bill was going to be for the trip.  

    On our upcoming cruise the end of the month we both qualified for the casino “Drinks On Us” program.  From what I was told when I called Carnival is that it puts you on a 15 drink limit and can only get the drinks while in the Casino.  Read you must be gambling, but they told me I could just use my card at the bar.  They also told me that I had to consume the drink in the Casino, that “they’d be watching” me if I left the Casino with the drink.


    Anyone have experience with the “Drinks In Us”?  Would like to confirm the limitations. 


    They do enforce the 15 drink limit (and it counts toward the 15 if you have CHEERS).  You must be playing in the casino to use the Drinks On Us and you can not use it at the casino bar.  As for being watched and having to consume the drink in the Casino - I've not only never experienced this, but also don't know who would be "watching". 


    You can order a drink from the waiters while at a machine, then have to wait for the waiter to return (can be awhile if the casino is busy).  Once you've received your drink, I would think you can go wherever you want.  There's no way someone will follow you around and make sure you continue to play while drinking.  

  6. 1 hour ago, audcc77 said:

    If two people in the room have DOU offers for yourself and a companion at the beginning of the cruise, while playing in the casino, what happens if there’s a third person?   Can the third person be a “companion” to one of the 2 people who received the DOU offers?   

    I asked about this in a call to Players Club months ago - my sister and I had the DOU offer for ourselves and a companion and my niece was going to try to sail with us.  I was advised to book myself as 1st passenger, my niece as the second passenger & then my sister as the 3rd passenger. 


    I can't confirm whether this actually works, because in the end my niece wasn't able to go.  I would call or email  the Players Club to confirm.  If my niece were able to sail, I was going to ask that they send me an email with that info & take it with me to show casino manager if there were any problems.


    Good luck!!

  7. A large group of us (13) on the Paradise in November.  We all had the brunch on the 2 sea days.  I had steak and eggs - cooked as ordered and very good.  A few of the group had the French toast and raved about it the first day; however, they said it wasn't as good the second day, although it was cooked through. 



    The only thing I missed was the pork chop that was on the old menu.  That being said, I only ate breakfast food that trip, so the other lunch-type food may have been just as good as the pork chop.  I'll make sure that I try the burger when I'm on the Liberty in May.

  8. I just got off the Paradise on Monday.  I almost threw out the Platinum gift because I thought it was something from Photographers advertising something.  Just before throwing it in the trash, I decided to open it.  I then realized that the Platinum gift was indeed a picture of the Mardi Gras.  I typically don't complain about free gifts, but it was really weird.  I worked on the old Mardi Gras, and even I couldn't figure out what I was suppose to do with this picture.  So, I'm not complaining - just thought it was a really odd gift.

  9. 52 minutes ago, Banditswife said:

    Just stating what I have seen, Carnival sometimes takes those quarantines too seriously. I have seen them quarantine people who just ate something that didn't agree with them or drank too much.  

    Oh, okay I get it.  I thought you were saying that if you have the flu, you should fake it and not see the doctor.  I have heard of the doctor being a little too liberal when handing down the quarantine order.  I guess if you're sick enough to go to the doctor and you're throwing up, they have to assume you may have the norovirus.  Knock on wood, I've never had to visit the doctor on any ship.

  10. 22 minutes ago, kathyemma said:

    Oh I know - but she doesn't!!!  She is the one that hates leaving me.  But she does leave me to follow Harry Styles around the world and always survives.  I am really hoping the tamiflu works and she can get off the ship tomorrow.  I had the flu in 2002.  No tamiflu. It was horrible.

    I know exactly what you mean - my daughter is 32 years old and recently married.  When she is really sick, she still wants her mom.  There's something about having your mother with you when you're really sick.  I am over 60 and lost my mom a few years ago - I always miss her, but if I'm sick, I really, really miss her.  I know you're not saying she can't do anything without you, she'd just love to have you there to "comfort" her.


    Guess we should be thankful that our daughters still need us (lol).

  11. On 12/30/2019 at 3:02 PM, Organized Chaos said:


    I'll never forget the story someone told on here about their suitcase that was missing for nearly the entire cruise. They did everything they could to track it down, to no avail. Long story short, come to find out, their suitcase had ended up in a cabin of 4 ladies cruising together. Somehow, someway, each of those ladies thought the mystery suitcase belonged to one of their roommates, so it got set aside and ignored (I think they said it was put in a wall locker). They didn't realize it until, I think, the second to the last night of the cruise. The owner finally got it back when the cruise was just about over.


