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  1. I've ordered the pizza from room service and it was definitely different than the one from Pizza Pirate. I was more of a thick crust pizza. Maybe when you order from the Ap, it goes to Room Service?? Not sure. I've never seen anything at the Pizza place that would produce the "bill" you have to sign if they are charging your S&S $5.
  2. I've emailed the Maitre D several times to make a request. All were taken care of, though only one actually responded to the email. Since you are leaving soon, I would assume that you have recently emailed your request. If you made the request several weeks ago, I would send another in case the MD you emailed has gone on vacation. Two top tables in many cases or only inches away from the next table. I have requested a booth on three different ships and we were given a nice booth for 4 for just the two of us. Very nice and gives you some privacy. Have a great cruise!!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Love the Breeze - will be back on her in less than 4 weeks. That was the best video I've seen in reference to matching up with the music. I wish I were that talented - I would love to put something like that together on our next family cruise. FABULOUS!!
  4. I have purchased CHEERS for 4 and 5 day cruises - however, I only purchase it because my 32 year old daughter who I normally room with on these shorter cruises wants to purchase it. She gets her $$'s worth, but I never do. I, like many others, start off having 4 - 5 drinks a day & specialty coffees, but after the first couple of days, I'm down to maybe 3 drinks a day. I've never purchased it on the 7 - 8 day cruises because my daughter doesn't typically go on those with us & it's normally just me and my sister. I will be sailing next month on the Breeze and will not be purchasing CHEERS. I plan to really keep track of what I actually spend - order what I want, when I want - and I can almost guarantee my bar bill will be less than $300.
  5. I have received cash and FunPlay. The offers in the past were almost always cash, but it is true that in the last year most of my offers were for FunPlay rather than cash. That being said, on my cruise on the Paradise last month (not a Premier, but a casino offer) I was suppose to receive FunPlay. I went to the cashier because the $$ didn't show on a Casino Bank. They ended up giving me the offer in cash. I didn't realize this had to do with the ship's capabilities, but it makes sense. I know when I was on the Miracle last year, the $$ showed as a Casino Bank when I registered my S&S casino account. I never worry about whether it's cash or FunPlay because I know that I will be spending at least that much in the casino (lol). I have a Premier booked on the Breeze next month. Both my sister & my offers are for FunPlay - not cash.
  6. Bob - I agree that no one has the right to say you're wrong. At the same time, as someone who worked GS (we were referred to as Pursers back in the day) on several ships, I have to tell you that most people who come up to the desk to make "suggestions" treat the people at the desk as the culprit. I hope that you are courteous when you voice your opinion. I've not only been on the receiving end of really angry passengers back in the day, but I've also witnessed these people taking a lot of crap from passengers on may ships. I think maybe that's where people are coming from. You're not wrong that companies should appreciate suggestions on ways to improve, but I just think that the people working GS have a lot going on and are very busy. I personally wouldn't bother them with giving them back a gift you don't want, but as long as you are courteous and make your suggestions without acting as if the person at the desk is "at fault", I get why you might think that GS is the best place to go.
  7. I've been on 23 CCL cruises on 12 different ships and I think Breeze is my favorite - I've sailed on her 4 times and have another cruise on her next month to Bermuda. I did not think it was crowded on the cruises I was on. I thought the Sunshine was crazy crowded, but I know others didn't think the Sunshine was crowded. Each cruise is a bit different, and though most sail "full," I believe how crowded they feel have something to do with the time of year that you are cruising. In the summer when children are out of school, it seems that there are many 4-person cabins. I loved the layout and décor of the Breeze. It's been 3 years since I was on the Breeze, but unless things have really changed, I think the dining options were very good. I'm not one who enjoys the Broadway type shows anymore, so can't comment on those.
  8. This is the OP with an update and one more question. It appears that my sister will not be able to sail due to the scheduling of the angiogram. I have been advised by my PVP that since we are past final pay that sister will put in the claim to the insurance company for total reimbursement and I will be able to sail without having to pay any type of supplement. If I chose to cancel the insurance will only give me a 75% credit for another cruise since the medical condition doesn't affect me. My PVP is a very nice person, but has been known to get a few things wrong - so I'm hoping someone has been in this situation and can reassure me that this info is correct and that I will be able to sail without paying extra.
