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  1. I believe they are in-line with the CHEERS Package - you are limited to 15 alcoholic drinks per day (I've never made it to anywhere close to 15, so not sure if this is true). I already had CHEERS when I had enough points for Drinks On Us and was told that if I used DOU it would count toward my 15 - I just stuck with CHEERS because I could go up to the bar & order a drink if the casino was busy.
  2. Funny you should say that - I've worked with the Sheriff's Office for almost 25 years & for over 10 of those years I have been supervising Crossing Guards. The vast # of them are working for the same reason you are - $$ for vacations!
  3. I'm already learning that - now, if I can just figure out how to pay for everything I want to do.
  4. It's a tie - I also have 3 booked for this year - a 4 day in July, a 7 day to Bermuda in September and another 4 day in November. Those darn casino deals keep coming in (lol). Actually I'm retiring at the end of June -finally- so I am celebrating!!! I know everyone says, you only get good casino deals because you spend so much money in the casino. While that's true, I would be spending money whether I paid full price or not, so these deals just allow me to (normally) cruise twice a year instead of one time at full price.
  5. We'll be on the Breeze again in September for a 7 day to Bermuda. I absolutely love the Breeze & I'm so happy she's back in Florida!!! Pt. Canaveral is a great port - one of my favorites along with Tampa. I live pretty much right in the middle of the 2 ports - 1 hour drive to Canaveral and 1/2 hour drive to Tampa. Looking forward to the rest of your review! Thanks for taking the time.
  6. You can email the Maitre d directly - vamaitred@carnival.com You may not hear back from him/her, but the request is normally granted. I've done this several times - only heard back from the maître d on the Breeze; however, each time I've gotten the type of table or booth I've asked for. I've been told that you should email 2 - 3 days into the previous cruise - that's when they are working on table assignments for the next cruise.
  7. I second asking for a PVP (Personal Vacation Planner) to be assigned to you if you're going to book by phone. I have booked myself on the CCL website, but I typically go through my PVP. She loves me, because like you, I already have my cabin picked out before I ever get on the phone with her. I just give her the info & she books it. The reason I go through her to book, is because if there is a problem she is there to help out. In reference to capacity issues, yes they can switch you from a 4 person max to a 3 person max, but I don't think that happens very often at all. If you were 2 people booking a 4 person cabin, your chances of being moved would be much higher.
  8. In reference to the long wait for drinks - I've gotten to the point that I go to the bartender myself and order a drink when I'm on the Lido - much faster than ordering with a bar waiter who is taking drink orders from everyone else on the way to turn your order in. I hardly ever order through a waiter unless it's a slow port day out on Lido. The one think I like about CHEERS is even though I normally get free drinks in the Casino, I prefer to walk up to the Casino bar & order my own with CHEERS.
  9. I've been told by a MaitreD that they start finalizing seating assignments 2 - 3 days into the prior cruise. I've only gotten a response one time; however, I've always had the request granted. If you email too soon, you may get lost in the shuffle.
  10. I've done ATD several times, especially when it's just 2 of us. The only time I've had a longer wait (maybe 30 minutes) is on formal night. Typically, we're seated right away, sometimes 5-10 minute wait. They give you a beeper if there is a wait. On the ships I've been on, the Atrium lobby is right outside the dining room, so we grab a drink & listen to whatever live music is going on. If you want to eat at 6:00, I'd show up a few minutes before and I doubt they will be busy.
  11. You can email the MaitreD a few days before the cruise and ask for a table for 2 in early seating. I've actually asked for a booth for 2 since on most ships the tables for 2 are within inches of each other so it's like being at a table for 6. We've always been seated at a booth that is actually for 4, so it was nice and roomy. I did ask for a booth for 4 of us when our daughters sailed with us on the Paradise, but we were seated at a table for 4 that was at the most 6 inches away from the next table. To get the email address for the Maitre D, do a search on this board - I've seen the list several times in previous posts.
  12. I will be sailing on the Breeze to Bermuda in September. I haven't been to Bermuda since I worked on the Mardi Gras (the old one - lol) back in the 80's. At that time you had to tender into Georgetown. Is that still the case, or do they now have docks that can handle the Breeze? Looking forward to the trip either way and the Breeze is my favorite - so happy she's back in Florida. I was just curious about docking vs. tendering.
  13. My sister & I have been on several Premier cruises - we both get the offer (she gets more $$ than me) - we normally get one cabin & we've never had to call the casino helpdesk. I use to check with my PVP to make sure everything was okay before booking, but I don't even do that anymore. I would suggest both bring the offer just in case there's a problem, but thankfully, I've never had an issue.