    With space so limited in a cabin, especially when FOUR people are staying in it, I don't know how they managed to set a strange suitcase aside, that went unopened the whole time they had it, without realizing something wasn't right within a day or two.

    Yeah, I was that poster.  Thankfully it was the only time it happened to me and I've been on over 25 cruises.  I will say that on my last two cruises we received notices advising that someone's suitcase was misplaced and asking everyone to check their cabin, so it probably happens more than we realize.  They sent out the same type of notice when this happened to us, but 4 young women apparently don't read notices (lol).  We were told that it was actually their cabin steward that located the bag the day before the 7 day cruise ended.


    We've started carrying on our own bags on shorter cruises (smaller bags) just because it's nice to get everything unpacked - and we are now platinum so we can drop the bags off as soon as we get on.  I would never want to lug around a large suitcase if my room wasn't available when I board - but, I see lots of luggage on Lido as passengers wait for cabins to be ready.

  12. 10 minutes ago, Banditswife said:

    Poor kid.  This is why people don't go to medical.  I got a really bad cold last cruise, no flu.  I self medicated enough to make it.  But it was not my best cruise.  Sorry for your daughter, hopefully she will be better soon.

    Are you saying that if you do have the flu you shouldn't go to medical because they will quarantine you?  

  13. Thankfully I have gotten use to packing a Tervis-type cup which has it's own straw.  I am a slow drinker so if I'm by the pool and order a drink it gets watered down as the ice melts.  I also hate "sweating" glasses.  I love having my own cup - I pour my drink into it (sometimes the bartender will just mix it and pour it into my cup) - drink stays ice cold and my hands stay dry.

  14. 1 hour ago, Needs_A_Vacation said:


    Yes, Hot Streak is the name of the offer.  So its split between the 2 of us and is just like a regular OBC?  So would I be able to cash it out at the casino and give it to my mom?  She's the big gambler and would like to give it all to her.  Like I said, I don't drink or gamble so other than gratuities, not sure what to spend it on.

    If you don't gamble much and want your mom to use the $$ in the casino - you could download the $500 from your S&S OBC to a casino account on your card.  Then, let your mother use your card to play (when you're out & about and don't need the card).  After she plays $100 or so, you can then go to the casino cashier & cash out the balance and give it to her.  I don't think they would let you cash it out unless there is some activity of use in the casino.  


    Not sure if this makes sense - after reading it over (lol), but your mother will probably get what I'm trying to say.  If she spends as much time as I do in the casino, she will understand the concept.

  15. I've cruised in each season over the years.  Definitely more children during school breaks, but that doesn't mean those winter/spring cruises are necessarily less crowded.  CCL pretty much sells out each cruise - but there aren't as many 4 person cabins.  Probably as many (or a few more) adults, but less teenagers/children means a much more relaxed cruise.


    I love cruising in November - great weather, not so hot & very few children - with the exception of Thanksgiving week.   

  16. If I understand you correctly, my niece does this on each cruise.  She puts $500 in on the first day.  At the end of the day, if she has more than $500, she goes to the cashier and asks for whatever that amount is back in cash.  She limits herself (or tries to) to $100 per day, so on day one, she stops before reaching $400 and so on....


    You can go to the cashier's desk and ask for any part of the money from your "Casino Bank" as many times as you like.  When I get a fairly large win, my sister always seems to find me (lol) and I will go to the cashier and take out $100 to give her, leaving the rest in the "bank".


    Hope this helps.  Have a great cruise - love the Legend and glad she's back in Tampa.

  17. 5 hours ago, glentally said:

    This topic brings up the unknown of how cruise lines divide the tips.  So if I do early or late does that tip I prepaid for get divided between just my staff?  Thrown into a big pool and EVERYONE gets some? 


    I know I am going to rock the boat but I don't believe the cruise company doesn't skim some off for administrative fees etc.  No one here can prove me right or wrong, its all speculation including my own comments.

    True, it's all speculation, but I'm sure if the cruise line was skimming, we would have heard so by now. 


    I use to work on CCL ships years ago when passengers used (or more often, didn't use) the tip envelopes.  I can almost assure you that crew are receiving way more tips now than then - even with those people who choose to remove the tips at CS. 


    I choose to believe that cruise lines aren't screwing their staff out of tips, you can choose to think they do.



  18. 1 minute ago, tonit964 said:

    If you tell them at check in that she is not going, they could impose the 100% single supplement fare. Far better to just tell them she is checking in later.

