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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm with you, I would think an upper berth would be much more convenient. My PVP said that the only cabins open for 3 people had trundle beds which I wasn't familiar with. We will be in an interior cabin - I can't imagine three beds on the floor giving any room to walk. I guess we'll figure it out. Again, thanks for the info.
  2. My niece decided to join my sister & I on the Paradise next month. We've had to have another cabin assigned that would accommodate 3 people. I've been on many CCL ships, but have never seen a trundle bed. Is it the same as regular trundle beds that slide out from under a normal bed? I'm just trying to imagine what the layout would be & determine which one of us would be the person better suited for the bed. Have any of you used a trundle on CCL?
  3. While it's true that you shouldn't drink from the same straw over and over, most come with the cleaning brush. I've found if I just run some water through the straw & swipe it with the brush, I'm good to go in seconds. The only problem I've encounter is that the sinks in the cabin are not very deep & depending on the straw size it can be an issue - in that case, I just wet the cleaning brush really well and swipe it a few times. I'm taking a package of inexpensive reusable straws on our next cruise and have enough that everyone can have 3.
  4. Thank you for this information - I've never heard of the vegan burger in the Deli - don't know how I missed that. We will be leaving on a cruise next month - I will make sure I let my sister & daughter know where to find them.
  5. Guy's does not have a veggie burger on the menu, but you can ask for one. It is evidently hit & miss. My sister has asked on several ships & they made one for her, but there have been other ships where they say they don't have veggie burgers available. I didn't know they were ever available at the Deli as a previous poster suggested - but, I would have never thought to ask for one there.
  6. Although by this age I'm sure he's had some experience in drinking - especially since he was in a Fraternity. However, just a cautionary tale for those who have young adults getting CHEERS - on a recent cruise during the deck party at sail away, I witnessed a young man who had obviously had a few too many. He was being escorted to a chair by security as they searched for whoever was travelling with him. I really felt bad for the kid. He was totally out of it and looked really scared. Later that night in the casino one of the ladies my sister and I had been talking to told us that she was having a really bad day - you guessed it, the kid I saw was her son. He had just turned 21 and was very excited to purchase CHEERS. He was evidently making sure he would hit his 15 drink limit. His mother said that they had cut him off for at least 24 hours -no alcoholic drink at all until the next evening. She was also advised that they would be monitoring him closely and would cut him off for the entire week if he appeared to be inebriated any time during the cruise. Just an FYI for parents traveling with 21 year olds with CHEERS
  7. I've seen people who have managed it - but they seriously look miserable. I personally can't imagine cruising (or going on any other vacation) and having to watch what I eat or drink. I'm not saying that you should go crazy and stuff everything you see in your mouth. I have known many people who keep up their exercise regiment, and that seems do-able. But, worrying about carbs and sugar would take all the fun out of the trip for me. I say, enjoy the cruise and instead of trying to drop an extra 10 pounds BEFORE the cruise, plan on working really hard to lose 10 pounds AFTER the cruise.
  8. I've never had an issue substituting Patron when ordering any Margarita from any bar. However, other "recipe" drinks - The Cruiser, Sex on the Beach, etc. - are made with the brand of liquor listed on the menu & I haven't ever had any luck with substituting. If you order Grapefruit juice and vodka (Salty Dog) or orange juice and vodka (Screwdriver), etc they will make it with Grey Goose with no problem - it's just those pesky "recipe" drinks that cause a problem.
  9. I eat at the buffets onboard quite a bit. I've never seen adults coughing on the food or licking fingers (gross). The only thing that bothers me is parents that let their children serve themselves - they can barely see over the counter so they spill everything and take forever to make up their minds as to what they want. Kids at the ice cream dispenser or really gross - letting the ice cream spill over and laughing hysterically. I don't blame the kids (unless they're teenagers and know better). Until my daughter was old enough to behave like an adult - I never let her serve herself at a buffet. I'm someone who lives dangerously - definitely don't worry about picking up a germ or two and agree that we need germs to build up our immune system. Now, if I saw someone do something disgusting, I would make sure I by-pass the food that they are touching, sneezing on, coughing on, etc. But, I don't even think about it unless I see it.