  9. Thank you for both the information and your prayers for my sister.
  10. Thank you for both the information and your prayers for my sister.
  11. My sister and I are booked on the Sept 14th cruise to Bermuda on the Brreze. We both purchased CCL's travel insurance. My sister just learned today that she has to have an angiogram next month due to an annurism. Hopefully all will be well, but she may have to go through surgery or another procedure. Obviously I wouldn't want to go if this ends up requiring brain surgery, but at this time the doctor thinks it may require a less invasive procedure but depending on when the procedure takes place she may not be cleared to travel. My question is if she has to cancel and gets refunded would I have to pay the single rate if I chose to go on the cruise? Can I get a refund if the medical condition doesn't effect me? We've been fortunate enough to never have a reason to use the travel insurance, but our luck may have fun out this time.
  12. I can see why someone would ask this question - are tips added to the receipt the same as cash tips. I've never seen it asked in this way before and I had the same question a few cruises ago. I had $50 left in Bar Cash on the last evening of the cruise & knew it could only be used in the bar so I asked at GS whether a tip to my favorite server in the casino of $50 would go to that server to finish off my Bar Cash. I was in no way suggesting that CCL was trying to fool me and I don't think the OP thought that either. Just asking if tips left on S&S go to the individual server or bartender. Since many on-land bars share tips added to the bill with all servers, I wondered if it worked this way on the ship. I wasn't fascinated to learn the answer and it had nothing to do with trying to justify not giving any tips - just sayin.
  13. I've been on both ships and I love the Breeze - it's probably my favorite of all CCL ships I've been on. I wasn't that crazy about the Conquest, but there wasn't any one thing that was really bad - for some reason it just wasn't one of my favorite cruises.
  14. Thank you so much for this info. Good to know that I won't need to get everyone's folio number - looking them up by name will be so much easier.
  15. I'm not sure how check in works for non-Americans now; however years ago all non-Americans checked in at a separate counter where we could check the passports to see if they had the correct VISA.
  16. I have a question about using the HUB to communicate with others. I assume that those with the same boarding number will be linked up, but can you add others - my daughter & her family will also be onboard. I know that there is a $5 fee to be able to text each other, but I've never used the HUB before & wondered how to add those with another boarding number.
  17. Thanks Jamman. Hopefully it will be the same for the Breeze. That's good news for us.
  18. Not me. I admit to spending loads of time in the casino and money, but it's strictly for the entertainment. I do win here and there but definitely lose more often. I do get good casino offers and since I spent just as much money in the casino when paying full price, it works for me.
  19. I will be sailing on the Breeze to Bermuda in September. Someone who had cruised to Bermuda last year told me that the ship's casinos are opened at night from 9:00 p.m. until really late. Can anyone confirm? We will stay overnight in Bermuda and we don't like being out at any port late at night. Would love to have the option of going to the casino after dinner.
  20. I've been on all three, and although I liked the Magic a lot, I also liked the Legend. The Legend has a pool instead of just hot tubs in the adult Serenity area which is very nice. Since you're more interested in the ship than the ports (and I'm sure you're interested in keeping the kids occupied), I would spend some time looking over the deck plans to see what's available on each ship.
  21. I will definitely use that layout. From now on I will also use your layout for the 2 singles - never thought about moving them in the L shape. That's the way they use to be set up on the Paradise before the renovation and it was so much better - It made the cabin feel so much bigger. \ Thanks all for the info!!
  22. Eight family members went on the Sensation for my daughter's 21st birthday over 10 years ago. She turned 21 on the 2nd day of the cruise. Of course she had the cute little hat that said "Buy Me A Drink - I'm 21" and got a lot of attention (and drinks) from some of the officers onboard. We all had a great time & it was definitely memorable for her!!
  23. So, did you ask the cabin steward to set them up that way? I will definitely make sure that we ask for that layout. Thankfully this will also be a quickie 4 day cruise - not sure if I could handle that if it was 7 days or longer. Thanks for the info.
  24. Thanks for the info. I'm with you, I would think an upper berth would be much more convenient. My PVP said that the only cabins open for 3 people had trundle beds which I wasn't familiar with. We will be in an interior cabin - I can't imagine three beds on the floor giving any room to walk. I guess we'll figure it out. Again, thanks for the info.
  25. My niece decided to join my sister & I on the Paradise next month. We've had to have another cabin assigned that would accommodate 3 people. I've been on many CCL ships, but have never seen a trundle bed. Is it the same as regular trundle beds that slide out from under a normal bed? I'm just trying to imagine what the layout would be & determine which one of us would be the person better suited for the bed. Have any of you used a trundle on CCL?
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