    But the single supplement fare wouldn't be more than the 2-person fare already paid, would it?  My PVP said that the only reason not to cancel before sailing is that they could charge a $50 fee (not sure for what) and that there would be no extra charge when I tell them that she won't be making the cruise when checking in - they will just credit my charge card for her taxes and port fees - but my PVP has been wrong in the past - lol.


    I just hate to put the check in staff through making calls (and also don't want to deal with a call myself) when I know that she won't be making it.  

  19. 6 minutes ago, Bases5 said:

    I get yea.   Have a great cruise.    The one thing you might check as I'm not sure of the answer.   If you buy a drink does it get charged to your bar cash first automatically.  I have never had both so I'm not sure how that would work.

     I think it should but I would want to make sure.


    It does get charged automatically to the bar cash until it is gone.  Also, something I didn't know until I found myself with $100 left as the end of the cruise was quickly approaching - any tips you add to your bar bill will also come out of the bar cash.  One of the bar waitresses in the casino who was very nice got a great tip at the end of the cruise (lol).

  20. I've cruised solo several times and booked as a solo.  My sister and I are booked on a cruise next month, but she will not be sailing (long, boring story).  My plan was to just advise the person checking me in that my sister will not be sailing.  Would this cause me any issues?


    I've read several posts advising that you should just tell the check in staff that she should be checking in later - but, I really don't understand why I should do this.  Why have them call me and try to call her when I know that she won't be checking in?  Am I missing something?  

  21. People buy cruise cash for different reasons. 


    Sometimes family or friends of the cruiser purchase cruise cash as a gift - in which case there will be a card in the cabin giving the amount of cruise cash and who it was from.


    Sometimes the cruiser purchases cruise cash him/herself.  I purchase it prior to some of my cruises - most of the time it's because I have a little extra cash that I would normally place in savings, and instead if I have a cruise coming up, I'll purchase cruise cash.  It just gives me a head start.  


    The maximum amount of cruise cash that can be purchased is $500 per cabin.  It is non-refundable - you "lose" what you don't use.  However, many people will go to a slot machine, get money from their Sail and Sign, play a little and cash out the rest at the casino cashier.  I spend a lot of time in the casino and never have to worry about not using it all (lol).


    Hope this helps.

  22. First of all I have cruised solo - 3 or 4 times out of the 26 total cruises on CCL - my last time was probably 2 -3 years ago.  Interestingly - I will be sailing solo on the Paradise next month (a four day).


    I am from a large family and normally sail with my sister or with a group of family members - last month there were 13 of us on the Paradise.  I'm not normally an introvert, but when I sail solo I love being alone (lol).  It's very relaxing - doing what I want, when I want.  I do spend a lot of time in the casino, so I don't typically go to shows (seen all of them many times) and I've never eaten in the MDR when solo.  I eat at the Lido - and sometimes (particularly at night) I make a plate and bring it back to my cabin for a relaxing meal.  I don't mind sitting by myself on the Lido, but I'm just weird about eating alone in a restaurant setting.


    I've been on the Paradise 3 times this year alone.  Like you I use to sail on the larger ships.   The Breeze is my favorite ship and I've sailed on her 4 times.  I like the Paradise - it's smaller, but it has everything I need (Guys, the Deli, etc).  True, it doesn't have the Alchemy or movies on the Lido, but that's not a deal breaker for me.  The service has always been great - I think that you will be fine with the smaller ship.


    I've never been to the singles meet and greets so I can't help you with that.  I will say that it's always easy to meet people if that's something you want to do.  Sit at one of the bars and you will typically strike up a conversation with someone.  Like I said, I use solo cruises to be by myself, but when I want company I'm always able to find people to talk to.


    I was also nervous about cruising by myself and wasn't sure whether I would like it.  I'm not saying that I would want to cruise alone all the time - I like being with family members - but I've enjoyed my solo cruises.

  23. 1 hour ago, THL1313 said:

    just checked with carnival rep, said all casino bars on all ships have a smoking side.  they may have made some tables near the casino bar non smoking, but smoking is allowed at the casino bar.


    not sure what happened on Paradise

    Maybe we'll hear from people who have cruised this month on another ship besides the Paradise.  As someone else mentioned, I too was on the ship in July when there was still smoking at the bar - but definitely not earlier this month.  Maybe CCL is allowing each ship to determine whether to keep a section of the bar for smokers??? 

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