  10. I've been on several and have another one booked. You will get a "package" when you get to your cabin and it will list all of things going on in the Casino. There will be a lot of games and drawings that are open to Premier guests only. In my experience, there have been a bunch of Premier guests - so you can expect the casino to be much more crowded than during a non-casino cruise. Also, all Premier & their guest will have the Drinks On Us card, so getting a drink will take quite a bit of time. People say that as long as you tip your bar waiter, you won't have much of a wait. I always tip at least $2 every time they bring me a drink - but depending on the # of people with the DOU card, that doesn't help much because each waiter can have 10 drink orders or more. No matter how much $$ you give them, a bartender can only make drinks so fast. I will say that if you tip and it isn't super busy, your waiter will come around and ask you what you would like to drink & go get it right away, but if he's stopped by 10 people on his way to the bar, he has to take those orders. I really like the Premier cruises, but it does get really busy and at times it's difficult to find a slot machine (that you like) to play. You do have to be patient - but it's also a lot of fun.
  11. I like coves - but you really need to do some research on where the cabin is located. Make sure you are not under the kitchen. It will sound like they are bowling with huge pots and pans late in the night & early in the morning. My sister had a cove right at the edge of the kitchen and I was in a cabin two down from her (under the dining room). It was unbelievably loud in her cabin compared to mine. I now make sure that the cabin is under the dining room or lobby. If it's under the kitchen, I would definitely not book it.
  12. I've purchased a pitcher of Margaritas at the Blue Iguana bar on the Lido several times. I can't remember how much they cost - I do know one of the times I had them use Patron and it was only a few dollars more.
  13. It shouldn't make a difference. I've heard people say that the easiest thing to do is to just tell the person checking you in that the other person must be running late. I'm just one of those that sees no reason to make up a story, and I wouldn't think it would make any difference if you just tell the person checking you in that the other person decided not to go. They can't charge you anything at that point.
  14. Oh, I don't feel sorry for Carnival at all. They are doing a bang up business. However, I've been Platinum for quite a few years and, though I haven't found some of the gifts useful, I don't think I deserve a gift just because I'm a loyal customer. I agree the lanyard may be "cheap" and I doubt that I would ever use it, but I disagree that my being Platinum came at a price. I cruise with CCL because they meet my needs, not because I think they should give me something for free. Also, they do give you a free drink, but most people complain that there are restrictions - have to use the coupon at brunch, etc. They also have a very nice cocktail party for Platinum & Diamond with unlimited drinks and appetizers - and, you guessed it, people complain that they give the party on the last sea day and it's not at a convenient time. So, while I appreciate the fact that the free gifts aren't for everyone, to say that CCL doesn't do anything for their Platinum and Diamond passengers is just not factual.
  15. I 100% agree - how do you get upset about anything you are getting for free?? Doesn't make sense. As for what Tallnthensome said - I go to several restaurants frequently and have never been given a free meal. Now, if I eat enough subs from Subway I get a free 6" sub. Not sure which restaurants you go to, but I've never had an upscale restaurant reward me for being a customer. Some hotels do give you a free night, but unless they are so in demand that they are sold out every night (which seldom if ever happens), that free night costs them nothing. As a matter of fact they probably make money because you will probably eat in their restaurant during that free night. What would you like for CCL to do? If they were to give gifts that costs even $5, they would be spending thousands of dollars a year as they have a butt load of platinum and diamond cruisers. Same goes for other lines. I would have no problem if they stopped the gifts, but until they do, I will graciously accept anything they give me - and give it to someone else if I don't want it.
  16. As someone who has experience with this - working as a gift shop girl and then manager on CCL Mardi Gras, Carnivale and Frestivale for 2 years back in the 80's and as a Purser (combination guest services, payroll master and officer over customs & immigration ) for 4 years on another cruise line - I can tell you that one of the easiest jobs is working in the gift shops. You don't work super crazy hours and you're off in every port. It was fabulous. Now the Pursers' office was a "whole other thing" - made more money but it was definitely a JOB!! Your turn at the front desk dealing with passengers' issues was the worst 4 hour shift imaginable. The money was very good though and being an officer on a ship has many advantages. My daughter did a 6 month contract on the Glory a couple of years ago as an entertainment host. She's super outgoing and enjoyed it - but, the hours can be horrendous and always having to be "on" is tiring. Some passengers can really impact the enjoyment.