  14. That is hilarious!! I like to sit by the pool and get in to cool off every few minutes - but I don't like being in a pool with young children. So, for me, I would love to see the Serenity on each ship have a pool instead of hot tubs (like the Miracle & Legend). I would much prefer smaller pools - one for adults only - rather than one huge pool filled with the little guys.
  15. My sister booked one of our cruises - she did no research on cabin location. We were directly below the main theater on, I think, the Paradise one time. You definitely hear the shows, which didn't bother me because I'm normally out of the cabin at night BUT you also get to hear all the rehearsals during the day & worst of all the "port talks" at 8:00 a.m. I wouldn't want to be in that area again, but that's me. I always try to make sure there are cabins above & below me.
  16. I ate at the Seafood Shack a couple of times on my last Glory cruise. I don't normally see the need for the extra charge venues, but the charge was minimal (I think like $6 or $7) and the food was really good - freshly cooked. I know I got the fried clams and a small seafood platter (I don't remember the name of it). I totally enjoyed it and would have eaten there more often, I would just get busy and miss the opening hours. I will say, that I saw very little activity at the Shack and worry that it will make enough $$ to remain an option. Obviously the location by the aft pool is not quiet - but take the other posters advise - get your food & take it up the stairs to the Bar B Q area - it is always less crowded. On embarkation day, there is literally no one there!
  17. I thought I heard somewhere that you just check in with Guest Services & they will have a specific place for your Mom to go. Not sure what ship you are going on, but it is true that some of the ships have the muster drills inside, but certainly not all.
  18. If you mean do they charge a fee for taking the funds from your S&S card, no they do not - it is listed as "entertainment" not a cash advance.
  19. In reference to the DJ behaving unprofessionally - that's a call for management. I am willing to bet that the group of women did not approach the booth and quietly and with great respect ask that the DJ not play R Kelly. I can not imagine that any crew member on board a ship - particularly one on the Entertainment Staff - just decided to be a total jerk for absolutely no reason. I've known a few that may have needed a little encouragement to go the extra mile, but to blatantly be in a group's face seems a little far fetched. Carnival giving them a $100 credit just encourages people to complain and complain and complain....... They seem like a real fun group to hang out with!!
  20. Great tip - hopefully the guy that took the time to post it on Utube doesn't read CC. Of course, if he's a regular he will hopefully understand that there are some people on here who just can't resist giving someone a jab.
  21. I'm like the OP, this is so confusing. I personally know of a case that went like this: About a week before the cruise one of the people in the cabin was hospitalized and wasn't sure if he would be discharged and cleared to go on the cruise. He had travel insurance. In the end, he wasn't cleared by his doctor to go on the cruise. The other person (his girlfriend) went on the cruise and didn't go into detail about why her boyfriend wasn't there - pretty much made it sound like a no-show. She wasn't charged anything extra. The boyfriend was refunded by the insurance company. So, I thought that it worked this way: CCL received full fare from both passengers - the insurance company is the only one out any $$ - so why would CCL be owed anything? Now, I understand that the insurance he/she had may have some restriction, but I still don't get why CCL should be paid twice.
  22. I was the Gift Shop Assistant Manager on the Mardi Gras in 1981. I have so many wonderful memories tied to that ship (along with the Carnivale and Festivale). I agree with the poster who said that ships looked like ships back then. The formal night in the dining room was really formal - tuxes and long gowns with "flaming" deserts (lol). Skeet shooting off the back of the ship. Fishing "lessons" from some world famous fisherman. So much fun!!
  23. There is no doubt that the Casino will be busier than "normal," but you should be able to find a slot machine here and there even at the busiest times (early evening). I've been on numerous Premier cruises and the best time to play is definitely early in the morning on sea days. The only thing that you won't be able to participate in or certain drawings or games for Premier guests only.
  24. You can bring on pop if it's in cans - no more bottles of anything allowed onboard. For water, you can check with the FunShops - you can order water to be delivered to the room at a fairly reasonable price.
  25. As a first-timer, don't let the massively crowded Lido area scare you. My brother-in-law on his first cruise with us freaked out at the crowds that first day (mind you he freaks out pretty easily). It can be very chaotic on embarkation day starting around 12:30 or so (thankfully I'm platinum & get on before it gets too crazy) - Also, if you don't have access to your cabin (normally 1:00 or 1:30) you will have to keep your carryon bags with you. So with the number of people and all that luggage, it's a little crazy. Just remember, this is the only time it will be this bad.
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