  17. The kids at the ice cream machines make me crazy. I have noticed that it's much worse if there are two or more together. I'm not sure that their parents realize how disgusting and rude their little guys are. Being an ex-school teacher, I have been known to speak to them as I did my students (polite but firm). Believe it or not, the majority of the time I get no push back from the kids - I must have that teacher look and sound (lol).
  18. I haven't been that crazy about some of the gifts, but I'll never complain because, well, it's a gift. Evidently some people hate lanyards, but there are people who like them - win some, lose some. No way to please everyone. If I were CCL (or any other line) I'd stop with the free gifts. I seldom hear anything but complaints, and I doubt that a gift or no gift would cause Platinums and Diamonds to quit sailing CCL. Seems like a lot of $$ for little reward.
  19. There may indeed be more non-smokers than smokers in the general public; however, it seems that in the "gambling" world, smokers far out number non-smokers. If CCL (or any other land based casino), thought that their profit would go up if they switched to non-smoking, they would. There is now a non-smoking casino in Biloxi (can't remember the name right now), but I'm not sure how it is doing. I've heard through the grape vine that it's not doing great, but who knows.
  20. I have a PVP, but she couldn't give me an answer right away and needed to "find someone who knew." So, I'm thinking, I bet I know some people who may know. Four of us have two cabins booked on a 4 day cruise for Nov 14 using a casino rate (Dealer's Choice). After booking, we invited our 2 other sisters and several nieces to join us and we would make it a great Girls' Cruise. Now one of my nieces who really wants to go found out that she has to attend a mandatory training class on Nov 14 & 15th. She wanted to know if we could possibly change the date. There is another 4 day cruise on same ship & has the Dealer's Choice casino rate available on Dec 12th. My question is would there be any penalty for us to cancel the Nov 14th cruise and book the Dec 12th cruise? I've gotten two different answers and the PVP is trying to find out which answer is correct. One person advised that as long as we were not in the Final Payment Due period, we could cancel with no penalty. Another person said that because we booked using a casino rate, there is a penalty even if we booked another cruise using the same rate. To make it even more confusing, the CCL staff who told her there would be a penalty wasn't sure what the penalty was. I've never had to cancel a cruise (and I've been on 20 or more), and if there is going to be a penalty, I don't want to cancel this one. Anyone been in this situation?
  21. I too have been on the Paradise several times and for the most part had a great time. That doesn't mean that every crewmember was wonderful (on the Paradise or any other ship). I'm not sure why you guys are assuming the OP had something to do with bad service. He didn't sound like a "complainer" to me - he seemed sincere in his questions. BTW, I have had jerky bartenders - two on the same ship in two different bars, so his comments about having issues with more than one bartender doesn't seem implausible. Bad service has little to do with the size of the ship and while it's true that the more experienced CD, Maitre D, and other senior staff are normally placed on the newer ships, that normally only applies to higher positions. I know many crewmembers who prefer working on smaller ships over the larger ones and request to be placed on those ships.
  22. I'm with you on the tumbler in Princess Cays. I've even been known to do a fill up before heading into a port if I'm just going to be hitting a nearby beach or walking around the port. Even if you don't come out ahead, I think you will really love the freedom of trying out new drinks - especially at the Alchemy.
  23. I always purchase CHEERS on any 4 day cruise I take even though I seldom "get my moneys worth" I don't always drink more than 3 drinks a day, but I do like the coffee. Even though most of the time I don't break even, I always think I will. I've only purchased it one time on a 7-day, and quickly realized that wasn't a great idea for me - paying for 7 days is just too much for me. I'm assuming that you will be rooming with one of the guys that is purchasing CHEERS which is why you are trying it? Otherwise from what you have said about your drinking habits, I wouldn't think it would be worth it.
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